The new optimization strategy and optimization method in different stages to play a waiting game

as everyone knows, especially in the face of new online love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization, many times we seem powerless, because love Shanghai for the new assessment period is very long, the content of good quality for at least 1 months, three months, the content of low quality may not enter the top 100, so the author thinks that the optimization of love Shanghai we must follow the relevant rules, the author has optimized a building materials such as the site after a month and a half has entered the main keywords love Shanghai page sixth, here I will share with you under the new station to quickly enter the top 100 in the sea.

mid site traffic is one of the key to enhance the accumulation of weight. We know that love Shanghai very much all kinds of algorithms in different stages of love for Shanghai site inspection is not the same, if the new station is on page 100, for this time I think content factor ratio is very large, but once the love of Shanghai audit into the second stage is the keyword ranking in 100 pages of weight and quality will be the chain gradually determines the rank of the website, and the third stage, keyword ranking after is the website ranking stability and maintenance period, this time to determine the ranking floating is analysis of the site. For example, the same three sites are in love Shanghai home chain and content regardless of the situation in Shanghai will be based on love what factors, undoubtedly the website click

second, outside the chain of high quality recommended an indispensable factor. Shanghai love chain mainly based on Robin Li’s PageRank algorithm and why we love the high correlation Links website is added because of love of Shanghai attaches great importance to the new recommended Links. In fact, we all know that the chain is the main external website for other voting behavior of their website, the more votes the higher the degree of quality, for your site is more popular. Before the love not released before the purchase of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm chain transactions rampant it is for this reason that Links this note is related to the degree of control, even if the PR is not very high as long as the user experience is good with high correlation and exchange.

first, a new station on the line is the accumulation of weight training early critical period of trust, a new station on the line most things we do is try to site timing quantitative update of high quality original articles, this is indispensable, love Shanghai assessment period focus is the quality assessment for the station optimization. The weight is actually love Shanghai degree of trust in the website, we mainly in the initial quality of the article mainly to take into account the chain may be late quality and extensive degree of detail, the combination of these factors is the best embodiment of love for Shanghai Website Trust, why some website can quickly update the article second is because the weight of high trust a high degree of. So I think the site is for the initial line of site weight training for the construction of the website trust, the main details reflect the update in the high quality articles, such as user experience, space velocity, the chain of quality assurance and so on.

Yang Kaihua the original article writing tips to share

5. now has a part of the webmaster to do is to go to the bookstore the latest books and their site theme related to buy, down with the scanner, and then use the software to deal with images of the text on the picture into a word document, so you can absolutely original, previously treated people scan eBook but the conversion of WPS doped, no readability, do not know is to find their own software not, or other reasons, have good software friends can recommend oh!

In fact, more than

what is in line with the Shanghai dragon of the original article, is not the search engine is the original article! Today Yang Kaihua will come and share a few I do can send the article seconds of the article is how to stand!

1. love love Shanghai Shanghai news, blog (or the latest beta version of the search keywords) and you related articles, here every day in the update, with false original tools to which appropriate keywords replacement, paragraph place upside down, this estimation method is similar to most of the owners are currently using the method oh!

4. if you do a Taobao customer class website, you can find the Ali Mama ah, all know love is the Shanghai ban Taobao article, so the article to get there, after their processing, is very good original article, ha ha

2. because the QQ space included in this article are poor, a lot of QQ space in the appropriate modification, or modify the original article can be directly put up.

3. said QQ, also want to share a little, in fact, as the head of the US, must be a lot of Shanghai dragon group, the inside of the chat fragment sorted out, every day it is a very good article, original Oh

6., or in the technique of pseudo original, time, so, but the best way is to own it, which is to improve the website ranking, the best way to improve the weights of the website, once met a friend, every day to write a lot of articles, never do outside the chain, and finally was also the station made the PR 5 high weight website, because your article is indeed the essence of the article, there will be a lot of people to reprint the chain, certainly do not worry, you can express their views in a view, write one hundred or two hundred words to me, Xinjiang Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station it is to love Shanghai in search of Shanghai Longfeng class library e-books, download, there are basically some predecessors about Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon experience articles set around the inside view of the article And use your own words to describe it, a book that I can write N original articles, this article topic similarity and their site is very high, but for this we learn the Shanghai dragon, see predecessors article is a good thing. Every day in their learned summary, is a pretty good fortune down all this days and months multiplying, witnessed our growth course, Why not?? < >

2014 new sites should be how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization

1, the chain platform weight: the chain website, need to have a certain weight, the higher the weight, the higher the relative quality.

said the chain, presumably in a few years ago Shanghai dragon friend deep experience, then as long as we send the chain every day, adhere to a period of time, the effect is very good. Since the Shanghai self update algorithm, some friends said the chain is not useful, this is wrong, a high quality articles if there is no chain guide, it is white blind. Just now the search engine of foreign chain requirements are high, not like before, what rubbish chain weight is high. Now, the high quality of the chain should be reflected in the above aspects:

we often say: content is king, the chain for the emperor. This is the hard truth has always been, a lot of people in Shanghai love update algorithm, saying that there is no use, but still so. But the more profound. What do you say? Let’s talk down now do optimization, content and the chain should be how to do.


constantly updated sound in the era of love Shanghai algorithm, Shanghai dragon optimization is not as before, send the chain, update the article can have good rankings. How to do Shanghai dragon optimization ranking now? Especially for the new station, this is a problem. According to my years of knowledge of Shanghai dragon, to explain the new station should do Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

2, the chain included: the chain send love Shanghai need to be included, although there is no chain included is also have a certain effect, but compared to be included in the chain, the effect is very large.

chain for the emperor

The diversification of

need to pay attention to high quality content, high quality here does not represent the original, many new Shanghai dragon mistake to write their own original articles is the high quality of the article, I personally think that high quality, said here should be: user experience. A real value to the users of the article, whether it is reproduced or original, belong to high quality articles, so when we do content, must take into account this article is not a user experience. In addition, it is best to edit the content, do not direct acquisition, acquisition time, tend to put the soft chains inside directly copied posted to the site, for the new station, an article has many external chain is negative. High quality content also reflected in the content of the quantity, quality assurance at the same time, we need to increase the stability of high quality articles every day. Since your article is good, if your website only this article is certainly not, we need to update regularly.


3, the chain: the chain type platform and can not be too single, some friends may only in the one or two site to send the chain, in fact we need as much as possible to send the chain to different platforms, to ensure that the above.

content is king

A new station location and how to build the site’s popularity

when we meet this kind of problem, how can we effectively deal with, and meet this kind of problem, how do we go to our customers or our boss to explain this kind of situation? How should we go to explain these problems to our customers


to create awareness need what specific techniques and means of

first, we need to say is why will encounter this kind of situation, what is the reason, how should we go to avoid these similar problems happen again in the future. For example, the site suddenly appeared one day open the case, we should go to the customers about my site is in the maintenance period, so will the site can not open the case. Website ranking drop suddenly, short time fell too fast, we need to do? This is the normal update belongs to the search engine or caused by human factors? These are all we need to explain to customers, customers understand, that our work is effective.

third, the overall positioning website is? Site location should be from the choice of the domain name, we should pay attention to the choice of what kind of domain name is more suitable for the future development of the enterprise, how to make more well-known enterprises, these are the need to consider the problem in our site.

fourth, first a successful marketing team is very important. Many webmaster is perhaps a person fight a lone battle, ability is very strong, but some webmaster or a team operation, so this case, want not success is very difficult. Today enterprises network marketing officially launched at the beginning, thank you very much for your support and help to me, also hope that in the future we go farther and farther.

second, as the railway station, we need to let customers know about or what cognition is our service concept, why customers will choose us, rather than other companies, because it is our values and our good service to make them feel more receptive. This is our focus on the word-of-mouth marketing. For example, you ask me what is the concept of enterprise network marketing, first of all, it seems to me that I do is well-known enterprises, perhaps originally our enterprises are unknown to the public, but through our network marketing, let the enterprise popularity started, brand build out.

1 is a full range of network marketing strategies, such as we can through the marketing strategy and marketing strategy which is above the second point I focus on.

? Through the love of Shanghai itself >

recently, I work to help enterprises do network marketing and site planning, have no time to take into account what the chain or website included snapshot, so there is a time not to come here to share with you some experience in the station optimization. We all know that on Friday, love Shanghai has a big update, the update causes a lot of industry’s disorder, as well as many website ranking drop, but that situation, not for a long time, quickly improved and restored.


Influence factors of Google ranking (three) page factors (two)

seventh page update history, said this is mainly update and update frequency, the page is updated weekly monthly?? day? Frequency faster, to gain ranking will be better, or that the premise of the same theme. (for Google, the freshness of a web page is very important, for a long time did not change the page ranking will gradually decline.

third, download page chrome, the last article we mentioned, the page loading speed will affect the page in Google ranking, so the question is, how to measure the page loading speed is? According to official data given by Google, Google will use the chrome collection of user data, according to the web page loading speed in the chrome to judge, but also includes server link speed, whether the use of CDN, and the other has nothing to do with the HTML code loading speed factor.


sixth update degree, this one can be combined with fifth, also recently updated website content updates, more changes fluctuations, will be better in the Google ranking of course, the premise is the theme of the web page has not changed.


second, the use of Rel=Canonical tags, if we can reasonably use the Rel=Canonical tag, Google decided that can prevent duplicate content page.

eighth, is clear, whether the keywords can be clear at a glance, for example, H1 appears in the title tag, description, content of the.

we rank the influence factors in an article on the Google (two) mentioned in the page factors in the first ten points, today we will continue the topic of yesterday, still explain the influence factors of Google page ranking.

fifth update time, according to the information provided by the official Google blog, recently updated content is an important factor to influence the Google ranking, especially some of the timeliness of the content, update the more recent time, the ranking will be relatively better.

page factorsThere are a lot of factors of

Google ranking factors analysis (three): (two)

fourth, the picture is optimized, for images to a certain degree of optimization of the "Shanghai dragon get a better ranking advantage, image optimization is mainly the use of ALT tags, for the WordPress website, can change picture file name, text, title, description and explanation.

value of Google page, we must say that today is mainly the following ten points, these factors individually perhaps trivial, small, less obvious, but when you put all these are good, they will have great utility.

first, web content is plagiarism, plagiarism, web content with Google has included the presence of a large number of repeat, this is an important factor to determine the Google page rank.

