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Discussion on the effect of love Shanghai three cases of different search results

love Shanghai

search time caused by different search results, for the Shanghai dragon Er is very familiar with, because I love Shanghai algorithm to change at any time, plus the competitors continue to optimize the website promotion, although love Shanghai update a cyclical change, but now find a lot of keywords, search results will be a day there are several different results, this is the search time of different due to different search results, but for many close >

the same time to search the same keywords, resulting in different search results, in addition to regional, also including the operating problems of its own, for example, we love Shanghai open search box search a lot of words, re search for a keyword, we will find that the search results will be the same. This leads to a lot of friends search keywords in the same area at the same time, found two key words search results vary greatly, here is a look at a result of its own: read more

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YAHOO continued the chain closed after the new chain query query

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We love

YAHOO is gone, so how to query the website backlinks? Here we say the reverse link is not to say that love Shanghai domain search results, love Shanghai domain is not the reverse link in a Shanghai domain command about love we have a clear understanding; this said reverse link is based on link on the basis of the common text in the form of URL is not included in the calculation.

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