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To open or not to open is a question a reflection on community openness and closure


is open or not is a headache for the community.

is open to users and to increase traffic, or to the community’s quality and continue to maintain a relatively closed environment, this means not only the difference between the two kinds of business and the mode of development and discussion, is a different user management and content production, maintenance thinking on.

for a relatively professional community, its location and the target user is more professional user group, which determines its audience to a great extent only may be outside the mainstream of minority groups – which often means high quality and truly creative, then to the community, significance and the value of them open and where is read more

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The experience of a disabled stationmaster

one, profile

Taiyuan huayitong Customer Service Co., Ltd. was founded by Song Weijun Song Weirong, the disabled disabled siblings, common management, specializing in network information, telephone information and psychological counseling and community home service enterprises.

Since its establishment in 2000,

company has developed rapidly. In the past 4 years, the company has started from 20 thousand yuan, with an existing registered assets of 1 million yuan. There are over 50 disabled people, laid-off women workers and unemployed young people in the community. The number of disabled employed persons is 33%. read more

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Talking about the development experience of lucky 28 station

at the beginning of last year, fortunately, the 28 station began to fire, I played in a few famous 28 stations for a while, put in a lot of money after the idea of doing their own station.

did the movie station as a foundation, began planning to work on how they are profitable to do so, what channels over a month, do not study don’t know study jump ah. I according to their agents in Taobao sales records, I preliminary statistics, the monthly income of more than about 100000 yuan, this is not advertising revenue and exchange prize difference, this more firmly I determined to do 28 stations. read more

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Webmasters need a smooth and positive attitude

attitude is everything. Attitude is important regardless of what you do. As far as the website is concerned, there is a kind of attitude. Every stationmaster has a ruler in his heart.

as a grassroots webmaster mentality for everyone is very important, what kind of mentality to make you what kind of life and career later?. What kind of mentality does a station have, and what will it be like?. Run the web site with the mindset of a garbage station, and your website will be a garbage site later, and vice versa. read more

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Station master, a new idea for website construction

in May, the soldiers failed to go to Shanghai to see the Expo, but they were still more concerned. I saw a news in the news today that "the city must be constantly developing and improving". After reading a lot of feelings:

the theme of this article is: "the city solves the problem, also creates the question, the city must unceasingly develop, consummates, this can let the life be better.". The essence of a better city is that it is more capable of giving equal opportunities to the weak." Soldier itself is doing a website, thereby associate to website construction. Are there any experiences that they can learn from each other? Can you draw some ideas about the development of websites from urban construction? The soldier will discuss with you today: read more

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Some ideas about movie websites

first declare: I am a novice, expert, please go around,


first praise your own website: www.chayufanhou.com net based updates in at leisure, every day on the Google today finally gave me the website weight, is now a total of the pr=1 better than =0

, ha ha!

I started at leisure network be included in Baidu music, then do not know why Baidu took me to K. Is quite sad, but also do not want to give up this domain name has been used, has been updated this, and now Google began to give me weight. I don’t want to give up, read more

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Who says PR has nothing to do with Baidu’s collection

I don’t write soft text, but this time I have to talk about this concept. Everyone thought PR was the standard of GG, and his role was limited to the rankings when GG was included. But this time, I inadvertently an experiment, but found that this is far from the truth, PR not only have an impact on the GG included, Baidu also has an impact, but not small.

, you can first look at the site http://www.linghangbd.cn, this site is a pilot training before the entrance of a local agent domain name, called pilotage Baoding, I was through the registration. read more

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The home of stationmaster net stationmaster has you, have me, also have him

daily work, open the webmaster webmaster nets learning experience, experience, promotion planning and other programs! As a small webmaster, there are nearly two years! There are some feelings and want to discuss the webmaster, do stand really hard now. Harder than before. Because each big stationmaster is studying ceaselessly, progress ceaselessly, the website is popularized, the respect such as the website makes money, current topic is intense also should count wind and momentary seo. The owners are looking at the face of Baidu talk, included is difficult, perhaps you are lucky enough in a few days you feel pleased with oneself, included, in Baidu keyword do first, such as Baidu update, even without a trace, we started in the depressed, the first pain, always linked with money flow now, I am more aware of all that traffic is king, but I also adhere to the owners to the content is king. May until today have not updated method can anyone could catch Baidu! The word SEO is derived from abroad! So far really understand SEO read more

