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The new optimization strategy and optimization method in different stages to play a waiting game

as everyone knows, especially in the face of new online love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization, many times we seem powerless, because love Shanghai for the new assessment period is very long, the content of good quality for at least 1 months, three months, the content of low quality may not enter the top 100, so the author thinks that the optimization of love Shanghai we must follow the relevant rules, the author has optimized a building materials such as the site after a month and a half has entered the main keywords love Shanghai page sixth, here I will share with you under the new station to quickly enter the top 100 in the sea. read more

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Yang Kaihua the original article writing tips to share

5. now has a part of the webmaster to do is to go to the bookstore the latest books and their site theme related to buy, down with the scanner, and then use the software to deal with images of the text on the picture into a word document, so you can absolutely original, previously treated people scan eBook but the conversion of WPS doped, no readability, do not know is to find their own software not, or other reasons, have good software friends can recommend oh!

In fact, more than

what is in line with the Shanghai dragon of the original article, is not the search engine is the original article! Today Yang Kaihua will come and share a few I do can send the article seconds of the article is how to stand! read more

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2014 new sites should be how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization

1, the chain platform weight: the chain website, need to have a certain weight, the higher the weight, the higher the relative quality.

said the chain, presumably in a few years ago Shanghai dragon friend deep experience, then as long as we send the chain every day, adhere to a period of time, the effect is very good. Since the Shanghai self update algorithm, some friends said the chain is not useful, this is wrong, a high quality articles if there is no chain guide, it is white blind. Just now the search engine of foreign chain requirements are high, not like before, what rubbish chain weight is high. Now, the high quality of the chain should be reflected in the above aspects: read more

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A new station location and how to build the site’s popularity

when we meet this kind of problem, how can we effectively deal with, and meet this kind of problem, how do we go to our customers or our boss to explain this kind of situation? How should we go to explain these problems to our customers


to create awareness need what specific techniques and means of

first, we need to say is why will encounter this kind of situation, what is the reason, how should we go to avoid these similar problems happen again in the future. For example, the site suddenly appeared one day open the case, we should go to the customers about my site is in the maintenance period, so will the site can not open the case. Website ranking drop suddenly, short time fell too fast, we need to do? This is the normal update belongs to the search engine or caused by human factors? These are all we need to explain to customers, customers understand, that our work is effective. read more

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Influence factors of Google ranking (three) page factors (two)

seventh page update history, said this is mainly update and update frequency, the page is updated weekly monthly?? day? Frequency faster, to gain ranking will be better, or that the premise of the same theme. (for Google, the freshness of a web page is very important, for a long time did not change the page ranking will gradually decline.

third, download page chrome, the last article we mentioned, the page loading speed will affect the page in Google ranking, so the question is, how to measure the page loading speed is? According to official data given by Google, Google will use the chrome collection of user data, according to the web page loading speed in the chrome to judge, but also includes server link speed, whether the use of CDN, and the other has nothing to do with the HTML code loading speed factor. read more

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Love Shanghai search strategy update, why you are always right down the website

is likely to be your site is already occupied, you have begun to seek solutions. In fact, this love Shanghai hit mainly the low quality of the contents of the page, if you love Shanghai see the content of the website without user experience, no reading, no help to the user, Shanghai love won’t let this they continue to show in the search engine, even if the show, not only for the user is not good also not good for search engine. So, as a webmaster you need to understand the search engine’s mission is to provide the user can meet the needs of high quality content, love Shanghai search engine will be based on the quality of the web page ranking the adjustment, and high quality content will get more opportunity to show, while low quality content will reduce the chance to show, or even not included. Although this is a very good thing, and is supported by the majority of owners. But now the Internet is how many websites can really do this, very few. read more

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Case study after the website in search engine and measures

website is not always a step, sometimes restricted to personnel, sometimes limited to hardware devices, and always there are some reasons why a step in the complete revision of the website. I came to write the implementation of share in the specific conditions of the measures and achievements:

site in the search engines on

, a static server is not ready, static dynamic URL

, thank you!

The symptoms of

this situation still exists risk site is the K station, so I can not abandon URL in static conditions and the next measures: read more

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Analysis of e-commerce website design four breadcrumb navigation

website (Breadcrumb Navigation) is a kind of navigation as supplementary navigation mode, it can help the user to clear the site located in the current location, and return to the fast path before.

Breadcrumb navigation in

classification and two grade respectively as "household appliances" and "household appliances", the meaning of these two similar words to increase the user’s thinking time. Therefore, vocabulary synonyms should be in peace as much as possible to avoid crumbs. read more

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Analysis of HTTP, 3XX, 2XX status code 4XX, 5XX

301 (permanent mobile), the requested page has permanently moved to a new location, when the server returns the response (as a GET or HEAD request response), it will automatically forwards the request to the new location. You should use this code to let BOT know the nobility baby of a web page or site has permanently moved to a new location.