Love Shanghai search strategy update, why you are always right down the website

is likely to be your site is already occupied, you have begun to seek solutions. In fact, this love Shanghai hit mainly the low quality of the contents of the page, if you love Shanghai see the content of the website without user experience, no reading, no help to the user, Shanghai love won’t let this they continue to show in the search engine, even if the show, not only for the user is not good also not good for search engine. So, as a webmaster you need to understand the search engine’s mission is to provide the user can meet the needs of high quality content, love Shanghai search engine will be based on the quality of the web page ranking the adjustment, and high quality content will get more opportunity to show, while low quality content will reduce the chance to show, or even not included. Although this is a very good thing, and is supported by the majority of owners. But now the Internet is how many websites can really do this, very few.

now, there have been many large site index declined seriously, followed by the site was down the right to love Shanghai, some webmaster played even some webmaster be taken by surprise, do not understand why the website will be love Shanghai right down, and the recovery cycle is slow, and even some sites are not restored. What about this, believe that the webmaster should know love Shanghai’s new "love" sea search quality white paper "white paper, the main content for low quality, low quality web content, no user experience", and the white paper has begun implementation, resulting in many websites. Of course, according to the understanding, the love of Shanghai in three main aspects: website content quality, web browsing experience, accessibility, and is aimed at different types of websites, B2B, real estate network, talent network, local portal, entertainment forum, electric business website etc.. If the site appears in the above three aspects, could not escape the robbery.

at the end of the day, if your site is love Shanghai drop right, site index your serious decline, we recommend that you analyze the content of the site quality, is the collection quality of the content is too low, the user contributed content is too poor, the quality of advertising pages too much, or pay too much to be soft as soft Wen the platform. If you really have these, then the search engine will certainly go to evaluate your content from the perspective of quality.


site is down right, imagine is a let Adsense very afraid of things, especially after their years of nurturing a out of the site, overnight or within a period of time to be loved Shanghai right down, traffic from tens of thousands fell again fell into the hundreds of thousands of people are watching, cold, after all who do not want their website into "vegetative". However, recently found that many sites are love Shanghai right down, whether it is small or large, web sites, the number is right down is very large, especially in some large sites, such as B2B, electricity providers and other sites, most of this part of the site is love Shanghai down the right, there is a part of the site how to optimize are no rankings and flow, which makes some webmaster really anxious.

Case study after the website in search engine and measures

website is not always a step, sometimes restricted to personnel, sometimes limited to hardware devices, and always there are some reasons why a step in the complete revision of the website. I came to write the implementation of share in the specific conditions of the measures and achievements:


site in the search engines on


, a static server is not ready, static dynamic URL

, thank you!

The symptoms of

this situation still exists risk site is the K station, so I can not abandon URL in static conditions and the next measures:

jump. The

to say funny, others are dynamic pseudo static, and we have a static URL dynamic jump URL. Because the static server is not ready, many can not generate static pages, if only using static URL will visit the page does not exist. But if only use dynamic URL, being included, use static URL is a trouble. So simply static jump URL dynamic URL, meaning is to generate static pages to access static URL does not generate static pages dynamic URL access.

two, two URL shield exist static and dynamic pagesThe

has the same page is a large amount of repetition included, is a dynamic URL and static URL page are included. We all know that the ability of spiders to crawl the page is limited, is included in the page to repeat so many cases leads to the risk of other pages are included smaller, not only that, the article page keywords included the ranking is very unstable, and shows a downward trend, the search engine in a large collection of pages at the same time and cut the page. The following figure:

in the search engine appeared above the

included in the site is stagnant, keywords ranking drop. Due to these reasons the author also understood, is the site of the banned spider crawls dynamic and static URL page does not generate much of. The content of the website search engine that will release suddenly stalled, spider crawling through hypertext site of the road is not smooth, the search engine for proper right down to the website. But even so, I also very helpless waiting for the static server will soon be completed. Sometimes the web site in the search engine on the temporary adverse symptoms we should accept more complete solution, the next step is to come. The ho Huchou net 贵族宝贝yuanweiya贵族宝贝 original, welcome friends to discuss website

site is not used all the pages are static, so the way is to shield some dynamic URL. The following figure:

symptoms Dynamic URL

Analysis of e-commerce website design four breadcrumb navigation

website (Breadcrumb Navigation) is a kind of navigation as supplementary navigation mode, it can help the user to clear the site located in the current location, and return to the fast path before.

Breadcrumb navigation in

classification and two grade respectively as "household appliances" and "household appliances", the meaning of these two similar words to increase the user’s thinking time. Therefore, vocabulary synonyms should be in peace as much as possible to avoid crumbs.

taobao贵族宝贝 in the relatively intuitive. From "all" to "dress" and "jacket", every classification are not repeated, so that users can react in the first time.

users use bread crumbs, one is want to return to the superior, second types of display products is to look at the page. In the actual operation of the user, the degree of importance of these two kinds of requirements are good, but most of the electricity supplier website ignore the latter. In fact, this improvement is not difficult, as long as the classification level page showing the number of goods, the user can clearly see the number of kinds of needed goods, is convenient for the user to choose.


a little bread crumbs is one of the part of the user experience of the site. Sub page of website of business and bread crumbs is beyond count, beacon to guide users, thus the breadcrumb navigation is important for users to browse.

There are two main types of

crumb from a fairy tale, two children in order not to get lost in the forest, then along the shed crumbs as a marker, help yourself to backtrack. Through this story we can see, it is called breadcrumb navigation, it is because it has the same effect on the site, let users can see yourself on a web site location, can quickly find other products of the same type.


2. shows the page level product number

breadcrumb navigation is to allow users to the most intuitive understanding of their own position, therefore, with direct and concise and unique, is the bread crumbs must comply with the principles of. That is to say, each page has a unique navigation products belong to it, this can reduce the user generated when shopping questions. Also in the use of words to avoid ambiguous words, breadcrumb Jingdong in this respect is not good (below).

The origin of Bread crumbs

excellent shopping mall fashion came to the attention of the small details of the. The number of users of the system according to the conditions of the screen automatically grab the type of merchandise, allowing users to choose according to the actual situation of the goods.



> 3.

1. keywords, avoid using words repeated

Bread crumbs navigation

Analysis of HTTP, 3XX, 2XX status code 4XX, 5XX

301 (permanent mobile), the requested page has permanently moved to a new location, when the server returns the response (as a GET or HEAD request response), it will automatically forwards the request to the new location. You should use this code to let BOT know the nobility baby of a web page or site has permanently moved to a new location.

400 (bad request), the server does not understand the grammar request.

returns a HTTP status code is in response to a request to display on your site server status, for example:

HTTP status code is five different categories:

Google webmaster provides a HTTP status code list, one of the most common and important status code is as follows:

200 (success), the server successfully processed the request. Generally speaking, this means that the server provides the requested page, if you see this, your robots.txt file, which means that the noble baby BOT retrieval success.

server errorThe first digital response status code


403 (Forbidden), server refused request. If you try to see effective web crawling your site in the nobility of the baby BOT (you can see on the web to crawl the page in the Google webmasters diagnosis) received this status code, it may be your server or host to prevent noble baby BOT access.



five categories is only representative.

/ 4XX client request error


/ temporary information response


HTTP status code

3XX redirect

404 (not found), the server could not find the requested page. For example, the server returns the code, if the request is in the server page does not exist. If there is no robots.txt file on your web site, and webmasters in the "diagnosis" label robo>

(Temporary Mobile), the server is in response to the request, different from the position of the page, the request should continue to use the original location for future requests. This code is in the GET or HEAD request is similar to the 301, it will be automatically forwarded to a different location request, but you should not use it to tell a web page or website has noble baby BOT mobile, because the noble baby bot will continue to crawl and index the original position.

· when the search engine spider crawling.


· when a user accesses a web page in the browser.

And now the guards function Google launched the website manual intervention notice

This means:

noble baby said:

if you see the following message:

The latest

1, admitted that the nobility baby artificial processing site, if you delete the noble baby manual station, you will be notified.

on the site without any manual operation for the implementation of web spam.

analysis to the noble baby index shows that all sites in the noble baby has in view, because garbage site and manually deleted site is far less than 2%.

is that your site does not because of spam sites causes manually delete or direct drop operation.

Author: Lu Songsong, 贵族宝贝lusongsong贵族宝贝/blog/post/711.html

2, in violation of nobility baby website quality guide, re examination of the request process become more streamlined.

Google has recently launched a counter function, can check whether the site is the baby manual intervention, which is unique in all the search engines, if it can be recognized by the webmaster, I believe that in the future, Shanghai will follow the 360 love. The noble baby said:

now you can always check whether the site for violating the quality guidelines and treatment. This action can make the most of the owners worry, let a few treated sites to quickly troubleshoot problems, try out the function, please log in Webmaster tools, then click "search flow" of the "manual" link.

Many webmaster


reaction, want to know their site is artificial processing, in order to meet this requirement, added a new function of Google Webmaster Tools: manual viewer. The viewer will display relevant information website group by manual operation, the operation will directly affect the site search in the rankings "noble baby.


360 search and love Shanghai 400 customer service phone submission guidelines

D, a registered trademark certificate ("trademark registration acceptance book" or "trademark search results" is invalid qualification)

The first column

often find some well-known search company name, row in the home will be the official 400 significant customer service phone display, and through the official certification of the search engine, feel the effect is very good, in fact, it belongs to a search engine and open platform, do not collect fees, enterprises need only can through the authentication submit relevant information. This blog will give you talk about love MN-LM Shanghai customer service data open platform and 360 customer service platform to submit, if you are a promotion personnel, I think we do not always focus on the Shanghai dragon, but a variety of channels with open ideas. Don’t pull away, the customer service phone submission, blog that is a highlight of the 39 or channel of small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing infrastructure.

a lot of people a better understanding of the love of Shanghai data open platform, but do not know the 360 search can also be submitted to the 400 data, official certification, and the efficiency is quite high. The next day the wooden ox submit blog show up, although the 360 search had not yet been officially launched to platform, but you can e-mail to inform the 360 customer information, but also eliminates the need to submit the qualification certificate of assorted, very convenient, message format to note:


third: customer service phone

B, the two generation of corporate identity card or passport (both sides)

C, ICP record (non ICP license)


according to the wooden ox blogging experience is very important to set the first submitted keywords, love Shanghai customer service is not audited by sometimes will prompt you must use the company name as keywords, and so the search probability is small, you can wait through, then change back to the company, if you have been in an abnormal state, I suggest you can blog 39 mail to explain the situation, the blog is 39.

