How to optimize the long tail keywords selection system website

, the Shanghai love search drop-down box to select the long tail keywords

when you search for a keyword, the search will be related, these long tail keywords is a good selection of sources.

love ?

1, the title by long tail words, the title is a page in the weight of the highest part, so the rational use of the title is not only a master key words, is also the site optimization key, write a >

? Using three

Hello, we want to discuss a topic about the website promotion and distribution, long tail keywords today, first of all, I am a promotion rookie, read some tutorials on long tail keywords teacher Cardiff on video and the Internet, to do some of the site, the effect is good, now out of with my master, in order to better improve myself.

two by Shanghai related search

first, how do we get the long tail keywords? How to choose our own in so many long tail keywords inside

webmaster tools, software and so on

website has the target keywords and long tail keywords said about target keywords this needless to say, we all know that a lot of theory, but now many websites, target keywords competition is increasingly fierce, and the long tail keywords theory came into being, although the search volume is not much, but the ranking is better, but because of the large number of well, if a part, traffic is very considerable.

this would not elaborate, many online keyword query tool box software, especially the theory of love Shanghai weight, now many will see the site of the Shanghai love weight, and these tools box software will have extended functions, such as love, home owners, Google webmaster tools etc..

in accordance with the above three steps to select the long tail keywords right, next is the layout of the problem. Is placed in the column page or on the content page. As to choose which page optimization of long tail keywords depends on the long tail keywords chosen by the heat, the relatively hot words is best placed in the website page, which is not very hot keyword can be placed on the website page layout, the key is how to site long tail keywords can choose according to the key words the heat that page is optimized, and for the new station, because the site is not the weight and flow, so you can choose to use the home page to optimize several long tail keywords come first for the site to increase traffic.

We all know that After the layout of the

when you are in love after Shanghai search for a keyword, there will be a drop-down box, where you can find some related to the theme of the site long tail keywords first recorded.

well, you should go to the promotion of these long tail keywords in order to get a better ranking. We should use some ways to promote the optimization of our long tail keywords

Let the chain of history bitter days coming to an end!

But Forget what time

started from the chain, the word became "Shanghai dragon" exclusive, even extending to the recruitment of Shanghai dragon is the recruitment chain staff. Understand that as long as the hair of the chain, is thoroughly studied in Shanghai Longfeng, completely disregard the website structure optimization, finally website ranking can not go to a lot of people would complain: do Shanghai Longfeng optimization are all liars, really? If the site optimization is only the release of the chain, so not to mention what technology to speak of.

, 5 video chain, 100 dollars can do many of the chain? Video chain that is the most valuable, just need to release hundreds of video connection, it will bring tens of thousands of collection and connection for you! The weight can not crazy? Of course, now we all know the results.

4, media marketing link, what kind of chain is the most authoritative? The most authoritative news source of the chain, as long as the continuous, ranked nine out of ten can get up! But the same radical news source chain intervention love Shanghai rules are too serious, and was again and again three, even a large number of the news source site was disqualified.

4.28 A5 webmaster invited to participate in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform VIP forum guests, harvest is also ushered in an explosive news: the chain is coming to an end, outside the chain of tools or history.

2, the chain blog, remember a few years ago the blog group software? Such as "chrysanthemum Confucius" registered dozens of Sina blog articles with a link to mass every day? Unfortunately due to link flooding, good times don’t last long, its value has been declining, even known as the station group to treat.

the following, we review some of the chain of history:


, what kind of chain are still the most effective? Still recognized: a standing group of links, although >

site construction began to do the chain, want to have good rankings do outside the chain, want to do outside the chain should have the spirit of perseverance! Year after year, the hard day in and day out, I believe? 99.9% of all. However, the hard to make the rankings, but probably because of competitors "high-end black", released a lot of junk the chain site lead back to the night before liberation.


3, following the blog after the chain, the most popular or "forum signature" outside the chain of what the most simple? BBS signature links is absolutely undisputed No.1, automatic reply machine, registered machine is therefore very popular! But also because of this, a large number of forums flooded

1, love Shanghai know the link, love Shanghai know that the weight is very high, this is recognized by everyone, as I have also done a lot of, of course is the case. In Shanghai love batch removed, do not know how many websites are therefore right down, suffer too much. This is a lesson we recognize the diversity of the chain release, how important is

Love knows Shanghai Ming self understand user ranking

remember that someone said, Shanghai dragon is like a war without smoke of war "". Yeah, I also prefer to describe this. We love Shanghai and the "war" between both hate and love, is a friend. So we depend on each other, and the endless fight. How to win this battle? The ancients said Zhiyizhibi, baizhanbudai. I know love Shanghai, understand the user, Ming self ranking.

entered the Shanghai dragon industry this time, contact with many websites. Often see some website ranking ups and downs, Shanghai dragon Er mood ups and Dang, hearts filled with a thousand regrets. In recent days, love Shanghai long time no large-scale update ranking, I was confused at a loss. On the left is staring at the customer ranking reminder, on the right is the stubborn "love Shanghai" is not updated. The mood in a dilemma, as can be imagined.

understand the user. Shanghai love of certain rules is more helpful to improve the user experience, user experience has also been provided you. A subjective user experience is the user’s own. How can we do the user experience, we need to understand the user, read the user, know what users need to love what, in order to meet the users, in order to improve the user experience.

know love Shanghai. Shanghai love has been changed, but no change from the content and the chain. How do the content and the chain, we may know more than me, I’m not tired of the. The key is how to adapt to love Shanghai "wanton" personality, new content and chain rules? I think we need to study and discuss, share and summary. With an open mind, with a group of people, may be the answer.

often love to say a word, do not love to play in Shanghai, only talk about feelings and love in Shanghai. Maybe it’s because I am not pure Shanghai dragon before birth, so always find some things outside of Shanghai dragon technology. I always felt like a corpse, pure technology, no flesh and blood have no feelings, looks too dry. Therefore, the habit of love, I can add some infected users things on the website. Or let the user feel comfortable or website structure, website content and user generated resonance. Sometimes I found, recognized by the users very happy. A good mood, ranking the miracle up.

self. The so-called "real", so Those closely involved cannot see clearly. A bystander is always clear-minded. can see yourself (here refers to his website) few people. Therefore, we should take a foolish attitude, to solicit, accept, examine and improve others to our website presents the views of good and bad.

in Shanghai Shanghai dragon elusive today, how to do? In fact, it is nothing more than we usually say that the structure, content, chain etc.. Indeed, many of us, also can focus on the structure, content, the chain said at a lot of Shanghai dragon theory. But in fact, knowledge does not necessarily, will do not necessarily use, so not everyone is the master (including myself rookie).

How to grab home page and competitors


web based? Because some Adsense website when the website does not consider the optimization problem, just make a station, if not appropriate changes are made, so the website ranking is very unfavorable, it is necessary to determine the theme of the site before the good Webmaster Station, and set up the website keywords do the column page, the product page, streamlining the code, need to be reminded that small website must avoid too deep URL, Baidu never to see.

core work site

website is the deciding factor of the website rankings, how to choose keywords is very knowledgeable, neither too cold nor hot, if the owners choose the word overheating could cause the owners do not go up, the loss of information, if no one is too cold to search the first page has no value. I generally in keyword selection, in addition to love the Shanghai index and search volume, also observe the first three pages of love Shanghai related industries the key is how to choose the webmaster, choose keywords must be consistent with the theme of the site, such as a web site is thermal insulation, can you choose the word is a car seat this site without any modification, to help users to get ranked is not possible.


optimization webmaster all know, our purpose is to seize a word of love Shanghai home position, only the keywords ranking page will get some traffic and orders, but how to and competitors? The car seat converted to teach you how to grab and rival home.