400 (bad request), the server does not understand the grammar request.

returns a HTTP status code is in response to a request to display on your site server status, for example: read more

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And now the guards function Google launched the website manual intervention notice

This means:

noble baby said:

if you see the following message:

The latest

1, admitted that the nobility baby artificial processing site, if you delete the noble baby manual station, you will be notified.

on the site without any manual operation for the implementation of web spam.

analysis to the noble baby index shows that all sites in the noble baby has in view, because garbage site and manually deleted site is far less than 2%.

is that your site does not because of spam sites causes manually delete or direct drop operation. read more

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360 search and love Shanghai 400 customer service phone submission guidelines

D, a registered trademark certificate ("trademark registration acceptance book" or "trademark search results" is invalid qualification)

The first column

often find some well-known search company name, row in the home will be the official 400 significant customer service phone display, and through the official certification of the search engine, feel the effect is very good, in fact, it belongs to a search engine and open platform, do not collect fees, enterprises need only can through the authentication submit relevant information. This blog will give you talk about love MN-LM Shanghai customer service data open platform and 360 customer service platform to submit, if you are a promotion personnel, I think we do not always focus on the Shanghai dragon, but a variety of channels with open ideas. Don’t pull away, the customer service phone submission, blog that is a highlight of the 39 or channel of small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing infrastructure. read more

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China webmaster career grass root are how to break through in jeopardy



guest is already in the past, the first to do is to earn pours. The conventional method is to do your keywords to do search engine promotion forefront, mass promotion links, do some brand keywords, for example, illegal methods to do some long tail keywords and other non conventional methods to see mom, these are the way to make big hair, see! But now the alliance audit is more strict, do Amoy to formal is a head-on blow, and in violation of the

began to switch, Shanghai dragon in Chinese is no longer a myth, after several years of groundless talk now most webmaster can not claim to be Shanghai Longfeng, miserable occupation! Taobao guests such as Jingdong and some began to move to other alliances, some began to own the shop to do Taobao. Some pull the head to do the training must be so bad. No advanced technology, no resources, no ability of grass root webmaster, want to earn some extra income to do a part-time job, stable industry after transformation, does not want to go to work the good Webmaster: here to share a little dry cargo is entering and has entered or will enter the Internet industry friends read more

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Google mobile search times over the first PC search

Singer said, these data do not include the tablet computer search times.

More and more

he also said that Google’s new enterprise structure will help him search under the leadership of the Department and other departments, to make it more flexible and lively, can respond more quickly. He also said that this enterprise structure also makes Google co-founder Larry · (Larry Page); Paige has been "liberated", so that it can focus more on some of the more futuristic projects, such as unmanned vehicles etc.. (Tang Feng read more

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Don’t do strange things flicker search engine

is to make a ofanything station search engine to see such a strange station gets confused, this station is the trouble which? What are the main contents of this web site about? It can not grasp the theme of the site, there is no substantive content, how to give the site ranking. Study on the station you will find the contents of this website, or do we change after a very long time before the arrival of the search keywords ranking, the search engine on the website of the historical data is recorded, it is not because the site shows the current revision of good content change and forget the former included. read more

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British retailer website search, Shanghai dragon and mobile commerce as a pressing matter of the mom

in all respondents:

100% online sales accounted for 16.5%.

22% of respondents said they plan to build a mobile application, 10% said they already have one. 24% said they would improve the site’s search function in the mobile commerce website or their applications in 2013.

compiler /i world network operators

as the end of the year approaching, British retailers are looking to the future, how to increase sales in 2013. Many people are still dealing with their problems this year. A new poll, Monkey survey of 110 UK retailers on their electronic commerce business conducted a survey, 60% of respondents said the retailer is committed to improve the conversion rate; 55% of respondents said they do is to attract more customers to their website, expanding the international market accounted for 22%, improvement logistics accounted for 18%. read more

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Discussion on the relationship included page ranking priority and tree structure

The Blue Icon

through the computer resource manager, we can clearly to explain this problem.

why /sem/ would be in front of php-open.html? This time we need to know what is the tree structure, because the page ranking priority at this time there is a relationship with tree structure. We explain this problem through below:

.The ?

we use the computer, file directory structure is one of the most classic tree structure, through this structure, we can easily manage and index of directories and files. read more

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Interpretation of the three major driving force behind the current rapid development of the domestic

will push two, Shanghai dragon industry relatively low threshold

if I asked what is the most popular online promotion way now? I think most of the webmaster friends will be answered in unison: "Shanghai dragon!" a little right, a few years in the country’s development can be described as the Shanghai dragon is fast, we can use the Zhao Benshan sketch a classic sentences to describe, that is "it was day, firecrackers, red flags fluttering, huge crowds of people". You may ask why this year to Shanghai dragon in the country how to welcome? The author on this issue of three domestic Shanghai dragon booster of rapid development. read more

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Analysis of Ma Shenzhen speech get free we will kill you

Ma Yun published on today’s Internet free speech in a speech practice, generally means on the Internet free approach is not feasible, such a practice is not sustainable, or persist after a period of time will disappear. According to Ma’s meaning, free is not consistent with the trend of the times, even if you do a free, would have been a big company to suppress.