1, Shanghai love 400 customer data open platform

By the middle of T (>


estimated that many people are more or less understanding of network operation, official website is 贵族宝贝open.baidu贵族宝贝/data/, a registered account, submit the following information for the audit, but love Shanghai customer service platform authentication is a little trouble, the waiting time is slightly longer, and keyword trigger setting more stringent, you need to provide the following information submitted. Just wait patiently:

2360 search 400 customer

: search engines display customer service phone name

second: customer service phone URL address

a, the business license of the enterprise or individual industrial and commercial households (including the annual license part)

China webmaster career grass root are how to break through in jeopardy



guest is already in the past, the first to do is to earn pours. The conventional method is to do your keywords to do search engine promotion forefront, mass promotion links, do some brand keywords, for example, illegal methods to do some long tail keywords and other non conventional methods to see mom, these are the way to make big hair, see! But now the alliance audit is more strict, do Amoy to formal is a head-on blow, and in violation of the

began to switch, Shanghai dragon in Chinese is no longer a myth, after several years of groundless talk now most webmaster can not claim to be Shanghai Longfeng, miserable occupation! Taobao guests such as Jingdong and some began to move to other alliances, some began to own the shop to do Taobao. Some pull the head to do the training must be so bad. No advanced technology, no resources, no ability of grass root webmaster, want to earn some extra income to do a part-time job, stable industry after transformation, does not want to go to work the good Webmaster: here to share a little dry cargo is entering and has entered or will enter the Internet industry friends

Pro often only see the successful side, while ignoring others, diligent and hard struggle a miserable night. In the face of Taobao alliance a change rule restricts the small and medium-sized Taobao guests, with love Shanghai algorithm constantly updated when the fancy Ali mother less income, when the love of Shanghai ranked turbulent, grass root have been through various channels to express their anger, in BBS, in the QQ group, in a blog on the phone. Poor grass root of their rights and no substantive change, only silence, still with. We all know that arm the thigh!

love Shanghai alliance is also a good income, look at the famous few Adsense blog (Lu Songsong, moon), the success in the future (time, energy, opportunity, adhere to the premise of the pre paid) every day to write a original article almost. Write the article can earn hundreds of yuan, we are seeking ways of making money, not Arabian Nights, but real. Don’t think about doing a lot, do what Admin5, Shanghai dragon why, the owners of the house, so big, so the whole portal forum website, a few people even everyone is a person, one individual. Hard segments, 312 China seedlings www.312tr>


this year after the pattern of the Internet has a new change in the face of a sudden change in the situation, technical innovation so fast in the webmaster, how to choose their future occupation. Throughout the webmaster circle, a Taobao customer, do advertising alliance, Taobao has the market, have charges of training, do the IDC agent, and so on too many to count the webmaster. There are also part-time full-time, some birds have not cooked rookie, the water is deep! Everyone wants to easily through the Internet for virtual money and gold, in fact the real society is not easy to make money.

Google mobile search times over the first PC search

Singer said, these data do not include the tablet computer search times.

More and more

he also said that Google’s new enterprise structure will help him search under the leadership of the Department and other departments, to make it more flexible and lively, can respond more quickly. He also said that this enterprise structure also makes Google co-founder Larry · (Larry Page); Paige has been "liberated", so that it can focus more on some of the more futuristic projects, such as unmanned vehicles etc.. (Tang Feng

and mobile device display smaller, keyword advertising based on Google has been in nowhere, so earlier this year launched a new mobile friendly advertising, the advertising depends on data delivery, such as image, product specifications and price, rather than relying on keywords.

The development direction of the Now the number of monthly

users to Google search is no longer a traditional search engine box and enter the keyword, such as Google cars equipped with search service is using voice search, so the company is committed to improving the function of speech recognition. Singer said: "in the car search service user questions, with more than half of all relevant information and entertainment."

search market shift towards mobile terminal has prompted Google to reconsider its core business, the search business to place ads based on keywords. Singer is California Half Moon Bay (Half Moon Bay), Re/code mobile conference, from the mobile phone to the tablet computer to cars and wearable devices and other new equipment means that the market needs a new way to search.

technology news Beijing time on October 9th morning news, Google’s parent company Alphabet search business director Emmet · Singer (Amit Singhal) on Thursday at the Re/code conference that Google mobile, the global mobile search times have been in the summer for the first time in more than PC times the number of search.


at the same time, the development of mobile devices has led to the rise of the application, which brings challenge to Google, the reason is the general search engine can’t "see" to the application to. Singer said that Google is currently working on the application of mass index, which shows to the application link in search results.

search Google search service for more than 100 billion, the company said its mobile search times in 10 countries such as the United States and Japan have more than PC search times in May.


Singer said: "according to our ideas, search basically is how people interact with computing. The calculation may exist in 4 to 6 inches of equipment, may exist in the desktop, may also exist in 1 inch equipment."

Don’t do strange things flicker search engine

is to make a ofanything station search engine to see such a strange station gets confused, this station is the trouble which? What are the main contents of this web site about? It can not grasp the theme of the site, there is no substantive content, how to give the site ranking. Study on the station you will find the contents of this website, or do we change after a very long time before the arrival of the search keywords ranking, the search engine on the website of the historical data is recorded, it is not because the site shows the current revision of good content change and forget the former included.


give a small example, do not put related content in the 贵族宝贝 www.****贵族宝贝 and 贵族宝贝****贵族宝贝 www.****贵族宝贝? In fact, technically ****贵族宝贝RL can place different content. But let your dilemma is whether the search engine or users are established, the two URL is the same station. Visit the two URL search engine, if can return to 200 code, will automatically choose a version of URL as the site of the standardization. If it is completely different in the two site on the contents of the search engine and you will be dizzy.

This is what

long diving in Shanghai Longfeng webmaster forum, find and webmaster will ask some of the details, for example, some of them love Shanghai dragon put the pictures in the H1 tag, it can enhance the weight of that picture ALT text. In fact, this approach is not desirable, because users in the browser can not see any difference from the code, you might put the picture in the black label inside, also do not see the difference, because the image is not. Analysis of so much, that is the code for the user lost the meaning of no search >

in Shanghai Longfeng webmaster forum often see a friend will ask some strange questions, such as some owners will take the same domain name website content into a completely unrelated industries topic. Such as Taobao in the twinkling of an eye into a slimming industry. The domain name is not what substantive content, the website internal is a pile of junk news. Asked why he did so, he would complain that the old website has several weeks or no effect. You can imagine, the same, with this in mind you are in another month would not have the effect of (below the station you can see just one page of the website content information but no substantive things).

many people will ask, I am Shanghai Longfeng beginners, people have what Shanghai dragon cheats? Ranking algorithm of search engine is what is inside the secret? Actually, no what cheats, if there is a secret to master this algorithm of search engine, want to do which keywords to do what it wants to make a 10080 thousand is an easy job to do, and who will have thousands of dollars to sell

Kung Fu cheats?

British retailer website search, Shanghai dragon and mobile commerce as a pressing matter of the mom

in all respondents:

100% online sales accounted for 16.5%.

22% of respondents said they plan to build a mobile application, 10% said they already have one. 24% said they would improve the site’s search function in the mobile commerce website or their applications in 2013.

compiler /i world network operators


as the end of the year approaching, British retailers are looking to the future, how to increase sales in 2013. Many people are still dealing with their problems this year. A new poll, Monkey survey of 110 UK retailers on their electronic commerce business conducted a survey, 60% of respondents said the retailer is committed to improve the conversion rate; 55% of respondents said they do is to attract more customers to their website, expanding the international market accounted for 22%, improvement logistics accounted for 18%.

but the investigation shows that the retailer does not retain all the work next year. The electronics retailer for the 2012 holiday shopping season this year has taken many actions to prepare. More than half of the people said they are committed to the adjustment and improvement of search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon), 35% said they used it to strengthen the marketing. In addition, 33% of people said they are improving the visualization, by adding pictures and more features such as zoom, 33% of people said they are committed to improve navigation, 28% people to update the site search, to provide more relevant search results.

50% -74% online sales accounted for 20.2%.

75% -99% online sales accounted for 17.5%.

retailers also increased their website content, in order to promote sales. For example, 66% of respondents said they had Twitter feeds retailers into their website, 62% have blogs, video into 59&. By the survey of the most popular retailers plan to add the content of guidance information (35%), blog posts (27%) and online video (25%).

has interviewed more than 2/3 retailers or a mobile commerce site or plans to launch this year a. 41% of the surveyed retailers said they plan to set up a mobile commerce site, 35% said they already have one.


when it comes to focus the next year, the most popular answer is to improve the site search, 22% of respondents say. Followed by the search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) accounted for 17%, and accounted for 15% of mobile commerce.

started by improving Shanghai dragon and product promotion, to drive the holiday sales.

British retailer

Discussion on the relationship included page ranking priority and tree structure

The Blue Icon


through the computer resource manager, we can clearly to explain this problem.

why /sem/ would be in front of php-open.html? This time we need to know what is the tree structure, because the page ranking priority at this time there is a relationship with tree structure. We explain this problem through below:

.The ?


we use the computer, file directory structure is one of the most classic tree structure, through this structure, we can easily manage and index of directories and files.

?The domain name

folder is equivalent to www.xxxx贵族宝贝/sem/

phase and Shanghai Dragon

search engine rankings included page priority to remove weight factors, it is based on time according to your decision tree structure.

three, so how to improve the site rankings included page priority? "

file is equivalent to www.xxxx贵族宝贝/php-open.html

we see chart four URL, then they were included in the search engine, remove the weight factor, their ranking priority should be like? The correct page ranking priority order as below:

page ranking priority

subdirectory files in the www.xxxx贵族宝贝/about/.Html



two, search engine rankings included page priority: why is that the


often refers to the search engine rankings included page priority issues, in addition to the search engine is based on the page weights determine the page ranking priority; in fact, the search engine on the web site included page ranking priority also has a certain relation with the tree structure, tree structure is one of the decision factors ranked priority, then we the following example to illustrate the problem.