Internet now how strong I want to needless to say, now is the era of network whether it is to buy what products can be bought online, people can save a lot of time, especially for white-collar workers or some people out of inconvenience, online shopping has been the group’s favor, but how can talent shows itself in the industry let more people pay attention to you? It depends on the webmaster is how to do

?1, website keywords


self website, webmaster of text more attention, in fact, a website illustrated is the user experience, especially some enterprise website, where dry products, and customers after watching do not know what the product is, if the owners can provide images for users with appropriate a look at the text, customers will understand.

website illustratedSince Shanghai launched

webmaster website aims to let a certain keywords love Shanghai home, to bring order to the enterprise, this is when a user searches for a word, all can be very good to meet the needs of users of the word will be Baidu which woman in Shanghai love home, ensure that users must help, so webmaster do website core work, such as website product introduction, website update etc..

Why do I emphasize the

how to go beyond the rival bid, in love Shanghai home is not only the four points, the most should.


4, do website based on

The strategic level analysis of 360 search reasons

third, although each year 360 brought tens of millions of dollars of income, and 360 of the flow of import is said to nearly 30% of Google Chinese. But once launched its own search can have many means 360, their revenue model flexible control. Search and navigation, combined with the browser application, this is a great space for development.

second, in the user experience, before the default search engine is Google Hongkong, GG recognized the results page is still good, but because of some reasons as everyone knows, there will be a shield to search some words later, people know clearly is the problem of Google, is not clear, especially some just learn to use people think that computer is 360 browser problems. This will cause damage to the 360 user experience, once launched its own search, certainly will not have this trouble.

At the same time, Google

this time the Internet industry is probably the hottest news 360 launched its own search, although the call "integrated search", but once launched less than a week from the flow of speaking is said to have been beyond the direct Sogou, ranked in second place. The momentum is fierce. Although after the development path of what even Zhou Hongyi is not too clear, but from the strategic level, 360 push search has its inevitability! O IT adorable today about what their belated effort, some superficial ideas.

fourth sniper competitors, which one is it? No doubt, when Sogou Sogou! The lowest development, Zhou Hongyi put forward to Sogou acquisition, but there are two conditions: 1. Wang Xiaochuan must be the CEO of the new company, because Zhou Hongyi thinks that only he is to see the direction of the development of the industry in terms of strategy. Sogou 2. to give up their own ideas to make the browser. At last Wang Xiaochuan tried to stop, Zhang Zhaoyang didn’t give up and let the Alibaba into.

arena long ago passed 360 for a long time to start doing the search, Zhou Hongyi because I have a search plot. Many people take the week history turned out, from 3721 to start, the search team has been in preparation for things, why not start pushing Zhou Hongyi search, but not as a listed company CEOs who have what you must do what you plot. Love is like Zhou Hongyi playing CS, not necessarily a range. Now quietly pushed out slowly, to some extent, Zhou Hongyi and his team may think time has almost. IT, now think of yourself 360 adorable launched the search for some reason and condition to explain:

first, in terms of technology, through the security guards, for a period of time the accumulation of browser technology, combined with the 360 of the client and cloud technology has been doing very well in the industry, through cloud technology, its customers quickly 360 browser’s default search engine direct transition to its 360 comprehensive search. So you can quickly bring a large number of users. But it is true.

How to often talk about new fast break eleven love Shanghai phenomenon

Although the "

site Links is an important factor related to the weight, in the early development of the website using their own website weight quickly driven by high quality and high weight chain is undoubtedly enhance the shortcut method many webmaster will take. However, with their website weight increase, development and utilization of free and paid way to swap Links it will affect the site.

1. Links there, the two reason is right down

for some means in the acquisition of technology high webmaster, using extremely fast acquisition to enrich and fill the website content, and use the software that comes with the pseudo original tools to process the pseudo original content, some means can get very good effect in the short term, but also included the number every day to lift a big step but then, clever means love Shanghai but ultimately enemy algorithm constantly updated, especially love Shanghai for its "human intervention", for "

2. collection sites need to be careful, means high penalty was

after the discovery of the site suffered eleven phenomenon, the primary task is to check website Links, one is to see if the site is down right by love Shanghai punishment, if there are friends of the chain site included a sharp decline, this is not the first snapshot not update, for a long time, so it is likely that is love is a chain of Shanghai to punish a drag myself, to this kind of rapid removal of links to reduce negative impact; if there is two websites selling links, must pay attention to whether in a short period of time has sold too many links, although love Shanghai for higher weight website to sell link behavior will have a certain the "tolerance", but if the frequency is too high, too much, then it will eventually reach its bottom line, causing eleven phenomena as punishment and investigation.

eleven phenomenon" is a topic but it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, with love Shanghai algorithm does not regularly adjust, cause it’s mechanism is also constantly changing, to clarify the cause of this phenomenon, it is necessary to know some common reasons, new reason and love Shanghai involved in the adjustment algorithm to the eleven phenomenon, it can be targeted to "an antidote against the disease, do more quickly break, let the website ranking back to the first page. With the new algorithm to adjust the current love Shanghai, I will combine the experience analysis of how fast to solve the eleven phenomena from the following aspects.

love Shanghai eleven as a topic of love although not a commonplace talk of an old scholar, Shanghai clear explanation, has been in love in Shanghai ranking rules, let countless hard into the search results between the first page of a website was abandoned to the second page first, although only one page of the poor, but it can give a web traffic brings great difference, especially for some popular keywords, the first page and the second page flow gap is quite substantial! This is not hard to understand why encounter eleven phenomenon why stationmaster very depressed, very nervous, very eager to be able to quickly restore the mood.

What the Internet lacks is a more effective advertising profit modelBig business VS workshop are you


recently NOKIA Beijing Microsoft employees protest layoffs that got a raise a Babel of criticism of to grab headlines, posture, reason is to give the employees compensation scheme to cut a lot of dissatisfaction with the staff hot crouched there protest, crying out to increase compensation, this let us these grass root envy, want to when we are laid off when not put a fart, second days to pack up and be kicked out! Is that Microsoft employees will be able to enjoy the "most favored nation"? To know the compensation scheme given by Microsoft has been higher than the national standard, do not violate the labor law. There are two reasons for the protest: 1, less compensation, less than expected. 2, he is not ready, laid-off, do not know what to do,


actually some trouble for foreign employees not all! To scold me too. with the migang hamster almost, enjoy the luxury high salary treatment, forget what to do. If one day the rice is gone and we can not jump out, this time is the most frightening, we are very much


go back to the topic, the staff of large enterprises than small workshops in the end how badly it is not good! The bell, after graduating from the largest companies have spent thousands of people, after 10 years, finally had a stock code, but this bell know no other goods, "nouveau riche points the field cut off, the other is to keep a small workshop, a group of artisans from early to late in the fight! Wife different, a member of one of the world’s largest Internet Co, somehow also seen anything yet. So the debate down, apparently her conclusion prevailed: and the people are not large enterprises small workshops of the difference, but the difference of location and resources, each person has its value of existence in a specific location, if the foreign big company people in small companies, the accumulation of bedding more resources and advanced perhaps nothing can’t do. Small companies often require more talent, a person do a few people’s lives, everything, large companies are screws, leaving this post is nothing. Think of many times, new friends know themselves, like to say: "I am Tencent."… I’m ali… Today, I would like to remind you: the next time you introduce, please change the attribute, maybe change a label, the other party will remember you more!

| was ringing

do not know what time to start, the pursuit of advertising profit model by everyone agreed, and in advertising for profit model has been disdain. But we have to see that even the most powerful companies like shlf1314, the most important source of earnings, are advertising. Where does this disdain for advertising profit come from? Is the advertising market red sea now? In fact, the Internet advertising market has not entered the sunset state, but it has just begun. The point is that what we need is not the same as traditional media releases, but the use of the unique advantages of the Internet to deliver more effective advertising.   the selection of keywords, text advertising is just the beginning.

the Internet Co is mainly divided into two types:

second channels. Utilizing the good interactivity of the Internet, it integrates resources, sells traditional products and services to the end users and provides them to the end customers for free. Ctrip, for example, is the ticket, booking channels, Sina content channels, the property is from the housing channel.The

Second: the content of advertising. Like the shlf1314 sh419 ads, often see advertising, and the new text advertising.

the current text advertising, interactive products and users and can be extended to the United alliance website in a wider range. After all, a website is unlikely to do all the industry, and the demand for advertising in every industry is.

last night and my wife loudly "argument" for a long time, the question is the staff of large enterprises than small workshops in the end how badly! This is a very interesting topic, especially in our love to their country, "happiness" of the same starting line, one year after graduation, there is a difference, three this year the gap, five years seven years not to open the gap by two of the world’s people meet, did not dare to say hello, we also often lamented that kid a and I also get a bowl of instant noodles, Benz and so on now! Sigh built on the same line: he TM no better than me, why so unkind fate!