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Ten steps for new web site growth

keynote: tell Baidu what I’m standing for. I stand keywords, tell Baidu, we stand is thematic station, the more specialized the better. All content is centered around keywords. Tell Baidu the unique, innovative original of this station. Let Baidu know your station has the latest information, let Baidu pay attention to you.

good standard: Baidu is a good 123

steps two: do a good station, maintain a good station; promote a good station;

does the whole process of a station: host, domain name, program, website content, website structure… The next step is to tell people what your website is for. read more

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Product design principles three perfect after on-line

then go to the first two articles on product design principles. This week, write third articles: perfect and then on-line.

when we complete a product planning, design, development, testing, the last thing is to launch the product to face our customers. But when to launch the product, there is an important principle: the function, details of the deal to do properly, ensure that there is no case, and after several tests, looking for a number of developers and target customers for large-scale online, make sure no visible problem, then the appropriate release of scale. Given the scale of the beta, then the product was officially launched. read more

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The film website Jianzhan experience with new friends to share

Baidu has been included for 3 days, it is too late to start to hit me, 3 days, many illusions, 3 days later will be disappointed a lot!


2 months, saw a lot of things, learned a lot of things. Also very tired, not enough time to rest, the original summer vacation is so


at night, when bored to see some of the so-called masters to write things, after their own operation, only to find that we are so good to cheat!


just do it 17TVB free TV theater http://www.17tvb.cn/, looking for the connection, they know their identity so find something to do for a few months the station to connect, rebuffed everywhere, their IP is 300 to 400, I tried to put on his face, still be they down! The original network and is a kind of bird life read more

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Nine suggestions for website management and SEO optimization

1, the total station as far as possible to generate static, such as. Shtml,.Html,.Aspx, and so on, and if you do not have a server, you can try to generate analog static.

two, keep content updated every week, at least not less than three.

three, add in station keywords, general website system background; news management this item has this function. The key words added are of course related to your website and are often searched by search engines.

four, adding a news at the same time, it is best to add relevant news, so that the site’s internal chain is very good. read more

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There is a realm called do website


to contact the computer, is relatively late, at the beginning of the new century and the computer only once. When I first came to Xi’an to study in college, I saw people watching the keyboard typing, and the speed was incredible. When I saw QQ’s small penguin flashing, I felt the network was so good. At that time, in all this world not seen are so curious, curious to wonder at the university that special environment, learn the only online chat QQ (of course, later learned to play CS chat). For the next few years, CS has been used for the purpose of surfing the Internet and turning on computers. read more

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Zero line the most heavy takeaway website

"zero line" originated from an online delivery brand in Nanjing, serving mainly urban white-collar workers. Different from Amoy little hungry, easy to wash food and takeaway ordering website, zero line out of a different route: the website is not only a catering business yellow pages, not only the self delivery team, will provide a series of solutions for restaurants. CEO Wu Hao hopes to catering enterprises electricity supplier.


website was launched in June 2012 and now covers three cities in Nanjing, Suzhou and Shanghai. In the coming year, it will expand to 10 major cities in the country. More than 30% of the order conversion rate, 45% of the repeat purchase rate, 15%, 20% of the monthly growth, nearly 40% of mobile terminal orders and other indicators, indeed, so many investors at the moment. By the end of last year, they received A round of Sequoia Capital Investment, angel investors have invested in the way cattle Network Gobi investment. read more

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Decryption cosmetics industry big data era beautiful truth

big data is a good thing, big data is a bad thing. Cosmetics are good things, cosmetics are bad things. It depends on who is using it. How do you use it?. If big data make people deep, ice is bad.