"my computer" is the equivalent of your www.xxxx贵族宝贝/

first website in the first row, I think that we should not have much doubt; because each site, the chain is the home page for the most basically, the weight is highest, so the home must be the first in line.

the correct page ranking priorities such as blue Icon:

, let’s first look at the following URL address, consider how they are on the search results page ranking priority order

Interpretation of the three major driving force behind the current rapid development of the domestic

will push two, Shanghai dragon industry relatively low threshold

if I asked what is the most popular online promotion way now? I think most of the webmaster friends will be answered in unison: "Shanghai dragon!" a little right, a few years in the country’s development can be described as the Shanghai dragon is fast, we can use the Zhao Benshan sketch a classic sentences to describe, that is "it was day, firecrackers, red flags fluttering, huge crowds of people". You may ask why this year to Shanghai dragon in the country how to welcome? The author on this issue of three domestic Shanghai dragon booster of rapid development.

very large

will push three, Shanghai dragon can bring to the site traffic target

practitioners continue to grow, indeed to the Shanghai dragon industry has brought great development, but the effect is also accompanied by obviously, due to the Shanghai dragon Er level uneven, resulting in excessive optimization of websites and Internet is flooded with a lot of garbage, repeated, meaningless information. So, here I want to remind the webmaster friends: everything should have a degree, so as to ensure the stability of Shanghai Longfeng to develop for a long time, not because of momentary interests due to the destruction of the Shanghai dragon industry.

Summary: with the Shanghai dragon

said Shanghai dragon industry entry threshold is very low. Not polite to say it will be as long as the Internet can type so you can set foot in Shanghai Longfeng industry, there may be many novice will think "Shanghai dragon is to be able to read the website code!", but do not understand the code we can also do a good job of a lot of Shanghai Longfeng, such as daily content site Links exchange site the update and release and so on, these are a Shanghai Longfeng necessary work, and these do not need what programming technology.

today we can find that most of the sites still rely mainly on traffic and search engine, especially in China, are basically dependent on love Shanghai, and we undertake to the website of Shanghai Longfeng the purpose of optimization is because the keyword of the website can get a better ranking in the search engines, and through the search engine huge traffic to the site, and then put the flow into the site of actual income.

in the circle in our grass root called grassroots webmaster. This part of the webmaster is to have dreams and passion, but could not afford to spend more costs. Shanghai dragon has become the bitter grassroots webmaster friends best assistant, only compared to the traditional promotion for less cost, and then spend more time and energy can be effective to promote their products or services, the first pot of gold a lot of grassroots Adsense are starting from the Shanghai dragon.

, a driving force behind the promotion mode of Shanghai dragon compared to other traditional, cost less


Analysis of Ma Shenzhen speech get free we will kill you

Ma Yun published on today’s Internet free speech in a speech practice, generally means on the Internet free approach is not feasible, such a practice is not sustainable, or persist after a period of time will disappear. According to Ma’s meaning, free is not consistent with the trend of the times, even if you do a free, would have been a big company to suppress.

Ma Yun issued a free speech in order to practice what

we know whether the Alibaba or Tencent, love Shanghai, the scale of the three companies are already quite big, occupies a big boss position in their respective fields, so far none of the companies can shake their status fundamentally. Therefore, they can carry out various free and pay in the conditions permit conditions or services to provide differentiated service for the user, if it is free to die, charging is the mainstream conclusion, so these three companies can come up with a very powerful example to prove this point, because they are doing service charges well, love Shanghai PPC, Tencent have game prepaid card, membership fees and a variety of diamond fee, and the Alibaba "

we look at business process under Ma and Alibaba. In the newly established Taobao, eBay is the largest commodity trading platform for merchants to collect and store expenses, Taobao rely on the name of free shop rent practices within a short period of time will be eBay underfoot, it can be said that the rise of Ma Yunhe Alibaba depends largely on the free practice. Is more than the same period of Ma, established with the Alibaba Internet Co also rely on holding free practice successful rise, including the Tencent, Shanghai love a large Internet companies, which became a free Internet industry trends.

Why did Ma Yun say ?

is a free to practice, and by Tencent, Alibaba and Shanghai love pressure, the same, since Ma Yun is relying on the free practice beat eBay has become the e-commerce industry big boss, so maybe Ma Yun will worry about the same happened in our example. Ma Yun is worried that one day in the future will be relying on the free practice and successful rise of strong opponents of competition, can make some remarks later entrepreneurs believe that the current and future Internet will rely on the practice of charging to work, so the comments in a certain extent up the role of confused people.

March 31, 2013. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and Robin Li three Internet heavyweights gathered in Shenzhen, to carry out high-end Internet leaders meeting. During the meeting, the three leaders have made their speech, these people’s speech is very exciting, which ma is published "ten years ago, Shanghai Alibaba, Tencent of love are very small, when we do free, all say this man wants to die, to see how he died. Today you think free, you want to die, Tencent, love Shanghai, Ali will help you die." Such remarks, the careful analysis of the comments under the ma.

After 90 entrepreneurs use the Internet to sell tea to see how he uses the InternetThe car suddenly

arrived in Xiamen, I ran a northern man is not to say, is a duck into the chickens, they say what I don’t understand what I say! What farmers can understand, then we’re pointing to this or exchange, not easy to talk to, because of not really understand, tea may not be what I want to be fooled.

with 6070 getting older, 80 and 90 gradually become the core members of the society. I am a standard 90 boys, began to engage in Internet work for 3 years, it did not graduate in the University of simple web site optimization, although not making any money, but to enjoy the joy of it. But the university graduation mean unemployment! This fully reflects our 90 graduate embarrassment.

venture capital frequently appeared in the automotive network

profit model is still a single

by coincidence, enter the Internet marketing army.

90 unique agitation, so I hesitate to throw into the big army

it is worth noting that, in 2005, the car just to get from the top domestic venture capital institutions Lenovo investment in the first round of investment. China’s auto network also gained support from Goldman Sachs in less than ten months after obtaining GGV funding.

a chance to go to the Internet to send resumes, to find a medical network marketing work, that is, to the hospital site optimization and promotion. This stay is two years. During a lot of things done, from the beginning of the editor, slowly to optimize the site, and then to the comprehensive promotion, and finally to the operation. During the period I met a lot of people and saw a lot of things. I was very grateful to those who helped me, especially the master who introduced me: the Chinese Academy of promotion, Mr. Kaka and my first director: Director of administration.

just last month, there was a bigger strategic share financing in the automotive Internet sector. Chinese largest automobile consumption community Chinese automotive network a senior said, the successful completion of financing with international famous investment bank Goldman Sachs Group as the representative of the SeriesB strategic investors shares, the amount of up to $25 million.

in many people have racked their brains, marriage, venture capital, while one person said, "no hurry", he is 80 entrepreneurs representatives, car home and bubble network CEO Li Xiang. He says it’s heavier now

why are VCs suddenly getting into the car network? The Chinese automobile network executives said, when the rapid growth of automobile industry met the rapid expansion of the Internet, the Internet car immediately become a "a gilded signboard attract many vcs".

< >

is not familiar with life, let me put on a pair of black eyes

business in my circle of friends is nothing, many friends have embarked on their own capital of the company’s road, and I have just started, I think I want to do something. Finally chose to sell tea.

graduated in addition to doing nothing, before doing a few small optimization station, but also because there is no time management, directly into the sh419 assessment period, it did not manage it, I play at home every day.

Li Bin said that BITAUTO itself clear profit model and has been in the industry scale industry resources, channel coverage is an important factor to consider in venture capital.

struggles and gets into the network army,

The recently, from the Beijing BITAUTO Mdt InfoTech Ltd hereinafter referred to as BITAUTO was informed that the just completed the second round of international private equity financing, obtained from a total investment of $10 million in the United States and Japan’s top venture capital institutions. The company chairman and CEO Li Bin said, with the help of international investment institutions of resources, BITAUTO will further consolidate the leading position in the new Car Buying information service market, while second-hand car and car business expansion.

network in the medical circle careless about 2 years, not satisfied with the medical network, is planning to do something, be fearless, after a few days of struggle, hesitate to submit his resignation, a month after I leave.

"now is the best time to venture capital Nuggets automobile Internet industry," car home deputy general manager Wei Shiqin believes that, on the surface of Chinese automobile industry is developing rapidly, but compared with the world, is still in the early stages of development, the turning point of the domestic auto market is in a seller’s market to a buyer’s market transition, the high growth of the market. Venture capitalists have been involved in the automotive Internet enterprise also need capital to grow rapidly, the two hit it off.

remembers talking to Kaka, a college extension teacher, who taught me a lesson. In fact, I also know, Kaka teacher to me when his brother see, is also angry, I consider not comprehensive, just a person went to Fujian.

reporter yesterday also learned from 51auto company, is committed to build the country’s largest second-hand car trading network 51auto also received AISONGROOVE in Japan China established investment fund management company Dragon Groove Dragon disc Business Consulting Co., Ltd. $5 million investment. In addition, the car home is in frequent contact with many venture capitalists, is one of the world’s largest car car network IT information media group CNET at a cost of about $10 million acquisition, car alliance network also won the favor of venture capital.

is the best time to cut into the car market?

partnership not to sell tea tea, exclusive nouveau riche not sell ah, a classmate in Fujian there has its own stores, but just do not line on the network, and talk to him about, did not expect it maybe he also rejected me, feel shy 10 days after the trip Xiamen.

Mobile Internet start-ups need to have the conditionsAnalyze the relation between website jumping ra

because of the instability of the entrepreneurial team, many examples of entrepreneurial failures abound. So, a team of unity is very important, he decided how far the venture can go.