Nine wins eBay fourth CPA data has returned, please pay attention to your business data!Discussion o

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:


want to do Wangzhuan full-time, there are many of my friends have this idea. But for full-time do Wangzhuan can solve the problem of uncertain life. You can do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan full-time? In the previous article also mentioned the problem more or less. Here’s a few more points of view.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

attention: This eBay data will be returned on December 27th. Please pay attention to it.

nine wins advertising alliance

, everybody:

do Wangzhuan, nature can be used as a full-time to do, according to the knowledge, many do Wangzhuan friends are doing a full-time. Income can completely solve the problem of life, and even make life comfortable. But the overall proportion is not high, most do Wangzhuan friends income is not enough to solve the problems of life. So for a novice friend, or in their spare time to do wangzhuan. The more you also familiar with all aspects of the conditions and Wangzhuan including technology, knowledge, experience, etc. are to a certain extent, nature can be full-time to do wangzhuan. When your ability to make you do Wangzhuan full-time.

more League information is available: http://top.admin5/u   to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

full-time do Wangzhuan friends, most of them have one or more of your own web site, and the site has done a good job. Through the website to do, as long as can do well, income will be guaranteed. It is enough to solve the livelihood problem. So, in the future to full-time to do Wangzhuan friends, at this stage, you can learn to do and how to operate the site related knowledge. Do Wangzhuan ready for full time.


data returned details are shown in figure



eBay fourth CPA advertising data have returned, the data is updated by the end of December 20, 2007, 20, after the return to the accumulated data.

The unexpected trouble down right Is the advertisement to blame


!The main page advertising


, the number of ads,The

but such links are often "confusion" false link hiding real download, this information is divided into software download site, and the real information is always hidden in the most inconspicuous location! This is the so-called "confusion page subject", causing the user false advertising. There are many similar sites, such as some of the column page "first few data" to the title of the article in the form of a list of pages, to confuse this is not advertising, but the real article, cheat the user clicks.

color, price induced types of advertising

is another hit "the price of the product, you believe 1000 dollars can buy iphone7? You don’t believe it, but there are always people who would believe it! And even cheated also may not know, because he does not know. That there are a large number of advertising from first to last, not careful, you will become a liar accomplice, even legal liability.


"advertising right down" the earliest algorithm starting from the first batch of advertising, when the sites are doing too many to count "pop", income is very impressive, a site originally good soon duandiao. But then the algorithm, can only be said to be the most basic, binding or too weak. Now the advertising "algorithm" is the realization of the PC+ mobile coverage, demanding standards make the site cannot go beyond the bottom line half step.

pop-up window

Ice bucket algorithm

no matter how progressive society development of color, is an eternal topic, so the mass of the site will try to do advertising, although the advertising itself is not illegal, but it is still a gray area. Click on the ads into such as "white-collar KTV", "informal impotence" etc..


as everyone knows, the specific use in practice, the need to pay attention to how much? There are still a large number of enterprises so unknown. Today this article is at the end of 2016 a share, believe that if the unknown so you will get a good harvest! If you love it, is reproduced to the circle of friends

Various forms of

website advertising.

a few years ago, pop ads still remember? Now the website is not made, but replaced the "station" pop-up ads. When the user refreshes a page (usually home), will immediately appear in front of you, some even can not click Cancel, need to look at a few seconds.

when we find a message, such as "micro business magic Library (micro business essential beauties artifact)" after the discovery of a page, wow, look forward to finally find:

Love Shanghai safety risk warning once again to upgrade the webmaster decide on what path to follow

love Shanghai every update, are so so let the webmaster care, including me. The site also has three years, the risk for the upgrade, love Shanghai hitherto unknown initiatives, affecting thousands on thousands of websites. Therefore love Shanghai also tell us the truth, do regular station, services for the people, the site will go farther.

Shanghai is not the love of the site It is without rhyme or reason. intercept hints, love Shanghai security alliance will be a test report, test results: Jinshan illegal content. To see this, the webmaster should understand. Illegal content is the edge we said, including many illegal sites, what, what futures, what fraud website, will be like Shanghai security risk of interception. Such a move deep blow to the illegal site of arrogance, the older generation said, Pianchipianhe you will not go too far.




first open the search for "love Shanghai IELTS to take the test, you will find the top ten sites are basically the red triangle exclamation mark prompt" love Shanghai reminds you: this page may be due to hacking and security risks "as shown in figure

this time love Shanghai big update, injected fresh air to the Internet, our environment is slowly changing. For the recent love in Shanghai and 360 in search of the war, but also played a leading role, who is the most for the sake of the people, who will win the hearts of the people. This is a security risk that love Shanghai is also used the cloud safety inspection report jinshan. Why not for safety testing in 360, I’m not in this introduction, we know very well.

down the site more walk more formal, as the head of the US should also pay attention to take formal way, innovation road will go more long-term. The past is not important, the future is important, so we start from now on, take every practical step! This article content source server security A5 first welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author. Thank you

why security risk warning? Some owners don’t worry. Click to go after the truth came to light. Click on any site to intercept the risk will be in love with Shanghai, and the emergence of warning: access to the page may be a security risk! Go figure:

Shanghai Longfeng thinking I understand this, do you

2: Shanghai dragon advanced stage

: Shanghai dragon entry stage

in the vigorous development of the Internet today, Shanghai dragon can be said to be a common industry! But Shanghai dragon is also a mysterious industry! Were removed in Shanghai Longfeng industry for many years, although it has not achieved what major success, but also no less detours, while also trying to find some practical Shanghai Dragon skills. Later, through the Murong Xiao Shanghai dragon blog as we continue to share. Some industry Daniel said Shanghai dragon is actually the most important Shanghai dragon thinking, but for some Shanghai Longfeng novice friends, is not what substantive thinking about Shanghai dragon, then today Murong Shaw loy to everyone analysis of how I understand Shanghai dragon thinking:

friends! ?

I understand it is the first among the Shanghai dragon can be divided into three stages, namely: Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon entry stage advanced stage, Shanghai dragon master road. Each stage of the Shanghai dragon Er understanding of Shanghai dragon are not the same, let’s look at what is the specific understanding of the small Shanghai dragon thinking of the three stages of

at this stage of the Shanghai dragon friends, more or less have a more in-depth understanding of Shanghai dragon. Because of the early we experienced personal practice, summarized the Shanghai Longfeng experience, even experienced some problems of K station, right down, and so on, but we did not give up, but aroused our courage more psychological, at this stage we will generally initiation independent Shanghai dragon thinking, we to carefully try to figure out the search engine algorithm, and make a reasonable optimization scheme according to some specific circumstances of your site. On the site of the station optimization and stood outside optimization (do not understand please refer to "Shanghai dragon station optimization scheme") has its own independent thinking optimization. This stage is also open.

at this stage of the Shanghai dragon friends, just beginning to understand Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng and understand the specific meaning, and the huge business opportunities and opportunities to perceive Shanghai dragon hidden inside. So this part of the Shanghai dragon new friends will start and try to operate Shanghai dragon. The novice friend is just getting started, so the Shanghai dragon understanding is relatively limited, this time the friends will follow some older Shanghai dragon tutorial slowly begun to learn and practice. There will be a lot of confusion and frustration, do even more tired, even want to give up………… But these are a normal phenomenon! Some people insist on down, some friends began to choose to give up. This part of most of the friends to give up on Shanghai dragon industry and even to all Internet Wangzhuan industry lost confidence. This part of the friends and persevered will yuecuoyueyong. Enjoy Shanghai dragon combat operations in the process of painful pleasure. Every query keywords ranking, web site, will directly affect the quality of the site

Shanghai dragon can go beyond imitation

bad: the chain resources certainly opponents are good and bad, as the saying goes "to its dregs its essence". So for the opponent standing outside the chain of resources to do select left relatively high quality resources.


benefits: simple, convenient and fast.

benefit: these chain resources can be said to be "second-hand", others can do outside the chain, you can also send in general. Save a lot of time for you.