, but if big data turns the cosmetics business into deep ice, it’s a crime. Today, we have a case with the cosmetics industry for many industries a large data cure disease.

big data circle

said the whole world is in big data, there are some data things, people call it crown on the big data, it reminds me of the story of "yegonghaolong". Many people may have been fascinated by big data for a long time, but when big data really comes to you and comes to your business, you’re terrified and helpless. This is the lord. read more

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A letter from an entrepreneur

"on the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is more naturally, several reasons, some people are due to have in order to survive on the road of entrepreneurship, there is a lot of money to go on this road, one is for the ideal in order to prove their worth to go this way, of course admittedly, some people are born when the boss of the material business.

do not venture, once the entrepreneurial vision of beauty, it seems that as long as the walk this way, life will be able to immediately change, you can become a Zhang Ruimin, in a very short period of time, Ma, Shi Yuzhu, flying, the ideal is very beautiful, but the reality sometimes and you do the opposite, entrepreneurship in the process of the wind and rain will sometimes break your dream was reduced to fragments, in the most difficult times, you may be on the street and the beggar had nothing, even as they, at least they can justifiably beg, and you see an acquaintance to want to take a detour, how many times, in when you are lonely, you poor, in the worst career, locked himself in a corner of the city house, a person just meditate meditation in the past, now and in the future. Why, why give up failure, work and treatment of superior justice without hesitation to entrepreneurship, distant parents, although have a long time not to give parents a call, every time the parents call me to weave some white lies let them a little worry, miss have girlfriend, though no contact has been for many years, although it is because there is no success is down to her unfeeling, but always think of these, my heart is still not the reason of a burst of heartache, although that is very strong, salty hot tears or can’t help in my eyes. read more

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Xi’an university students filled with pride, the company declared bankruptcy 9 days later

‘s opening of the flower basket has not yet been withdrawn, and Shu justice’s company has been held up for 9 days because of the shortage of funds, and

has been declared bankrupt

senior pointed out that, when faced with difficulties on bankruptcy, a little exaggeration,

opened flowers still blooming, but only 9 days to go, the company declared bankruptcy". Yesterday afternoon, in the face of media lens, Shu justice has an endless taste.

was confident when he started his business, read more

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Misunderstanding of Internet Entrepreneurship

in A5 is also made for several years, there has been no opportunity to post, recently because of the company in recent years has been doing at present popular development, and therefore the group purchase auction system, also contact with a lot of entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs to exchange a lot, here today to express their views, opinion, although not what summary thing for entrepreneurs, but I hope it will help. First of all, for reference purposes only, ha. Summarize the pitfalls of selecting projects for Entrepreneurs: read more

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How to choose entrepreneurial projects before starting a business

how to choose entrepreneurial projects? Especially for those who have never had an entrepreneurial experience, this is indeed a very critical issue, because the choice of error means failure. Choice of entrepreneurial projects is nothing more than two aspects to consider, first, there is a clear entrepreneurial project objectives, the second is not yet fully clear entrepreneurial project objectives.

read more

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Subway has advantages

Chinese fast food taste good, consumers love while facing a health problem is obesity. Improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to how to eat to eat well, how to eat to eat healthy, rather than three high, obesity and other health problems. One of the disadvantages of fast food is that. However, there is a fast food brand will handle this contradiction is very good, it is Subway.

wants to continue to attract consumers to fast food, delicious is the only proper course to take. In the United States, many people equate low fat with bad taste, while Subway first wind, the exclusive launch of a low-fat sandwich. In 2000, Frederic received a letter, a mother said his son often takes Subway low-fat sandwiches for the staple food, the results of a year after weight reduced from 193 kg to 88 kg, the mother has written a letter of thanks thanks to Subway. Frederic seize the opportunity to immediately " not all fast food will be obese " advertising publicity, making Subway’s reputation and business. read more

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Underground venture unspoken rules

in today’s society, people are constantly looking for business opportunities, but also the pursuit of a variety of shortcuts, whether it is the office workers or actively pursue entrepreneurs. Today’s underground entrepreneurship has become a major urban wind direction, for those who want to start their work, underground entrepreneurship is also a good way to accumulate experience. However, at the same time, while taking into account the work of entrepreneurship, with two purposes is inevitable, but do not violate the laws and regulations, does not violate the commercial standards, does not violate the ethics of these three criteria, abide by the unspoken rules". read more

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Pack adult steamed stuffed bun

steamed stuffed bun shop can also make different features? Why not, as long as you dare to think, you dare to choose this project will be suitable for you


package is a feature of adult steamed buns, porridge, noodles, with nutrition Steamed Jiaozi and pasta based professional chain buns brand, its unique formula, unique technology, mixed taste, become an independent school in the breakfast market. So pack adult steamed stuffed bun to join you,


pack adult buns to join you

pack adult steamed stuffed bun has the following advantages: read more

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