There are too many hot money

moreover, it is also important to choose the field of entrepreneurship. Some data show that enterprise service class venture project is preferred by investors, and then the Internet financial projects, intelligent hardware field has begun to attract more and more attention.

shlf1314 Adsense has been doing for a long time, in the optimization can be a lot of effort. In order to improve shlf1314 Adsense revenue, has been from the layout of the page, advertising formats, advertising text and advertising fonts, such as many adjustments, each optimization has different harvest. Without optimization, the click rate of advertising is very low. After optimization, click rate can reach around 2%, and some even reach 6%. The ad rate is so high that some people worry that it will not be K. This fear is unnecessary, as long as you do not violate shlf1314’s advertising policy, even if you are 100% click rate is allowed, the key is what you have to make people click policy.

now a lot of people keep a close eye on search hot list, see what keyword flow is big, want to find a way to this keyword. In fact, the search engine is not stupid, advertisers are not stupid, they know the key of large flow, is worth the high price of advertising? No, do stand position, do not put things out of order, the influence of the ZhengZhan main content. Want to get better advertising revenue, summed up four words, really do stand. This article is from, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source.

if the choice of some popular entrepreneurial projects, looking for the investors may need to spend a lot of effort, it is better to find some of the popular project, the degree of concern will increase the success rate of entrepreneurship will be a little higher.

entrepreneurs want to move the Internet

team, the project has gone bad. In the choice of investors, do not think that as long as you can invest, you can find investors according to their own entrepreneurial projects.

it tells us that it’s important to succeed in a team.

many entrepreneurs don’t look for people they know well. They think it’s easy to start a business with a familiar person, because some problems don’t make a difference, and eventually even a friend can’t do it. I think that early start should find acquaintances with the formation of a team, only familiar with each other will trust, cooperation between each other will be better.

many people think that in the mobile Internet industry want to succeed in business, there is a good project can be, but I want to say a good project is far from enough. "Instant noodles," the online education platform had a very good idea, and is also recognized by the investor, is to invest, but because equity allocation problems make team discord, finally ended in failure.

on the market today, waiting for entrepreneurs to develop, but the venture is not blind, need to have the plan to have the goal, need to have some success, to make business success way of stability.

because investors are not just giving you money, they can also give you some help with technology or platform. Finding talent for investment is a big step to success. If you choose a hardware business, you can choose an investor like 360 or Jingdong. If you are selling a product, consider Alibaba.

many people will choose the mobile Internet business, because business in the mobile Internet now you can do a lobby, their entrepreneurial projects with investors about, investors can think, and then give you investment, you can start a business.

With the

makes another key case of Adsense, the advertising unit price. Even if you click rate is very high, but the unit price is very low, the income is definitely not good. For example, many people complain that the unit price is too low, basically around 1 cents. Such a unit price, and some people average tens of cents unit price compared to see who gains well. Click to click a dozens of others! So, do Adsense, do the advertising unit. What are the influencing factors of advertising unit price? I believe many people have published relevant articles, and I don’t want to repeat them. Now mainly want to share with the webmaster, website jump out rate and advertising unit price relationship.

, however, you need to have some qualifications to succeed in the mobile Internet business.

this business does not require their own investment, for newly graduated students, this business is the most convenient.

you may find that the website sometimes traffic suddenly increases, a page to a lot of visitors, but visitors come in quickly leave, that is to say, jump out rate is very high, at this time advertising unit price will drop sharply. This page, you still want it? No! Garbage flows do not resolutely meaningless traffic, because the bounce rate is too high, the serious influence to the advertising price, so as a webmaster, must pay attention to monitoring site traffic, if found the page out rate is too high, to find a way through this page to keep if visitors stay, best to delete, don’t let the junk flow drag you website.

Forever Wangzhuan small webmaster heartThe wind field for 20 years the brainchild of why he is willi

, Wang Gongquan’s talent came into play. In addition to poring over Mao Zedong biography, the rest of the time he is immersed in the classical poems, and is a help in Nanling gifted scholars and beautiful ladies of the Central Avenue Yinshizuofu, Wang Gongquan quickly became the object of a bunch of girls love.

from the age of 6, Wang Gongquan was fascinated by the ancient poetry, home, poetry, The Four Books and the Five Classics all classes of authors are he searched, age of Shouxiang Leiyan, unexpectedly Speechless condensate swallow "graceful faction very yearning.

1961, Wang Gongquan was born in Jilin Gongzhuling in nine that is a sub village, four, fifty households, small beautiful village of less than 500 people. 50 meters away from the village, a river quietly flowing for hundreds of years.


1984 was the most sought after age of intellectuals in China, and the brilliant Wang Gongquan was quickly taken over by the government. 22 college students of Jilin Province as the exceptional admission, he entered the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department in August of that year.

just four years, Wang Gongquan has become China’s venture capital leader in the field. That a few years, Wang Gongquan home is a post, and the rivers and lakes in the flow of people, such as Lai, Wu, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei and so on are regulars.

‘s father is the local primary school life diligently. Fourth Wang Gongquan inherits the advantages of the father and the mother never yield in spite of reverses, doping unwilling to the present situation of the blood.

Wangzhuan but so few kinds, rely on advertising by traffic, on the goods, by technology, a word is selling a little feel shy, ugly, whether you sell what is the ultimate aim is to make money, to achieve the purpose, fill the stomach. Well, I don’t have to sell traffic; traffic did not sell advertising, who buy? To sell the real goods, online sellers than a kill Meng, not the kind of ability and others. Finally only technology, then sell technology.

can be said that in the nine Ju Zi Tun Wang Gongquan had no worries, fears of childhood. The day after, he also did not forget to return home after achieve success and win recognition, has invested hundreds of millions of households, to build a solar greenhouse, help the villagers out of poverty.

just came off, and walk away and leave, doing technical station, very funny, then do a hacking site, every day was black, and was made a peer tutorial, what to stand on a piece of hand, but also brought me a lot of popularity, ha ha. I digress, feel shy! with the flow, but for Wangzhuan or so strange, but the concept is the kind of thought is very high that, on other work station is not a matter, to have to rely on their own, traffic flow is white. It was 2003 when.

later, the students also began to do the whole station, union, at a time that a day for Internet cafes, each point to a few dollars, the cost of Internet access is not enough when the Internet is 3 dollars per hour, oh, but that is the first happiness within, Wangzhuan concept.

he is a businessman with half a literary man. As a scholar, wrote "the most hated world tired fame, only a piece of your eternal love" who, more dare to abandon Confidante jiangshan. As a businessman, he has been the leader of Feng Lun and Pan Shiyi. He has been honored as a teacher by Zhou Hongyi, and has accomplished numerous commercial legends, such as the Chinese people’s court and the Chinese front courtyard. He is Wang Gongquan.

For four years at

unfortunately, the following ten years of Cultural Revolution completely destroyed Wang Gongquan’s literary dream. Until the age of 15, the king’s public power can only be transplanted in the fields with the scorching sun, which is a despair that can not shake off the fate for generations".

fortunately, from 1976 began to resume the college entrance examination, 4 years later Wang Gongquan in one fell swoop from Gongzhuling one was admitted to the Jilin polytechnic.

Oh, to provide website scheme for others is also good, now work much better than a month down, thousands of pieces of very easy enough, but also enjoy life. As a webmaster, millions of people a little bit more at the station waiting for when they become another miracle is not the other way to think about

and I wish all the same small webmaster Xinxiangshicheng!

later because of various reasons, stop, domain names have been turning to other local space business indefinitely.

in the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department for 4 years, Wang Gongquan day and night studying Marxist Leninist classics. It is said that 3 volumes of more than 2000 pages of "Das Kapital" will be turned over four or five times a year. In 1985, Wang Gongquan brewing for 2 months, to write an essay "on the distribution of great momentum with Mr. Marx". However, the article hasn’t been modified yet

how do you say, when the school spent a summer vacation time first made their stand in the school room, the static page is a do it, then there is no concept of money, is a hobby, it was 2000 when.


in 2007, and started the entire station of its own, it is a movie station, on the Internet server, a day at the station flow up, going to advertise, because the noisy copyright station was K. Did not make a mark, push nearly a year of station abortion. From out of the cafe to do a download station, but estimates, to buy the bandwidth and the server, the money can only look at the station. Flow, no money and no two on the service unable. Is this meditation think of how to live, and then can not afford to marry a wife.

Venture capital talent strategy into the cold mode to keep people from poaching strategyInternet ent

reporter learned that, facing the adjustment, many industry insiders said this is not a bad thing, venture capital institutions will pay more attention to personnel training system, pay more attention to provide value-added services for enterprises, establish a more benign investment chain.

said that the socialization of electricity providers will have to talk about the beautiful and mogujie these two stations, the concept of social electricity supplier, but also because of these two stations have gradually been recognized and concern. So far, the beauty of registered users exceeded 15 million, this is a huge user base, so proud to achieve results, they have spent a short two years. The same is true of mogujie, whose users cover all sectors of China, women and girls who prefer online shopping, from senior high school students to office workers, from white-collar workers to housewives, who come from every aspect. Since I’m going to choose this industry, where do I cut in? What are the user groups? How to fix these problems has been bothering me,

raising talent worth rose

1, industry selection and Prospect Analysis

a year ago, "missing person" almost is a common phenomenon in the venture capital industry. In particular about the "human sea tactics", "go, go to the venture capital" became a popular language.

however, this year, the macro economy is facing greater downward pressure, the venture capital industry had started to adjust the pace of investment. In July 11th at the twelfth session of the Chinese venture capital and private equity investment in the mid forum ", the Qing Branch Group Chairman Ni Zhengdong said that in the first half of this year, the private equity and venture capital investment industry PE/VC were significantly decreased.

today, a review of the year before, can not help but lament the brutal market. Data show that the first half of this year, PE raised many difficulties, the whole industry total incomes fell by nearly 8, the current situation is the worst financial crisis after the outbreak.

the cold of winter, although the venture capital institutions has shown a trend of redundancy, but still lack of fund-raising talents. From the private bank and trust company and master the fund-raising channels by hitherto unknown talent sought, or they can get millions of dollars in salary, or can obtain up to 2 percentage points in the prospectus Commission plus long-term dividends.

according to their own preferences with several years of experience in the industry with the Internet, we can select the right entrepreneurial social business this year noisy very hot. 08 years into the Internet industry, done forums, done portal, did picture station, compared to individual entrepreneurs, technology and operations are slightly simpler, better than traditional forums I fear the forum. The main users of social electricity providers are all female, and mogujie, beautiful, casual and drag network are typical representatives of it. Promotion, more clear goals, and promotion of more ways, and this is also an important factor in my choice. Social electricity supplier from birth, its positioning is young women, shopping guide nature of social networking site function is to power providers to dredge traffic. Data show that mogujie brings Taobao 800 thousand -90 per day traffic, 5 million turnover, from the Taobao open platform received 10 tens of thousands of commission. It calculates that 150 million of the transaction will be generated each month – and that the total turnover of Taobao’s open platform in 2011 is only 3 billion. Women love shopping and social love, so that the combination of the two, so the achievements of the social electricity supplier. Visible, social electricity supplier website is quite large, in a short period of time, the emergence of a lot of such stations. Where to cut in, however, is a problem.