Ma Yun issued a free speech in order to practice what

we know whether the Alibaba or Tencent, love Shanghai, the scale of the three companies are already quite big, occupies a big boss position in their respective fields, so far none of the companies can shake their status fundamentally. Therefore, they can carry out various free and pay in the conditions permit conditions or services to provide differentiated service for the user, if it is free to die, charging is the mainstream conclusion, so these three companies can come up with a very powerful example to prove this point, because they are doing service charges well, love Shanghai PPC, Tencent have game prepaid card, membership fees and a variety of diamond fee, and the Alibaba " read more

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After 90 entrepreneurs use the Internet to sell tea to see how he uses the InternetThe car suddenly

arrived in Xiamen, I ran a northern man is not to say, is a duck into the chickens, they say what I don’t understand what I say! What farmers can understand, then we’re pointing to this or exchange, not easy to talk to, because of not really understand, tea may not be what I want to be fooled.

with 6070 getting older, 80 and 90 gradually become the core members of the society. I am a standard 90 boys, began to engage in Internet work for 3 years, it did not graduate in the University of simple web site optimization, although not making any money, but to enjoy the joy of it. But the university graduation mean unemployment! This fully reflects our 90 graduate embarrassment. read more

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Mobile Internet start-ups need to have the conditionsAnalyze the relation between website jumping ra

because of the instability of the entrepreneurial team, many examples of entrepreneurial failures abound. So, a team of unity is very important, he decided how far the venture can go.

There are too many hot money

moreover, it is also important to choose the field of entrepreneurship. Some data show that enterprise service class venture project is preferred by investors, and then the Internet financial projects, intelligent hardware field has begun to attract more and more attention.

shlf1314 Adsense has been doing for a long time, in the optimization can be a lot of effort. In order to improve shlf1314 Adsense revenue, has been from the layout of the page, advertising formats, advertising text and advertising fonts, such as many adjustments, each optimization has different harvest. Without optimization, the click rate of advertising is very low. After optimization, click rate can reach around 2%, and some even reach 6%. The ad rate is so high that some people worry that it will not be K. This fear is unnecessary, as long as you do not violate shlf1314’s advertising policy, even if you are 100% click rate is allowed, the key is what you have to make people click policy. read more

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Forever Wangzhuan small webmaster heartThe wind field for 20 years the brainchild of why he is willi

, Wang Gongquan’s talent came into play. In addition to poring over Mao Zedong biography, the rest of the time he is immersed in the classical poems, and is a help in Nanling gifted scholars and beautiful ladies of the Central Avenue Yinshizuofu, Wang Gongquan quickly became the object of a bunch of girls love.

from the age of 6, Wang Gongquan was fascinated by the ancient poetry, home, poetry, The Four Books and the Five Classics all classes of authors are he searched, age of Shouxiang Leiyan, unexpectedly Speechless condensate swallow "graceful faction very yearning. read more

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Venture capital talent strategy into the cold mode to keep people from poaching strategyInternet ent

reporter learned that, facing the adjustment, many industry insiders said this is not a bad thing, venture capital institutions will pay more attention to personnel training system, pay more attention to provide value-added services for enterprises, establish a more benign investment chain.

said that the socialization of electricity providers will have to talk about the beautiful and mogujie these two stations, the concept of social electricity supplier, but also because of these two stations have gradually been recognized and concern. So far, the beauty of registered users exceeded 15 million, this is a huge user base, so proud to achieve results, they have spent a short two years. The same is true of mogujie, whose users cover all sectors of China, women and girls who prefer online shopping, from senior high school students to office workers, from white-collar workers to housewives, who come from every aspect. Since I’m going to choose this industry, where do I cut in? What are the user groups? How to fix these problems has been bothering me, read more

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Sharing the economy is really rental sharing, bike in the end is not authenticHow to make the 1000ip


is a shared economy, and the road to success in sharing bikes is $1

do GGAD site planning

first you do need to stand on your website source location, such as my sister goes to my site positioning is hanging GGAD then if high traffic after the later can get rid of acne or agent products, this position can let me in the beginning do stand, can have income as can I go on step by step, because all the People are hurrying to and fro. for profit, income you have more passion.