?I believe that

3, the majority of peer site settings can refer to, or even directly copied. But the best before you consider to choose keywords. No matter what you do in site, the choice of words is the most difficult, the most important step. The wrong behind the work is useless. Keywords should be set according to the actual situation of your own, if you have great strength, so you can challenge the popular words.


: the first to imitate others website what

spent some time in website promotion are relatively clear, but for the novice may not understand some of the details.

2, website structure: of course, if you want to copy others, this is very easy, just click save. This website is the website of others and is carved out of a mold.

network is a popular sentence: "has been imitated, never surpassed it in website optimization can go beyond the opponent, believe that the vast number of Shanghai dragon Er novice to do promotion is starting to imitate others website, the author is no exception. Imitation is not a simple copy, how to imitate the success of others can copy?? the author will share their experience of "imitation".

1, outside the chain of resources: usually imitate others station is the largest chain of plagiarism opponent standing, I often do is to match the chain resources station download, and then take the hair. This way is to directly copy others.

second: imitate others can go beyond their

bad: repeat things spider will not love, certainly a lot of repeated cause included low, serious word is love Shanghai K off. In fact, now do stand mostly with open source procedures, installation and operation are fool. So even if you do not understand web applications can easily site, but many programs in optimization still do but good, recommended I feel good website program. Small portal with dedecms system and the forum class with phpwind or discuz, the blog by Z-BLOG or wordpress. We usually can see more in good standing, they are common analysis station website structure. A er analysis of the site must be Shanghai dragon.

since people can be successful, why I like them but not? Sometimes I was very depressed, for example, one of my sites outside the chain.

Analysis of maternal and child class a way in which the development of the website

allows users to create content


believes it’s parents must be carried a camera, mobile phone for kids, to show the love of children. I have seen a forum held by "Sun treasure map, win the title of" activities, when a friend took part in the activities, everywhere asked people to vote, not only won the first prize, everyone said my baby won the first prize in the activities of the forum so what. This is the magnification of the user display heart, every child is lovely, explore the way very much, in addition to holding activities, you can do some children love the functions, such as listening to the story of this class, it is good for children, and for parents to reduce the burden.

mother class market is very large, we briefly analyze how users to our website. Some people say that is just a link. A link to attractive, this is the key problem. A mother from pregnancy to pregnancy net to parenting such a long process, is the mothers who have trouble trouble. Take the "Parents Network", the daily headlines tend to be "much light on the baby’s eyes?" the mothers are concerned about the problem, now are only children, is afraid of problems, this title is only attractive to mothers, to read carefully. Summary: for the child to think of my mother, and a step by step guide, you will succeed.


all the ads soft

for maternal and child class site road is still long, 2013 Mother Road, the brave! It part-time (贵族宝贝jianzhi8贵族宝贝) on the above, we hope a lot.

understand the maternal and child class

mother was very optimistic about the profitability of domestic sites, and competition is gradually rising, has been very difficult to break. I will talk about how to do the mother site to have a better way out now, people continuously improve the localization, that I will no longer.

amplification, to explore the user’s heart

here, I teach you a method: we can use the identity of the user, the baby is too much.

for some of the grassroots webmaster, "allows users to create content" seems to be a distant thing, in fact. Mothers often have to show off mentality, their children lovely side show to others, or to record the children’s growth, and every baby’s growth is the one and only, don’t worry about not content? Professional knowledge, we are more friendly user knowledge. Whether or not you parents, you could think that every child mother child rearing experience, so should increase communication components, if you are a web portal, can open up a Yubao experience for parents in experience, these experiences often lead to other users in.


520 love Shanghai big update to see how the survival and development of small and medium-sized webma

in the 520 incident, some of the largest swings in commercial terms, especially some small and medium-sized enterprise website, can be said to be very cruel, some small business website is not easy to have a ranking, but can immediately call you disappeared in 200 after. But the keyword of the website in a hundred, most of the time the search engine brings value has very little. Large fluctuations in commercial terms, in fact, the main reason is because the price relationship, this is a reasonable assumption, why commercial terms occur, while the other is a lot of good

we see most of the webmaster is two level domain more and more high weight station, many keywords have occupied Shanghai love before, some of the commercial keywords are the Shanghai love their products figure, whether it is love Shanghai know, love the sea posted, love Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai the four brothers, the library. In fact, from the Google search engine we also found a similar phenomenon, the station is the two level domain general small site is difficult to compete with it, this is a normal phenomenon, because with the continuous increase in the number of sites, similar sites often appear, the same quality website constantly appear, in fact for search engines, they don’t need to like this station, they need only 100 authoritative websites in this field is enough, only a small area in some industries, the search engine will seize the main.

love Shanghai is always so the style of the company, most of the time we can not use our moral standards "

yesterday in May 20th, was originally a very auspicious day, but for many of these websites, but that is not auspicious, most small and medium-sized site keywords off site included, website weight decline, some key words remain in recent years time but could not escape the 520 event, this is how the love of Shanghai many small owners? Think 520 is their death, more people have realized this love is hard enough bloody sea.

Before the ?Since

2. commercial terms the biggest fluctuations, love Shanghai have their own calculations

so this algorithm changes also give us a part of the webmaster a wake up, that is to rely on a lot of long tail keywords weight without website itself it difficult to go through, after all, before the love Shanghai algorithm, rely on a large number of long tail keywords is really good, but it will also have a lot of junk information, this is to destroy the user experience, this is the love of Shanghai’s own server test.

, in fact love Shanghai has seen a similar phenomenon, in this May, some of the site’s ranking appeared to change several times an hour, many webmaster joke this is love Shanghai "period" but the bloodletting is many webmaster did not expect, the 520 love Shanghai big update small webmaster how to survive and develop, it has become Chinese nearly one million small webmaster fabric problem.

1. now face love Shanghai, webmaster how to optimize your web site

Analysis of Shanghai love chain tools experience report

is the first overall layout of the station is relatively clear, easy to use, but the lack of function and quality. Which is a relatively good accuracy of the chain and extensive or better. The following figure shows such as the chain of Shanghai dragon Zac blog 54000, and can directly search the specified keywords to page data.

come to see from his source of the chain we found sina net source of one of the more than 1700 including anchor text and URL, Shanghai love chain analysis tools can directly click to see which pages of sina nets to Shanghai dragon Zac blog link source. As shown in figure


the above description is love Shanghai chain analysis tool, there are many detailed features due to reasons of space have detailed one by one, such as check their website can also bring traffic to the site which query words and page etc.. If you feel you haven’t seen enough, can go to Shanghai Webmaster Platform to understand love.

last week I love Shanghai Webmaster Platform honored to be invited to the chain of the upgraded version of beta qualifications, but fortunately this week love Shanghai Webmaster Platform upgraded version was officially launched, but fortunately the chain analysis tools such as an upgraded version of the 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/dashboard/index launch, I immediately enter the experience.

are the webmaster, above several data map can be found outside the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform analysis tools are not 100% perfect, 100% of the total, but.





look more carefully below

and the source URL can also directly click to view the page directly to understand what these sources of Shanghai dragon Zac blog with anchor text pointing to the corresponding, or by the general view of Shanghai dragon Zac to which pages the blog the chain.

can not only see the source of the chain very accurate keywords to Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon and Phoenix Zac blog page, can also download all data found, this is undoubtedly of great help to the webmaster.


search function is very good, for example, if you know the source of the chain chain competition range and specific keywords. For example, blog core keywords Shanghai Longfeng Zac Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon search here after the chain source as shown in figure


here is the feeling and experience of the author after the evaluation.