2, looking for market segments, accurate cut into

after careful inspection and analysis, I locked the group in college girls. There are nearly 1000 universities in China, and girls in Universities

"investment institutions talent shortage, one of the most main reason is the mechanism of the fund’s scale and the increase of business expansion." Hit group analyst Feng Po frankly, with the establishment of the new and old Everfount fund fund two and three funds need more talents. Statistical data from the hit group shows that in July 2011, Chinese PE/VC investment market is only 20 including first completed funds to complete the prospectus, a total of $3 billion 123 million.

was in good market conditions, many organizations active in the layout, but also causes "missing person". It is reported that the traditional PE or VC, generally only in Beijing and Shanghai set up two offices, some foreign currency funds will choose Hongkong as the office. For the project, we talk about the project, and even grab items, it is "fast, accurate and stable", select the distribution throughout the country on behalf of the PE/VC mechanism which directly makes more and more.

It is reported that the current

, multi-channel fund-raising has become the common choice of the PE, because of repeated commitment of funds is not in place, those who used to be considered LP limited partner mainstream group of rich people gradually favored by the local grassroots institutions PE, listed companies, investors, government backed financial funds more and more PE sought after. From the end of last year, PE/VC raised the difficulties, can.

everyone in the world is not the same, social experience, work experience, professional learning, interpersonal relationship and so on, so we choose the industry ready to start to choose their own love and the most suitable for their own industry, this is your business success is one of the most important chips, step by step wrong will be wrong. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, we need to do a lot of industry research and market demonstration, according to their own preparation, funds, team resources and other factors to determine the feasibility of an industry. This is the beginning of entrepreneurship at the beginning of the most important step, but also an essential step. The following is my own case of entrepreneurship, I hope that through my case will bring you help and inspiration.

Sharing the economy is really rental sharing, bike in the end is not authenticHow to make the 1000ip


is a shared economy, and the road to success in sharing bikes is $1

do GGAD site planning

first you do need to stand on your website source location, such as my sister goes to my site positioning is hanging GGAD then if high traffic after the later can get rid of acne or agent products, this position can let me in the beginning do stand, can have income as can I go on step by step, because all the People are hurrying to and fro. for profit, income you have more passion.


theme is very critical, he directly decided the GGAD unit price, now GG unit price is relatively high, I know there are, beauty, health, building materials, foreign exchange what?. I choose the anti acne acne belongs to the beauty or can be said to be healthy, the concept is vague, if you don’t know the topic if you are doing high can know by a simple method, that is you search your primary keyword in sh419, see if there are a lot of promotion, if it is also means the theme of sites within the GGAD price will be very high.

do GGAD site positioning

if the above 3>

2, sharing economy is long tail small charge economy, not deposit economy

sharing economy is a hot topic in current society. From the bike sharing just out of the public generally applauded, and later shared charging treasure, sharing the basketball, sharing umbrellas, beds and other social sharing has emerged, for the shared views of the economy has also undergone a variety of differences. What is a shared economy? There are also various interpretations. The viewer is called "within 5 years of the best business model", "deposit is genius"; the opposition as "public", "free", "authentic" and "leasing", but also Public opinions are divergent., this is not the only one. As a new thing, not excessive flattery, nor demonized. In order to avoid the emergence of a variety of "sharing" as a result of the economic share of mediocrity and entertainment, may wish to combine the facts of history and practice of China characteristic "boiled" to interpret with a simple and easy way, raising its essence, to avoid its dross, original qingyuan.

shared economy is also not the famous "free economy" before the Internet industry". In the market economy, the allocation of scarce social resources, especially the need to implement the principle of paid allocation. Just think: if the phone is in modern era, launched a free phone can play, then the network can take is on the one hand, busy tone will let you at the phone. The 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games has launched the "Huimin spree free subway", but so too crowded and had to give up in the subway. Two years before the Spring Festival tickets online is a long-standing problem, a big reason is that as a manager greatly reduces the refund cost, resulting in a lot of people buy tickets accounted for more than 20 of its convenient Shuabing pre ticket demand artificially enlarged several times lead to congestion is difficult to buy a ticket system. The free economy that transcends social and historical development is in fact the destruction of the price adjustment mechanism of the market economy, and often leads to the "dumping" consequences of relying on capital competition.

1, sharing economy is not public welfare economy and free economy

theme positioning, well done, then we need to do some articles on the design. Why? Because only be prepared to do the best, you need to do in the design of various parts of the GGAD position left out, you can see my acne site before I do stand has the location of each advertising planning well, for example, what position, size and content are all fully integrated. Only by doing so will your ad click rate be high.

may 1000IP master $7 is very few, but for the novice, it is not easy for me to do today, I share with you sister acne how to do the 1000IP $7 net, just like I got up at 5 in the morning the busy new friends as a reference, but also to eat large to narrow the gap between rich and poor, and earn more money, to provide some methods and skills. OK we look at the map, so that everybody says I said is not true, here is my yesterday Ggad income that, what data is absolutely true, there is absolutely no cheating

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do GGAD website theme

founder Hu Weiwei Mobell had made a speech: "if you fail, then as a public service," this one was self consolation, but was widely interpreted as public feelings. In fact, Hu Weiwei Mobell cycling, for the transformation of the traditional bicycle for more than half a year, such as intelligent lock design, modification of tires and axles are, in order to facilitate the charging and long-term operation to reduce the cost, if you just look at the public no need to reform. Including the fact that she did not expect a large area of man-made destruction later, it could only be said that when there was no effective regulation without any responsibility, the evil of human nature would emerge. The stage of historical development decided that before the Communist society was reached, it was impossible to share the economy with the public welfare economy.

Net tell the world liar, open advertising Union, everyone come in to seeAbout all the chips, entrepr

, www.netgoo, > >

Return on Change company founder and CEO Sang Lee said: "now many people who just started to start thinking that all financing to raise this approach allows them to easily obtain funds for entrepreneurship. However, in fact, all the chips need entrepreneurs to do more homework, and entrepreneurs also have a strong support network in order to successfully complete all the chips. To paraphrase the old adage, "there is no such thing as a free lunch."."

originally did not want to send, but see above that brother’s post is really angry, cheat, do not know how many webmaster’s hard money

Optimize Capit>

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query results 3: Capital Normal University in Beijing Kede College

main data: Beijing Tietong

ip138 IP query search for the geographic location of the IP address

carefully select a platform to raise the public

query results 2: Beijing Tietong

query results 3: Capital Normal University in Beijing Kede College

lead: even if you do not have the intention of all the chips now, you should start to raise the industry to understand. All the chips are the major financing options for the future, and all founders should be aware of it.

now, when we browse the Internet every day, we can see that there are new enterprises in the congregation to raise the site to complete the financing target. In so many successful experiences under the stimulus, many entrepreneurs are beginning to think that Kickstarter raise public website can help them more easily get valuable funds, as long as there is a good idea, you can all the chips on the site to start a business trip. But the reality is that the financing is not as simple as you think. When you see a lot of entrepreneurs in the congregation to raise the site to get the money at the same time, in fact, there are more companies did not successfully complete the financing target, but the media does not report these enterprises only.

platform to raise public purpose — to help entrepreneurs on the Internet to find a lot of donors or investors, entrepreneurs and much-needed funds obtained from them — but not all platforms are the same, each platform has its own feature, you need to choose carefully. If you just need a small amount of money, you can choose Kickstarter or Indiegogo. However, if you need a million dollar level of investment, then some of the transfer of shares to raise public platform will be more suitable for you. If you are more interested in the latter, there is a very important things you need to keep in mind, that is before the start of the project to raise the public to raise the platform as much as possible the study and comparison, find the most can meet the one you need.

main data: Beijing Tietong

about all the chips entrepreneurs should know a few points of attention


query results 2: Beijing Tietong

, www.unionbig, > >

, my little station,

whether you want to get the product by pre order a small amount of money or want to get a lot of money through the transfer of shares, in preparation for the public to raise the project process, you will encounter many challenges and sudden unexpected. In order to help you better cope with these challenges, four executives from the public platform to share with us their respective experiences, hoping to help entrepreneurs improve their probability to complete all the chips.

Although all of the

Website station banner ads 10 yuan chillingADSENSE killer — new ad platform PPP on line

from the online game industry to develop intermodal quality that day, the small media and personal Adsense on the online games market excluded

The form of

PPP also has a system similar to the shlf1314 AdWords and shlf1314 AdSense. But the difference is that PPP can make each website traffic into income. The flow have income. The webmaster for the publisher of PPP, and then get a similar shlf1314 ADSENSE code. The code on your website and when someone visits your site, PPP will start playing a 5 second audio advertising. Then you will have the process of income. It is so simple. But the advertisement in February 1st 08 listed. Only support English station, but Chinese station can now apply for.

starting alliance, Zhang Yi said: "at present, CPS is the mainstream form of most companies want to do, they believe that the proportion of this money into them, they are more secure.". But they did not expect, personal Adsense a month in accordance with CPA, CPC, CPM form, a month can earn ten thousand yuan, if in accordance with CPS less than 1/3. CPS will worry about guiding the user consumption, as a webmaster or media, who will not choose to simply cooperate, nothing to do CPS find guilt? If the final can not be, then lost more.

joint operation lets the share of online game market rise quickly, let the user’s utilization rate more accurate. However, you may not want to lose him as this gets more, since the joint operation mode into the media, every day in order to get into income, not only to the bottom of the user out of the community promotion, the establishment of a SNS mode, allowing users to experience two times. They were dazzled by the goal of more profits, and any valuable advertising was even digested internally. The media resources are gradually users of their products fully absorbed, even if the manufacturers do, advertising activities are basically gradually these vendors do things carelessly, as no effect of media.

online League is about to become "non mainstream"

The mode of

recently, more and more small media to survive have sale advertising, 100 yuan, ten yuan or even free throw and stunt in order to obtain survival in the online games market space. This kind of "non mainstream" online promotion result discovered 10 yuan advertising really chilling industry.

joint operation

Gain and loss of

we present common forms of online advertising are: CPA, CPM, CPC, PPC, PPL and so on. Recently, a PPP in the United States pay-per-play of the new advertising.NetAudioAds PPP Pay-Per-Play is a kind of audio advertising hereinafter referred to as PPP is a representative of.PPP which is based on voice2page Voice2Page is online voice tool, a very rich application through a variety of ways and means to record your voice, and released to the personal website, Blog or social network platform. The content can include everything to do, a sudden idea, an introduction to information, a simple PodCast, and even a presentation of goods on eBay. Users only need to dial a phone, you can automatically record voice messages, and then compressed into MP3 released to the specified page management and update is very convenient recording system to complete this part of the work of.