theme is very critical, he directly decided the GGAD unit price, now GG unit price is relatively high, I know there are, beauty, health, building materials, foreign exchange what?. I choose the anti acne acne belongs to the beauty or can be said to be healthy, the concept is vague, if you don’t know the topic if you are doing high can know by a simple method, that is you search your primary keyword in sh419, see if there are a lot of promotion, if it is also means the theme of sites within the GGAD price will be very high. read more

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Net tell the world liar, open advertising Union, everyone come in to seeAbout all the chips, entrepr

, www.netgoo, > >

Return on Change company founder and CEO Sang Lee said: "now many people who just started to start thinking that all financing to raise this approach allows them to easily obtain funds for entrepreneurship. However, in fact, all the chips need entrepreneurs to do more homework, and entrepreneurs also have a strong support network in order to successfully complete all the chips. To paraphrase the old adage, "there is no such thing as a free lunch."." read more

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Website station banner ads 10 yuan chillingADSENSE killer — new ad platform PPP on line

from the online game industry to develop intermodal quality that day, the small media and personal Adsense on the online games market excluded

The form of

PPP also has a system similar to the shlf1314 AdWords and shlf1314 AdSense. But the difference is that PPP can make each website traffic into income. The flow have income. The webmaster for the publisher of PPP, and then get a similar shlf1314 ADSENSE code. The code on your website and when someone visits your site, PPP will start playing a 5 second audio advertising. Then you will have the process of income. It is so simple. But the advertisement in February 1st 08 listed. Only support English station, but Chinese station can now apply for. read more

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CEO founder of the Internet have started againDo personal website how to earn 6000 yuan a month

industry insiders believe that, although Ma resigned Alibaba CEO fought in the logistics industry, but also focus on e-commerce operation, to solve the payment problems, to improve the user experience, Ma logistics is next to "hoe".

but the horse did not relax, the intelligent logistics network layout is quite big, preliminary plans to invest 100 billion in the enterprise, including Alibaba, intime, Fosun, Fuchun, one of four links, SF, and investment institutions, banks and financial institutions. read more

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A tragic college student’s story of four years of entrepreneurshipExplore Web2.0’s classified inform

is also a web company, portal, and a web site whose content architecture is the editor in chief, and the decision maker for the classified information site is the product director. Perhaps this is a typical difference between the Web1.0 web site and the Web2.0 site. Behind it is Web2.0 website, in the strong desalination of Internet media features, the product can not be customized to restrict the effective communication between the site and Internet users. Or, this is why the domestic classified information websites mostly adopt the content, organization and page performance of Craigslist, but do not put forward the reasons why the so-called "Chinese classified information website". I do not know because of demand, there is no innovation, but to bring a good custom, is the other side of the ocean that the netizen "successful", "acceptable" products Tu altered. read more

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Melon seed used car Yang Haoyong used car market heavyweight opponents have not yet enteredAnalysis

I’ve always felt that the best should be in the future. The first 10 years are the foundation. Every few years you will have some changes, and there will be more interesting things out.



eight, if your download site search weight and flow is not big, PR value 4 above, suggest to try to sell links to make money method.

at the beginning of 2016, with financing March, when Sequoia seeds get the lead investor Sequoia A round of $204 million 500 thousand, more seeds gave them painted an idea, that the future of the second-hand car should be in direct selling mode of C2C development, but this business model can go through, we need to prove. And Sequoia also agree with this direction, second-hand car is a very big industry, there may be born a ten billion dollar company, they feel that the melon seeds team is good, so they voted. read more

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Never spectrum to favor IDG, set $100 million fund dedicated investment after 90 EntrepreneurshipThe

IDG in more detail and summarizes some characteristics of 90: a child, a small family based economic pressure, the pursuit of love, things; no collective memory, everyone has personal development; without patience, the pursuit of unique, and lonely desire to communicate.

/ Sohu, IT, Zhang Rui,

IDG yesterday announced a new $100 million fund, "IDG 90 fund", specializing in investing in 90 entrepreneurs, as well as around the younger generation lifestyle changes in demand for entrepreneurs. read more

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Re original!! Day 3000IP is actually very simple2017 after half a year of venture capital circle sca

investment institutions, the morning venture can be said to be famous. In 2016, the annual investment meeting issued the 2015 best investment institution TOP50, and the venture capital came out first. The old driver of the venture capital industry has a unique vision and can always find the leading enterprises in all segments of the capital. From the point of view of investment performance, Luxuries delivery 8 years 50 times book return, Gigabit 6 years 30 times return, Huakai creative 3 years 8 times return, Rionlon 6 years return 14 times 4 times 3 years, Rio star returns, Gauss Baer 7 years 5 times the return…… As investment grows more and more into a technology, professional capabilities will emerge. read more

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