The example analysis causes the website snapshot does not update is love Shanghai

! should be able to solve!

1) the website is not out of love of Shanghai "new study period"


2) website recently may encounter webmaster changes, or what is to modify the

3) web site may use what means of cheating or sending

just launched a new station to love Shanghai "after the new study period", and the love of Shanghai "new study period" when it is not fixed, some new sites can take as long as ten and a half months can be out of love of Shanghai "new study period", some new sites are to wait one or two months be out of love of Shanghai "new study period", and the author of the website online time is not a full moon, why love Shanghai not estimated home snapshot updates to the site are likely to be the site is not out of love of Shanghai "new study period", believe that as long as a few weeks, love Shanghai do not update the page snapshot is like this

is used because of the relationship between free space of the host, although the space host house in "free" in this field is still good, but the real comparison.

the new station after a week on-line, in order to increase the weight of the site, so that love Shanghai rapid update included, so the site outside the chain of a large number of need support, but I think the manual chain is too slow, but it is too tired, so, in order to use the network to steal lazy some sites outside the chain of tools group, while in the use of these tools in the process of small webmaster group careful meticulous, but still love Shanghai found, and now love Shanghai only release some pages previously included, but not to update the site home page snapshot can not drag the relationship to the cause.

QQ !Each

4) websites use space to host the quality is not high, the effect of

the material space network has been on the line more than a month, more time in Shanghai two times a week, also released the inside pages included, but the site’s home page snapshot is still the first time included, which makes me feel very distressed, after all, the website home page snapshot has not updated. No matter is the exchange of Links and other sites to, or do some other what things are not too convenient, in order to solve this problem, according to the site itself and summarizes the following may lead to love Shanghai does not update the snapshot site the webmaster in a web site to a

often believe that Liu in the soft, or with other exchanges of experience in all know, love is not love Shanghai webmaster change website, especially on the line just not what the weight of the new station, and the author of the site early because too busy filling line, did not carefully check whether there is a need to change the site to place. The result after the website to attract and loved spiders in Shanghai included only to find the problem, then this just rush to change, so love Shanghai does not update the website home page snapshot indeed reasons, there may be due to the cause of the high probability of

when the best! ! love Shanghai!I do not know whether

The enterprise website optimization two or three suggestions

to do a good website ranking and click rate is relatively high, so a good title is important! A good title is to include your entire website containing the target keywords, generally speaking, if the website in the title keywords too much, do not contain other useless words in, because the higher the weight of keywords the Title contains but show a limited number of words, we should make the best use of it. For the description, do not try to repeat the title of the website. The text must be coherent sentences and briefly tell users the theme of the site and other advantages and characteristics with the nature of the ads statement. Practical surface, really can increase website hits with a description of the nature of advertising. Exactly how to >

site layout is done, next to which words clear to the optimization of the whole site. Directly related to the problem of website traffic after the keyword, a successful web site does not begin to put the "water" and "water supply equipment" and "pump" such broad and the degree of competition and big words do love Shanghai or Google home page, not to mention difficult problem up to do, is to do. Before long the 10 for promotion to you that 11 of the position, and how much traffic? Obviously, you do go up the time spent with you not proportional. Generally speaking, the enterprise website to give priority to this relatively unpopular area + keywords and bidding few words as the first play subject, such as I choose "Guangdong water supply equipment" and "Guangzhou water supply equipment and other relatively small words as my home flagship keywords, in the short period of time can do the major search engines although the home page, search for" Guangdong water supply equipment "has no search" water supply equipment "of many people, but the purchase intention is much stronger than the latter, and the number of bids may be less. In lifting the weight of your site to a certain time, the word "water supply equipment" will also have a good ranking on the home page.

website title and description method

site layout



is a successful web site, of course, cannot do without a reasonable layout. As the first entrance website information, the layout of the page is the priority among priorities, both the front page image display and information transfer two main functions. In the display of the image of the enterprise website at the same time, must let the user to understand the content of the website, and the service function for the first time, and through the front page, can quickly to have to find the page. Pay attention to another web site layout is: we know that the search engine grab way from left to right, the order from top to bottom, not ugly, more to the top left corner of the word, the weight of their own to the higher. Therefore, a good layout is directly related to the keyword ranking.

with more and more people use search engines, now the enterprise website is no longer a portal image, the source is more business orders! So, how to optimize the product type enterprise website? The author gives the following suggestions:

Shanghai Longfeng medical diagnosis website is a comprehensive analysis of K

Background: the www.gdfuke120贵族宝贝

site is K directly to the Shanghai love screenshot of URL not found:


website, the medical website, when love is in Shanghai in June 28th was updated by K, the daily is still wandering spider crawl, crawl around 300. Shanghai Longfeng optimization operation practices, has been with the news source with this website, be included in the K before 2700, from K after every update 5 high quality pseudo original article, every day update ten articles from news sources outside the chain of yesterday, and now the day is 20, but the chain specific news source how many are included, but no statistics, and find out what the cause was K, because if the quality is low, and the other project is the same, the same article, they didn’t kill me, was killed.


in accordance with the love in Shanghai against low quality site released 7.2 announcements, and behind the robin in the BSG forum inside the document about "the medical profession website content homogenization too serious, and do not say similar content, even some websites connect almost all visual design and information architecture." And the medical industry site mostly station group operation, medical work, without at least 5 sites on the hand, all feel shy to speak out, even hold more than dozens of websites." In the article, even directly pointed out that the medical station and Taobao guest website appeal he also shows that these two sites are visible from Shanghai to see how love.

site index

read an article on the website by K friends, may know there is still a kind of "false K" state, so we have to love the index Shanghai webmaster tools to see the site, but the tragedy is the site index is 0, here we can determine the website that really was K:

of course, each site manager is to restore their own K site, first my friend in Shanghai to do love announcement inside a complaint, but there is no news. Then analysis the search engine spiders, especially love Shanghai for the site of the spider crawling action, love Shanghai webmaster tools inside a love Shanghai grab the pressure test, which can be seen the love.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Then the front collection of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis case, found a very interesting thing, because people do is stand for the industry enterprises, the span is not large, but this is the K learned that many sites are really K, such as BSG Robin said, many medical sites and Taobao guest site, the five stations collected inside there is a medical site, this is a case analysis, I want to talk to you today.


did not find the love of Shanghai URL

Summarize some common factors of website ranking drop

stack is a problem in the early days of a certain period of time, keyword stuffing can rapidly improve the rankings (search engine for the combination of words has its own understanding, as the search engine, engineers found the phenomenon of search engine was upgraded, an increase of more than a judgment condition, although your website with some key words, but because the list of factors within the site of keyword stuffing, causing the readability of the article is very poor, so at the end of the last judgment in the corresponding website keyword filtering for ranking drop and penalties.

)Keyword stuffing

site title, believe that many webmaster all know, title, keywords, description, the website ranking is the 3 most important factors, so some webmaster began to set up the title keywords, described later, after a period of time and then feel appropriate modifications, especially new sites belonging to the assessment period during the 3 months just on the line, in this period if the new website frequently change keywords would cause the site to drop right (many of the old owners also change keywords but not change frequently, change the title keywords in 2-3 weeks completely updated. But for the new webmaster and this is a process, not necessarily no gain.


3 server stability

Links should be a lot of people know, high quality Links can rapidly improve the site’s weight, so many webmaster exchange Links is one of the rapid increase of website ranking method which, why say Links exchange is one of the factors leading to the decline of the site down right? Chain in exchange process if, for some reason (for example: because the server is not stable, your website open people do not know directly to delete your chain) then delete the number more.

area network is the most basic and most important, a benign development site, first a stable server allows the search engine users can access and stability is absolutely necessary. So if the server is often not open, unstable? How users will come next? Perhaps 1 times, 2 times, maybe 3 times, 4 times N times…… Unless there is something absolutely rigid demand users on the site, that is to say only to you on this website to be able to solve their problems, probably about 3 times will not come in that ordinary people! So the server space stability is necessary and most important, this is also one of the important factors that affect website ranking.