CPS collaboration is one of the most disliked forms of alliances. Because many alliances are made up of many personal websites. Users of these sites are relatively small, and stickiness is not high enough. If you rely on CPC, CPA, CPM and other forms, they complete the amount, you can get the cost. CPS belong to the post paid, if the partners are not up to the effect you will refuse to pay, some of them even deny that there are some small companies delayed until the collapse.

alliance is in recent years the development of the fastest promotion organization, they rely on the media alliance, stationmaster alliance and other forms of media personal webmaster website together with CPA Registration, CPM POP, CPC click and other services in the mode of online games company. However, with the online games market share gradually reduced, the effect is gradually Wangmeng game makers as invalid data. Thus, the Internet often take less than a single, promotion of online games market gradually deteriorated, CPA, CPM and CPS become "non mainstream" was rejected by major manufacturers. CPS consumer share has become the main form of cooperation that manufacturers have been following.

CEO founder of the Internet have started againDo personal website how to earn 6000 yuan a month

industry insiders believe that, although Ma resigned Alibaba CEO fought in the logistics industry, but also focus on e-commerce operation, to solve the payment problems, to improve the user experience, Ma logistics is next to "hoe".

but the horse did not relax, the intelligent logistics network layout is quite big, preliminary plans to invest 100 billion in the enterprise, including Alibaba, intime, Fosun, Fuchun, one of four links, SF, and investment institutions, banks and financial institutions.

before, in an interview with Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter, Ma had admitted that e-commerce is too tired. Now, there is still a major event Alibaba listed as a whole, the election at this time, resigned CEO retained the chairman of the board’s identity, the industry generally believe that Ma is to concentrate on the listing.

Ma resigned Alibaba CEO group, in the logistics industry, Jiayuan Gong Haiyan has not changed the network matchmaker "teaching". The life of CEO, the founder of the Internet, is the same as in the industry, which often changes over the years.

Gong Haiyan: the matchmaker change when the teacher

before Taobao has been selling clothing, but has no business, does not survive! Until they found a software: Amoy treasure shop, and then spend 20 yuan to buy a result, what we may think, I am not thinking how to use the software, but the software which come to him, then I that is another piece of heaven and earth, a cracked version of software marketing world, after I entered the ranks of marketing software crack, resolutely abandoned the dismal business of Taobao, entered the ranks of individual owners, at first just a few software, and is the best selling shop Amoy treasure, including personal website and Taobao the above are sold, at first light the software one day will be able to sell about 10, a 20 yuan, is 200 yuan, let me taste the sweetness I will try to through a variety of technology has found a large number of software Later, Taobao banned selling this software, I will put your attention on the website, did not think of it and did not let the business becomes poor, I took another way, is to recruit members to join the way, this has several benefits: 1. save server resources. Because part of the software or registration machine is a member of the next, so a large part can not be arbitrary, save a lot of server resources, that is, save a lot of space investment; 2. members join costs. This is a big part of the profits, a member of one hundred or two hundred, a few back to this, and now this software market is huge, as long as there is a certain amount of traffic, nothing to say, you can sell the software. 3. after-sales service. When the main retail before selling a software to a customer service, and all of them are repetitive movements, very tired, the efficiency is very low, then I accumulated to about one hundred retail customers, think it is not, because this software update faster, to when the update is hundreds of people at the same time can you upgrade, so slowly, after joining the main service!, as long as to customers open an account password, all other customer self-service, with the less than me, I as long as the customer service of video tutorials do, all can give the member


first began to recruit members, there are a few of my past retail customers to add members, believe they are smart people, found that this is a business, so quickly found me! There are members because of their computer software, see more, to add a member more cost-effective, can register more than one computer and can use a variety of software! These are smart people.

now the membership business doesn’t know how, >

from the beginning to buy a software, in just over a month and quickly become a software seller, this is to seize the opportunity! This is more than a month, the average day can earn 200 yuan, should not a member, not retail, are generally direct hit. But some customers do not trust you can Alipay deal, is to build a Taobao store dedicated to the payment link, it is the first time for cooperation, do not trust is also very natural


by the Alibaba insiders say, intelligent logistics network as a logistics platform for Taobao, the Alibaba responsible for warehousing, information systems, business docking and other infrastructure, to provide a unified service to one of four links, SF express.


is the rapid development in the century, the founder of CEO, "the first network matchmaker" Gong Haiyan at the end of last year to jiliuyongtui, announced the resignation of CEO. Second days after resigning, Gong Haiyan began his second venture and recruited employees for the 91 foreign teachers network. Now, Gong Haiyan’s title is 91, founder and chairman of foreign teachers network.

industry insiders believe that, compared to the traditional industries, the Internet business threshold is low, the industry develops fast, and subject to investors and other reasons, many Internet founder CEO, often actively or passively choose another way.

for the second venture, she thinks it is the same as the second love, "like the first time as inputs, in order to reap."."

Ma Yun: joint delivery logistics

I am

, founded 91 foreign teachers network, is also derived from my own experience, when the listing roadshow, because of poor English, I rely on the entire CFO translation, wasted a whole half of the time." Gong Haiyan told the WCC reporter, Jiayuan investor Xu Xiaoping has her investment in the project, Xu Xiaoping is one of the founder of new oriental.

on January 15th, Ma announced that he would no longer serve as Alibaba group CEO in May 10th. Ma Yun, 48 years old, in the Internet industry can be described as "old age", just when people think he wants to retire, but came news, he will join forces SF and other courier giants, served as chairman of the intelligent logistics network.

A tragic college student’s story of four years of entrepreneurshipExplore Web2.0’s classified inform


is also a web company, portal, and a web site whose content architecture is the editor in chief, and the decision maker for the classified information site is the product director. Perhaps this is a typical difference between the Web1.0 web site and the Web2.0 site. Behind it is Web2.0 website, in the strong desalination of Internet media features, the product can not be customized to restrict the effective communication between the site and Internet users. Or, this is why the domestic classified information websites mostly adopt the content, organization and page performance of Craigslist, but do not put forward the reasons why the so-called "Chinese classified information website". I do not know because of demand, there is no innovation, but to bring a good custom, is the other side of the ocean that the netizen "successful", "acceptable" products Tu altered.

is engaged in the exploration and analysis of classified information website has been more than a year, has been on the table is similar to the United States Craigslist standard "style standard template confusion website of domestic classification information unceasingly, perhaps this through intuitive judgments according to organizers independent information organization near science belongs to the field of classification + users, but for this form of standard presentation for Chinese people, personal doubt. In depth, the table style pages are only appearances, and simple organizational thinking is the root.

two, user group thinking inertia and repulsion

at the beginning of 2011 to regroup, do part-time college students during the vocation website network, home investment institutions to invest in us in the last meeting of the voting investment because I fancy moves, leading to investment wasted, I happened to other people in the partnership of significant events out of business, the business ceased abruptly, the loss of business out of five thousand yuan, mainly used for web development and server. It is worth celebrating that in the end of 10, during the final exam, I met my present girlfriend in the study room of the overnight shock test. In the period of duty network WordPress is also used to change a technology blog site www.icocker technology mainly because I love guests above technical articles, finally because there is no renewal and stop.

as a result, in the reality of the contact between the two sides, the establishment of communication between the 1 website editors easily and users, and get feedback, but the product manager for the classification of information website, which seemed to be too difficult, of course, the reason is not because the product developers did not have their own name, leave your site in each web page Tel or email, but between editors and users is significantly less than the distance between the current stage of product development and user distance.

2008, who kicked one thousand yuan a person came to the school in Beijing, began his four year career in beijing. Poverty in rural areas, tuition fees are national loans, living expenses is home to bring one thousand yuan.

comes from the difference of ideas.

in recent years, domestic mainstream Internet users in the vast amounts of information through commercial web portal, polymerization of plus advertising retained after the bombing of the concentration of the inertia of thinking, whether it can return to accept the high school curriculum table form? Chinese netizens who have increased by explosion have


2009 annual meeting of entrepreneurs magazine, encountered many Internet entrepreneurs ignited my passion for Internet start-ups. The year after, in the last 10 years in the March that the opportunity is found in combination with other classmates founded his group www.pengpengtuan group purchase website, website on-line from April until October stopped early, others are very interested to do later is always a person in my support, does not survive until October the turn off, this venture to lose ten thousand yuan and his girlfriend broke up as a price.

domestic website Craigslist structure reference error is: only do the needs research, and ignore the details of the analysis, directly copy the foreign product process.

this is a true story of a college student’s business. It mainly tells about the protagonist’s experiences in the past four years, and the owner of the story is me. This article is a memorial to entrepreneurs who have been in business for four years, hoping to learn some lessons from the friends who are starting their own business, and to be inspired by their predecessors, and to be inspired by themselves.

started the first day of college, and I was thinking how to earn one thousand yuan or more for one thousand yuan after one thousand yuan. In a third with the help of fellow students I started selling the Olympic Fuwa in school, students from a wholesale 90 yuan, the price of 130 yuan, the next month to sell more than 100 sets, this is my university for the first time earn 4000 yuan, then rampant, sell USB, Happy Valley tickets, tourist attractions tickets. Did the postgraduate exam agents, mobile family number, back dial and so on, accumulated about 100 thousand earned, in 2009, father suddenly ill, all used for medical expenses.


two Internet startups fail a great blow to me, thought of this period has also had some changes, then turn the idea into the graduate school and then rely on the number of study abroad at public expense. So in 2011 the beginning of December to review.

The difference between the forms of

personally think that the core Web1.0 website is the media features of Internet application, and the core of the so-called Web2.0 website is the tool features of Internet applications, which is the "platform", the former is a powerful advertising revenue model, and the latter emphasizes individual paying, value-added services is a typical proof.

requires three points problems: the contradiction between the operation of the product, a

Melon seed used car Yang Haoyong used car market heavyweight opponents have not yet enteredAnalysis

I’ve always felt that the best should be in the future. The first 10 years are the foundation. Every few years you will have some changes, and there will be more interesting things out.



eight, if your download site search weight and flow is not big, PR value 4 above, suggest to try to sell links to make money method.

at the beginning of 2016, with financing March, when Sequoia seeds get the lead investor Sequoia A round of $204 million 500 thousand, more seeds gave them painted an idea, that the future of the second-hand car should be in direct selling mode of C2C development, but this business model can go through, we need to prove. And Sequoia also agree with this direction, second-hand car is a very big industry, there may be born a ten billion dollar company, they feel that the melon seeds team is good, so they voted.

, a POP advertising for the station is quite a good choice of garbage has the advantages of direct download, through traffic to make money, shortcoming is the user experience and to download and install, do regular download station does not recommend the use of pop.

five, regular download station to do relatively large scale, you can also contact the monthly advertising business.

, seven, GG, sh419 and other content ads and various display, click type advertising alliance.

entrepreneurs tend to be like this, and when they do it, they never want to do it. If this can not be done, the project will not be approved at this stage, but at this stage, you go to any project, you can not guarantee it 100%, so I would not like to do what can not be done?.

six, joined 8844 and other software mall alliance to sell software services, but also software download station profit direction.

three, a lot of advertising alliance with all kinds of CPA software such as ZCOM, UUSEE, advertising, Pippi film, many download sites are used in this method is deception test link method more, software download page put a lot of CPA software or plug-in installation links to confuse users to download and install this. Methods the truth some immoral oh.

melon seed is still from 0 to 1 companies, although the valuation is high, but it is in the stage of the market is not the same. Fair to $1 billion valuation, has done 8 years, the business model has been very clear, but sitting on the new tuyere rapid growth. And the past year of melon seeds still proves our model is feasible.

four, put the plug-in installed capacity and CPA software are similar but also very different, because now many plug-ins are installed some things not to be divulged to computer users, or modify the browser settings, change the search account, traffic hijacking, dark Ming bomb, bomb, and even remote hacking, Trojans and so on, many plugins are antivirus and safety monitoring software, may be reported to poison at any time, not recommended to make money and even despise this selfish

for me, the biggest change should be 2015. That year has happened a lot of things, from the beginning of the fair market and 58 city merger to integration, and then by the end of the year announced to do melon seeds CEO. By contrast, 2016 was more pure, and I returned to a familiar rhythm. I might still be better suited to the high-speed running, constantly solving problems and facing the unknown future.

above is I have done software download station summary of money making method, welcome you at any time to exchange, explore the download station profit topic and exchange links. The village www.ancun the original 46829220, please indicate.

the village village for a long time do software download station, today with everyone together to discuss the software download site profit model, currently do download station is more, several common profit model usually has the following kinds:

I accept the melon seeds as CEO, and it’s also a natural thing. In the second half of 2015, I helped the team do the spin offs, and the capital winter came in September. I want to find another VP to pick up the seeds of this plate at the time, but when I go to help the seeds of financing, investors said that seed volume, then the valuation of hundreds of millions of dollars, if not we can not vote in the founder. Later on, I didn’t think I could do the melon seed CEO. If I were to do it, I would need conditions such as control, equity, and so on, and Yao Jinbo readily agreed.

two, then download the download Thunder, special chain, general per thousand to download and install the 4-5 yuan, this method is a good choice to make money before the station at present due to domestic users to download, thunder software high installation coverage and express software user experience is not ideal, so money is now download special chain not too easy.


first start the market, I more is being dragged into the battlefield, often in hindsight will realize that in fact, competition is very intense, so should do that might be better. When I was not ready, I was dragged into the battlefield or pulled into the ring. I just put on my gloves and started fighting. Suddenly someone blew my whistle and said it was over. You ask me this time the biggest difference, this time we will think more, think of the future will be more.

Never spectrum to favor IDG, set $100 million fund dedicated investment after 90 EntrepreneurshipThe

IDG in more detail and summarizes some characteristics of 90: a child, a small family based economic pressure, the pursuit of love, things; no collective memory, everyone has personal development; without patience, the pursuit of unique, and lonely desire to communicate.

/ Sohu, IT, Zhang Rui,

IDG yesterday announced a new $100 million fund, "IDG 90 fund", specializing in investing in 90 entrepreneurs, as well as around the younger generation lifestyle changes in demand for entrepreneurs.

-IDG cast the first 90 project "sing", the KTV service is a combination of online and offline, founder Yin Sang was born in 1992, the university did not finish school business, his tone is not small, "sing" and the old KTV system provider Lei Shi is the competition between.

if someone says the sky can not fall pie, who believe, but for China Internet at present, but many people believe what can fall, because the Internet is now in the "free lunch" than is. From the beginning of the classover to send a registered Sohu to send Apple pretty much ice cream, from the 8d8d to send mobile phone to send the car from Albemarle, Easy Access free "Southern Tour" to Ctrip supermodel together, from a A to the dark horse investment winner quiz quiz, each big website to attract attention is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong. Although the purpose of various awards activities, in the final analysis, is nothing more than propaganda sites, attract attention, but all kinds of activities, whether it is the mode of operation or the effect of activities are very different. The author divides them into six categories, respectively.

, a type of curry favour by claptrap

"sound bites" that cause people’s attention, "drama" is a public uproar, which become the object of public favorite. This type of award activity is the largest and most easily copied of all activities, and also the lowest level. Type of curry favour by claptrap prize to a large number of activities, too numerous to mention it or to create new styles, creative win, such as classover send apple, or to attract users to a large amount of prizes such as the eyes, Albemarle to cars, ChinaRen award house etc.. For Internet users, participating in such activities as long as there is enthusiasm, you do not need too much technology. Because of the simplicity and ease of operation of such activities, it is easier to attract Internet users. It is said that in the classover Apple delivery campaign, a student Internet users at most received a basket of apples. However, people who participate in such activities are generally registered for activities only, and it is not necessary to return to this website as soon as the event is over. Therefore, in addition to raising awareness and the number of registered users with water, the website hosting this type of activity will not be as good as the publicity. In particular, the second programmes, due to unfair competition factors, tend to fall into the air and attract complaints from Internet users. For example, the ChinaRen prize house activities once because of violation of the "Anti Unfair Competition Law" and the business sector has been ordered to stop, as it is create a great sensation of events, the organizers expected.

two, type of fishing.

is long term fishing, bait, which is a method used by most forum. Websites hosting such campaigns tend to lure users to their websites for a bit of incremental benefits. This type of activity is the most commonly used to score the winner of the Internet users, such as investment in building the best in all the land through the jifenzhi to each post in the forums, netizens scoring, according to how many points will be divided into users, guests and patrons of VIP levels, and different levels of users can enjoy various services website. This method takes advantage of people’s psychological characteristics and attracts Internet users for a long time

A born 90 years investment manager Zhao Zhiyuan

founder Qi Junyuan – enterprise collaboration software Teambition was born on 1990, during the university to start a business, the first medical cloud platform project failed, in 2012 began to cloud collaboration project management business, the launch of the Teambition, there are hundreds of thousands of users.

in addition, the international venture capital institutions such as Sequoia Capital, local fund such as ener Angel funds are eyeing 90 business groups.

, the youngest Zhang, was born in 1995 and took a year off at American University. He is now studying and consulting in china.

is very young, energetic, thoughtful, and rarely worldly." Li Feng, IDG partner, commented.

some time ago in the WeChat circle of friends burst red face adorable is a typical 90 business projects, founder of face adorable Guo was born in 1988, but most of his team members, as well as their user oriented, 90 main.

is not reliable, not idiotic, integrity, emotional…… "90" has always been posted on the outside world of various negative labels, but such a group of the oldest only 24 years old young people, is becoming a venture capital institutions keen investment targets.

, just last month, the school of enterprise magic founded the F90 magic accelerator, which provides financial support and mentoring services for innovative Internet start-ups under 25 years of age, idea.

those interesting after 90 start-up projects

Re original!! Day 3000IP is actually very simple2017 after half a year of venture capital circle sca

investment institutions, the morning venture can be said to be famous. In 2016, the annual investment meeting issued the 2015 best investment institution TOP50, and the venture capital came out first. The old driver of the venture capital industry has a unique vision and can always find the leading enterprises in all segments of the capital. From the point of view of investment performance, Luxuries delivery 8 years 50 times book return, Gigabit 6 years 30 times return, Huakai creative 3 years 8 times return, Rionlon 6 years return 14 times 4 times 3 years, Rio star returns, Gauss Baer 7 years 5 times the return…… As investment grows more and more into a technology, professional capabilities will emerge.

but no not heartless things, into more music "- in the first half of 2017, the venture capital market seems to have signs of recovery, I do not know who is falling in red blessing.

as VC institutions show on stage, Jingwei Chinese also not resigned to playing second fiddle. Whether in the early, middle or late stages of the investment phase, China has spanned all stages of investment and its activity is evident.

the most difficult winter, what venture capital institutions still riding

have such thoughts and worries, is an industry of small indeed fortunate, a natural expansion, we need someone to continuously pour cold water, in order to promote an industry to a healthy, otherwise it will go from one extreme to the other.

or flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum?

2017, the amount of investment from the point of view, fortune venture capital and the investment community China called Jingwei fighter: one is the number of investment enterprises IPO up, reached 13; the other is the most active investment institutions, investment events up to 43.

, build 3000IP website. suitable for beginners on the road

shortcuts, shortcuts, shortcuts!

aiming at 5 goals, regardless of no value, Ctrl+C! All the essences of China’s Internet are concentrated between these two keys. So, is human flesh added?

collection? Nonsense, of course, collection, not useful, useless. Don’t worry about whether it’s complete or not.

surface can then find relevant keywords, there will be a number of searches, in general, a representative of the search volume is 200. mm to three words are the most popular out,

copy all the other words down into your website. As for the pile. Pile technique is the eye of the beholder, is not discussed in this article.

, really cool TMD. After two weeks, then changed every 4 hours.

or flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum?

The wind blows strongly. the Yi River is so cold, venture capital companies will go never to return, this is the 2016 winter capital at the scene.

2017 investment direction: focus on sharing the economy, explore VR/AR

2017, the investment circle of Fighters: latitude and longitude, morning,


yesterday, GPLP Jun looked at the investment report in the first half of 2017, and couldn’t help but look forward to the second half of 2017.

in the first half of 2017, the shared economy was in full swing. In addition to sharing the originator, sharing bicycles, sharing electric cars, sharing umbrellas, sharing the rechargeable treasure, sharing basketball and so on, have spread like mushrooms everywhere. Sharing economy to the so fierce, after various fishing gold money, caused the industry most discussed is that this is a real dark horse?

in the first half of 2017, the shared economy was in full swing. In addition to sharing the originator, sharing bicycles, sharing electric cars, sharing umbrellas, sharing the rechargeable treasure, sharing basketball and so on, have spread like mushrooms everywhere. Sharing economy to the so fierce, after various fishing gold money, caused the industry most discussed is that this is a real dark horse?