This problem should be considered


owners are most concerned about things than the site about the conversion rate? It certainly talks website ranking webmaster happy rise, when the website ranking dropped recently webmaster mood is also straight down. It is the cause of the site in the search engine rankings dropped? Is caused by those factors?

1 is the title of the site of frequent replacement of

lost 4 Links.

Conversion of

Return to nature what is the content

people and search engines want what content is

in Shanghai dragon industry is very low, demand is very low, smatters post, B2B, copy the contents of the publication, it will be Shanghai dragon Er, but he is only junior staff because of low entry, low cost of learning, creating industry spread, everyone can say that they are in Shanghai the dragon, but how many people know what is Shanghai dragon? In depth that? Why search engines again update algorithm to regulate Shanghai dragon industry? Junior staff only know the post in order to rank in order to return to life. But the operation was wrong, there is no professional training, no professional knowledge, there is no thought to do, creating content in flood. The search engine caused by the waste of resources, must be part of the primary rules, out of Shanghai dragon staff. What is the content? In Shanghai dragon world, how to think for the update and ranking, website from K station, not far away. The search engines don’t need those rubbish, useless content. My seven day is not just about what the sign off Shanghai dragon, how should I do, just want to restore what is Shanghai dragon. Of course, there is no essential interests exist, when the Shanghai dragon in order to benefit, is a contradiction. Before talking about free, said a word, free stuff is the most expensive. Some people say, how you provide good content, why not return? If the girl feel, if my blog content charges, you also see? In the era of change, free has been popular, the people will go to see the charges, very practical problem, so the content of abuse. Not too many people a little bit of content is willing to spend a lot of effort to do it.

[introduction] The entry of

Objective: the emergence of the Internet has changed human life habits and access to information in different ways, to bring convenience, also brings the one-sided misleading. Knowledge dissemination and innovation generation be handed down from age to age, accumulated, promote the development of human civilization, what is the content of regression topic! In fact we itself is a knowledge base, whether would like to work hard to create new knowledge, to share. Do Shanghai dragon Er, every little thing to do, it will change a little, a small network, because of this, we have enough to change a network knowledge base. Why love Shanghai will push the web search quality white paper? Did you consider

?Shanghai dragon

people want content is what? If I were people, I think, should be professional, innovative, let us harvest. I think this is what people think. This is often the search engines that search engine, why? First, in order to accumulate the user, not the user, do not.

to understand the content of

yesterday about what is Shanghai dragon? Love the upcoming Shanghai love Shanghai web search quality white paper, the more stringent requirements of content quality of time before launch of the rules, the content of what is today, Nick will continue to share with you all, what is the content of the early return of the heart?.

The old blogger told a new blogger a good way to improve the weights of the blog

enrich their experience so as to improve the level of the

improve the blog weight first need to pay attention to our blog at

if your blog is not professional, so must personality. In a very individualistic era, personalized blog is also important. Our ultimate goal is to do blog attention, and for a non public figure, personalized is essential to attract attention. Personalized blog has many kinds, such as the theme of the blog, this blog will be very attractive to a fixed group or fixed theme lovers. Or blog only, attract curious to highlight the perspectives and different blog visitors. Let visitors feel find everything fresh and new feeling, thereby locking the blog source.

blog The

in the network era, through various channels to enrich their experience. Have rich experience, have a talk. For the blog this communication tool, he is thinking of your network carrier. You put your thoughts and ideas directly presented to everyone in the blog article. Whether you are a record of informative comments; mood, or purely in order to promote and build the blog, there must have readability. Because the readability is strong, traffic will be higher, so the high quality of the blog will lead to a fixed access source. As a result, there will be a fixed source of traffic.

personalized blog is better than common blog caused by user attention

found me in the process of maintaining a blog, do a blog is the need to take care of things. Weight training blog on the blog, we must first improve the degree of concern. Because of rising concern, you must maintain in the blog will be updated blog content. This blog content rich search engine will not only give a good impression, will give visitors visit again to lay the foundation. In your blog at the same time, you will understand the first time visitors. This process, even if you write the general knowledge or work experience will be in the visitor comments timely interaction with the visitors. As a result, the increasing of interaction, can better improve the user experience, but also left their footprints, in access to other people’s blog attracted visitors visit, maintain ownership.

blog plays a very important role in the promotion and development of the site, so we in the network promotion, to create an excellent blog is very necessary. So, how to train the weight in the blog?, improve the weights of the process have good experience is worth learning? We know that a blog is a very simple thing. Not only do not need to spend too much time, also do not need to spend money. However, to make a blog in many blog is no longer easy talent shows itself. As a webmaster, I also registered a lot of blog. For example, Sina, NetEase, the world, love like Shanghai famous website, in the long-term maintenance, I accumulated a bit of experience, improve the weights of the blog, to share with all the friends.

To improve the speed of opening the website 7 cheats

Yslow can be seen by the number of requests to my blog HTTP, you can see too much JS, CSS and CSS refer to the picture file, resulting in too many HTTP requests.


if your site is about 50-60% users is the first time visitors, so these people will download the Javascript and CSS, if the file is very large, the browser will download a long time.

4: CSS with reference picture

if we put CSS images merge into one and 14 HTTP requests into 1, think about what would be the effect? It’s principle is to get pictures of path through the CSS coordinate system, each CSS tag will be different in different coordinate reference >

compression tool can reduce Javascript and CSS as much as half the size of the file, if you have the confidence to use the command line "I strongly recommend the use of YAHOO YUI compression, at least can improve the compression rate of 40% to 60%, if you are not understand can be compressed tool with the home station CSSJS.

Javascript reduced CSS file

1: and

Use the

as shown in Figure 1, many website pictures are cut into small pieces, so down there will be a lot of CSS reference pictures, such as Lu Songsong’s blog CSS cited 14 pictures, cssimages is also an important factor affecting the website speed.

3, CSS and Javascript

most of the windows host is enabled by default, only need to set the expiration time and file type that can be in the control panel, I suggest pictures, CSS and Javascript time can be set for one month. For the Apache Web server, open the cache using mod_cache module. :

many webmasters use virtual hosting website, web content once a lot, the website open speed will be very slow, if such hard index servers, bandwidth, CDN we have no economic strength to do well through the web page code optimization method to improve the speed, Lu loosely summarized some methods of feasibility.

browser will spend 80% of the time for external components, including scripts, stylesheets, images, only 20% of the time for loading content, each site will have many HTTP requests, because only 2 HTTP requests can be sent at the same time, so the request once too much will cause delay.

when a new user visits your site, pictures, CSS and Javascript should be in the browser cache, so that the next time they visit is particularly fast.

2: reduce the HTTP request

picture: cache


Love of Shanghai released a Discuz plug-in, no plug-ins can be achieved

plugin, you can go to the center to buy buy PW plug-in, plug-in map generation of a XML, and a PING plug-in, all is automatic, note the plug-in version is 9.

PS: in fact, as early as March the original identification technology that has been, but now I can’t find time to see that the weight of the forum, by the way, to achieve this effect, the content of the post must be original to realize, as content is collected and is everywhere, users do not care about, is that no user response, even if it is original, the same can not be identified.

you can see the love of Shanghai released a case, after the installation of plug-in effect, actually this effect appeared very early.

The DZ plugin for

first love released in Shanghai actually don’t expect him to improve your ranking, the only point is to help Shanghai love to quickly find the content of the new hot spot. In fact, no love of Shanghai released a DZ plug-in, as PW can achieve this effect.


As for the

can see my cooperation with a friend in July when the forum has a display like this, in fact love inside Shanghai released earlier in the market for a long time. To achieve this effect, you only need to make a map of the forum, and then automatically PING to love Shanghai can, I believe that DZ is the only way of plug-in function, so PW users don’t get discouraged!

this effect is displayed in the forum, other websites such as original identification technology, are not displayed.


see renderings, can display the number of replies, and post the time, this is very accurate. I can assure you, because I am also using the PW forum in operation, give you a look, not love Shanghai plug-ins, PW users how to achieve this effect love Shanghai.

The decline in valuations, with Wang Jiqiu can do so right this timeHow does the local property netw


seeking to monopolize the market? Keywords

, a new high several times a year with


according to user search behavior, many users will often visit Jilin Province real estate industry, it should fully consider in the analysis of the network market, and to achieve a more comprehensive. Through the sh419 index to find trends in Jilin province are relatively stable, user attention is not great, the reflection is not competitive, but don’t give up the trend of late, bait ideas we don’t.

1. funds stretched, profitable, listed as the only way out

had already raised a number of new round, a total of more than $6 billion 400 million us burn group financing of more than $1 billion, nearly $1 billion 400 million in financing public comment, the merger was financing $3 billion 300 million. Compared to the crazy investment, the new big still did not realize the profit.

from related trend can fully explain the recent search target industry trends, to grasp the weekly, monthly and quarterly show rising trend of keywords and lifting percentage, good data statistics and analysis in each stage, can make full use of them, analysis the change trend of the objective and subjective reasons is very important, of course, want to do more fine, need to fully understand and in-depth understanding of the industry. From the network of real estate and real estate related search trends, the overall situation is cyclical fluctuations, the trend of change do not understand, market prospect is inestimable.

September 6th, the industry once again came "sh419 Nuomi, sh419 takeaway and the United States group review merger, and the transaction is nearing completion" news. However。 Later, sh419 released a statement denied, but remain silent s..

but essentially have to F round of financing new business development, although the coverage takeaway, hotels, group purchase, movie tickets, but are facing many opponents, and each is giant level, the pressure was significantly greater.


but the outside world is not silent. A total of two giants occupy the monopoly market share the concern every act and every move a merger, imaginary outsiders guess out, which occupy the largest shareholder of sh419 agency Ctrip also because cross Turisthotellet business and was involved in the rumors.

website at the beginning of the operation must be carried out market analysis to the local Internet network, after the master site of the target population for reasonable positioning, feasibility analysis of the site later, sustainable development is particularly important to clear the site route. Of course, this is only for the Internet industry, sometimes need to combine the local market analysis, this data is more valuable, more see the contrast. With the rapid rise and development of network, more and more enterprises gradually increase and attach importance to the network market, effective promotion and sales of products through the Internet, the real estate website is beyond count, of course more real estate website is local restrictions, because it has the pertinence, validity. Reduce the network market scope, more handy in the marketing process, more effective. So how to analyze the real estate network market environment? The "Liaoyuan real estate network" as a specific case analysis.

O2O capital winter is still spreading, the giants of the day is not good.



index trend

value brother noted that the merger of the two giants news broke out, most of the outside analysis focused on sh419. The reason is very simple, everyone on the sh419, familiar enough with the public and the industry pay enough attention, especially the establishment of "at the beginning of the September sh419 World Conference on artificial intelligence" is the core strategy and not as a year ago, shouting "All In O2O", the strategic tactics to behoove.

Keywords: The

Abstract: a merger, sh419 released a statement denied, but remain silent s..

through the sh419 index tool, to examine the keywords of "real estate" and "real estate" search trend, at present, the average real estate search index is 2059, the average real estate network search index is 3249, thus the real estate industry in the Internet users attention and media attention in the minority, the audience more. And now the trend is relatively stable, the development is immeasurable.

1, a "real estate" and "real estate network search trend analysis National:

we know that the new big 380 billion target set up at the beginning of water at present is far difficult to complete, the loss further intensified, according to the calculation of each month to burn 100 million earlier media reports, the money is not enough. The new battlefield multi-faceted support to turn large. Therefore, they do not hesitate to cut their staff or harm the interests of the merchant

according to the value, brother from various sources show that the two sides are indeed in contact, and even have carried out some of the basic consensus based negotiations, but the key issues valuation, equity, etc. negotiations have just begun. Another exact message is that Wang Xing in the contacts in the initiative, but behind the reason is very simple: after several rounds of financing and price valuation, still do not see hope profit and exit path of the capital side, to the new great patience is less and less, in the business of general Wang Xing God’s favored one winding the body of the increasing pressure.



3, "real estate" and "real estate network search trend analysis Jilin and Liaoyuan:

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform [official description] love Shanghai chain official document search


· website to record

The following is a typical example of the content of )

· domain name expired or sell

Almost all

protocol through the HTTP protocol chain refers to the status code expressly "has no reading value. HTTP protocol status code a lot, but the death of the first 404 love Shanghai agreement, which did not find the file. Please try not to use other state codes to represent the death.


content is mainly caused by the death of the website itself changes, web pages can be opened normally not jump, but it is not included on the content of the page crawler value, no reference value for users, such as post is deleted, the content has been transferred, the space was closed, information has expired, transactions have been shut down. In such valuable information on the web page, the site should be in the apparent position of direct prompt text, such as:

has expired information;

· (web page does not exist; there is no

posts have been deleted A typical example of space is closed A typical example of 1:



second, the content of chain:

sites will appear no longer need to show ", how to deal with this kind of" also became the owners often talk about the topic. To this end, the Shanghai Institute for love stationmaster interview chain recognition processing engineer, learned that the love of Shanghai in the eyes of the dead actually includes three kinds: chain, chain, jump protocol content chain, each doorway Oh, at the same time to understand the current popular "personalized links to love Shanghai is not friendly (will be back with introduction). We appeal to you webmaster, as comprehensively as possible through the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain submission tool to submit the agreement content and links, links jump chain, website in Shanghai love search engine usability and enhance the value, in order to obtain a higher user evaluation.



· trading is down

protocol: first, the death of

content has been transferred

chain, we feel the need to emphasize, is closed when standing in the protection of owners to apply for cancellation of love, in addition to the inspection station outside the chain sea agreement, will also check.

before you webmaster see the standard content chain, first say a love is not friendly to the practice of Shanghai: now many sites and the pursuit of personalized user experience, do not deal death in the pages of content after failure, i.e. the return status code is still 200, just do a personalized picture interesting on the page, the picture tells the user that this page has valuable content — love Shanghai don’t think this is a dead end, do not recommend doing so.

How to create the most suitable love Shanghai spiders visit quality web site


two –

. A comfortable leisure environment, server stability

then love Shanghai discharged his angel – Spider, came to the webmaster site, according to their own rules and give the flow to the website ranking. So the webmaster how to treat the spider, get the favour of messenger

? . The traffic convenient website structure optimizationThe structure of

on the line, please do not change your site. To build a stable and credible site, in order to win the trust of the spider. As a local social situation. If not stable, who will love this place.

three. Stable and harmonious social environment — on the line after the site does not easily change

many webmaster have been depressed, also have pain. While most of the reason is because the flow rate. For small sites more love Shanghai as "God" to God every day to flow.

we should have a spider like Maldives for travel environment, a good and stable server environment to let the spider feel to your site is a tourist resort. Every visitors are able to enjoy the comfortable leisure walk on your site to browse the web. So when choosing a server as possible from the target visitors close to server space.

I’m not going to use blunt language to describe what is Shanghai dragon, how to do the Shanghai dragon. So let us for a more vivid way to understand how to make love Shanghai love your site. Don’t know how many webmaster feel the website is a great project, the webmaster is a sacred occupation? I hope through this article inspired every grassroots webmaster to regain the confidence of

Optimization of

for example you do local station then choose the nearest local server. If you are doing for American foreign trade website, then choose the Santa Ana server room is the best choice.

also includes structure optimization of URL address. Many of the site’s URL is very complex, often see some site xxx贵族宝贝/a/list/2012/6/8/xxx.html so long. Unless your site is like Sina website, otherwise please use your URL as much as possible. Short. Especially some blog site not many articles can be directly used xxx贵族宝贝 /xxx.html so that is more conducive to the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

website is like the traffic in the city, a good website will need to smooth and convenient link. Your site can be 3 times less than the access to any page? If not, then your website "traffic" does have a big problem. In the beginning of establishment, we must first consider the problem of website structure optimization. As far as possible the structure control in 2 clicks for example: home page list > > content page.

On the website of some Shanghai Longfeng avoid

three, not too many keywords and description.

as a Shanghai dragon worker, we know that the chain and the chain to the influence of the website ranking, but this does not mean that links the more the better, at least in my personal experience, whether the chain or chain, in essence is not much, a classic trans than 100 junk trans the role of strong, and a waste of the chain is likely to make the search engine will you play such as the site of the doomed eternally.

collection of things are often already exists on the network search engine of this thing, and not too much interest, and the acquisition of too many times, can let a search engine that most of the content of your website is collected, so the spider to frequency is not too much. >

two, avoid too much the chain and the chain

four, do not collect too many.

but as a Shanghai dragon worker, faced with search engine test at any time, how to get the search engine off, the amount collected is higher, the higher ranked is the foundation of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix are the most difficult to grasp the technology. Today I write this article’s purpose is to give those entering the Shanghai dragon’s workers some tips.

search engine is a humanized system, so in the website had just started when Shanghai Longfeng avoid too much optimization, the method of more refused to cheating, imagine you to a stranger loquacious chatter without stop, people can not hate you? So in the early stages of the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, we have to do is optimize the website code, streamlined website, add original content, submit your site to search engines, and then wait until the search engine included. And included shoulds not be changed too much during the website code submitted to the site and amount, add original content easier for search engines to love you.

, the beginning do not bite off more than you can chew.

is often thought that keyword and description are more easily indexed by search engines, indeed, but it is more likely to cause the search engine to your keyword and description as malicious optimization, included although fast, contrary to the frequency is more and more little spiders.

Shanghai dragon most disgusting is nothing more than a search engine spoof, and most people are afraid of is the search engine K off, so we need to use their own technology to make sure the website search engine, love website, but believe that the premise is not hate and love, if you search engine hate the web site, so you work more, too much effort, the harvest is very little. Do I look below, Shanghai dragon taboo from several points, hope to give some warning of new trip.

many people now do website in order to profit, and profit is mainly embodied in the flow, and how to obtain high flow has become the primary goal of many web sites, which appeared in the Shanghai dragon, which resulted in a series based on the Shanghai dragon industry and work.

Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization is only confined to the site

in addition, there are a lot of people have said that although there is no official website, but it has established its own shop, in fact, when we set up shop, we also need to look at the Shanghai dragon optimization, this is because many of the shop did not have any competitive, so the relative ranking by comparison in fact, when the discovery of this kind of problem does occur around us, so the optimization process also need to cause our affirmation.

in fact is not the case, we can see that many organizations have established their own official website, but people did not know how to promote the process, timely promotion is also a way, you will find that many consumers will search directly in the love of Shanghai, but how also can not see our website, if it is, then we are not accepted by them, so we should try every way to Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization, after optimization of the process, our website can be that consumers see.

Shenzhen high once the network to understand with the progress of the times, we found, so a lot of people have developed the network market, it is because of this, so they can get money in the shortest period of time, it is because we do not want to cover the network, so the sales funds obtained was unsatisfactory. Our first concern is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization process, so this process is not only applicable to the

is when we were in Shanghai Shanghai dragon shop optimization, ranking can be very significant increase, at the same time through keywords after optimization the exposure of products can be improved, so for these don’t have any experience, but just want to open the market extension network of people, this process is crucial to us now, no matter whether we have been able to enhance market share, as long as you can join here, so this type of mechanism would never make anyone disappointed.



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visit: Shenzhen Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝 please indicate, thank you.

The enterprise website and Shanghai Longfeng persons do you in the way

enterprise website, has been Shanghai Longfeng personnel target customers,

5 years ago, the sales staff of an enterprise will say when dealing with others, our company has a website, called XXX贵族宝贝. Then the partner will be very happy and you sign the contract, your company is recognized, and now, what is your website? What fell in love with the sea to read your website? So this is the progress of the times, the concept of change.

so, ordinary Shanghai dragon personnel and enterprise how to the way. Now we come to Shanghai Dragon Staff and their count an account.

then we now in the enterprise website, with the popularity of the network, 50 years old, 60 year old corporate CEOs know companies need to do a business website to enhance the company’s image, brand packaging also need a website to set off.

Shanghai dragon staff, has been the enterprise website need talent,

then we will talk about our Shanghai dragon staff, "Hello, I’m here is a network marketing company, the company’s products you need to spread on the Internet? Want customers to come to their own at home? Want to pick up the phone, send the delivery will be able to have a good sales in the face?" the promotion of such language, 5 years ago, little network responsible person of the enterprise, corporate executives see business opportunities, let the arm dry, sure enough, the effect is very good, the business of the company to the next level. And now, with the change of love Shanghai algorithm, anti cheating means are becoming more sophisticated, using ordinary tools sent over the link time has gone for ever. The boss call every day to do this business off ten, thoroughly to these Shanghai Longfeng, network optimization. But if companies do not go this way, and can only be a slowly eliminated outcome.

Shanghai Longfeng personnel: originally a Shanghai dragon staff, using network tools, sent over the keyword link, is the black hat Shanghai dragon, promotion >

: please an ordinary clerk, general interior city, the minimum wage should at least 200-3000. Guangdong Shenzhen side at least have more than 3000, travel expenses, travel mobile phone fee, accommodation, etc., a year down to maintain a business costs less than the cost of the left and right 5W. While the actual ability of the salesman that you pay, he really do not care. So you are destined to find a good, very capable salesman. Then he can bring much effect to the interests of company, perhaps part of the clerk can bring you 20W.30W orders, then in accordance with the company’s profit ratio of about 20% is high. A year down is 5-6W. It is almost equal to that for most business personnel, not engaged in this industry, the products are not familiar with single estimation are not actual can run out into his own expenses. So run the traditional business model can not fully meet the needs of enterprises

Seven basic problems need to pay attention to the operation of enterprise ZhengZhan optimization at

, an accurate positioning of the ZhengZhan optimization

three, the target keywords and long tail keywords pattern set

to do a business stand now, we believe that one day will be able to get out a lot, this is because there has been a lot of resources in our hands, only slightly modified to on-line. But the site location as mentioned above, the whole optimization is a long process, so in the choice of website template should be to fully consider the applicability of the enterprise, whether the site layout can not fully meet the needs of enterprise website rigid became everybody to concern. The suggestion here is, on the site at the beginning of the line, you should consider the following problem, at least, to cover the eighty percent best. Or later modified or added something once, too, will be very difficult, sometimes even to the search engine caused by adverse effects, especially in the beginning of the line of the railway station.

The correct selection of

two, website template

domain name space for this together for the whole optimization is also very important. Why do you say that, or that sentence, ZhengZhan optimization is a site.

for the huge Shanghai dragon army, optimization of operating enterprise station can be said to be the most common, is also relatively simple. But for ZhengZhan optimization of the enterprise stand, but it is not so easy, need to pay attention to the problem is a lot of broken up, following the author according to several problems needing attention in the enterprise website optimization to my own opinions.

four, domain name space and the nature of the record of the correct selection of

general enterprise stand optimization, usually only need to optimize the website, several target keywords have a good ranking on it. The time should not only consider the ZhengZhan optimization, target keywords, but it is also important to pay special attention to the long tail keywords layout setting. For example, every page there is not always a display to the user, we must make it valuable to the user, otherwise the extra weight page is likely to drag the whole website accumulation. The suggestion here is, if some important pages must show to the user, try to use nofollow tags, for example, about us, contact us, enterprise site.

positioning for the whole optimization, it is not like you to a company for a few keywords specified so simple, but rather a long process. Is the localization from the enterprise station, to the future direction of development issues to consider are. That is to say, when you receive a ZhengZhan optimization list is accurate, as every step of the development of the website, keywords ranking is no longer in the first place, but the overall marketing website to grasp, and these things to achieve the most important carrier is your web site.