Registration review is not necessarily a bad thing for the stationmaster

Since the

from the beginning of last year, the Internet campaign vulgarity cleanup campaign, the closure of 140 thousand illegal sites, inspection provinces website record rate reached more than 90%, the accuracy rate of the record information can reach more than 80%. Many of the friends of the site has been varying degrees of impact, some have been closed, and some of the records have been revoked, and my own two non filing sites are also among them. Many webmaster friends just shouted down with intense emotion. But personally, I think it is not a bad thing to increase the censorship of websites. In fact, it is a good thing for many webmasters who want to make their websites bigger and stronger.

: in today’s Chinese, many webmaster for instant success, garbage station, large gathering station, yellow site, site is more than the customers can not be more, Chinese Internet environment has deteriorated to a point. Search engine search a problem, out of the same content, different articles are pseudo original, simply do not understand. Such a website has no help for users and closes it. Search engine search volume is basically so much, these sites are less, do well station webmaster, to the flow also more, good web site will be better and better. Similarly, the garbage station is less, users use search engines to search something more valuable, to save time and energy for the user, the user of the search engine more trust, people will become more and more, owners will benefit from it, this is a virtuous cycle.

two: because there are a lot of meaningless websites filled with them, I hope our network environment can be a little cleaner. Our website advertising alliance click on the unit price of the poor, one click only a few cents, many owners had fought overseas websites, including the Google advertising alliance even on China website particularly demanding requirements, the website is apt to be K. In foreign countries, the advertising alliance has enough revenue to support many sites, and does not have to look for more profit models like we do every day, so we have more energy to maintain the website. The most common profit model for websites is to advertise people, clean up a large number of rubbish websites and purify our network environment. In the long run, it is undoubtedly a good thing for the webmaster to complain.

three: many webmaster from entering the webmaster at the beginning of this industry, contact is to collect, tasted a little sweet, after that is continuous collection, acquisition and collection, a collection station bigger and stronger. Some webmaster in hand with millions of data acquisition, life is just a state of food and clothing, flow all from search engines. Do the early acquisition, it is not a bad thing, but a collection is not long, the collection station, the attention on the other aspects of the profit, to make our webmaster think, these owners grow mature, more creative, more original, better user experience, will own the site as a business to do, ten acquisition station as a boutique website, to provide users with useful information, the user has the price.

Personal network development thinking

network development today, it is a hundred flowers bloom, variety, a variety of sites abound. Among them, personal website in the "vast station sea" can be described as "half of the country.". In this, many will come and go, but is often a sea station personnel, when there is a new station to be eliminated! So, as personal webmaster, development should have the mentality of how to keep the site, how to make money? How to operate the


, I think, as a webmaster especially personal Adsense in at the beginning of the site must ensure that the cautious attitude, must not be too optimistic, do not want to earn much money, want to look a little further, estimated to be some bad situation. Because the site from the promotion to the flow, to produce influence, and then to make money, need a natural cycle, so as not to let you disappointed ahead of schedule, thus ending in advance. I have a net friend to see other people build a website (local door), oneself also resigned, made one. In the initial operation within 2 months I played N telephone, asking why again and again, why flow, why not as good as others, although I also N once told him to have patience, patience, anything is not easy, but he is still worried as the same everywhere doctor. But in the third months, I didn’t receive his phone call, and finally QQ also closed, so he was too disappointed, he closed the site, and that is the result. I personally think that to do the station is popular, but not necessarily for anyone, but can not rashly without the economic basis, action, if you want to do can do part-time, so that both the economic source, and can engage in part-time network running flow, it is slowly. When the time is ripe, concentrate on doing better.

secondly, I always think that the economic value of the website itself is limited, especially the local gateway. The main income, the biggest is advertising costs, registered membership fees, site or join the online shop, etc., but these revenues are very small, and the competition is very fierce, it is not worth us to Bo, to pay. If we want to make money, we must rely on other industries bundled sites, at least the site is our propaganda positions, is the platform, with publicity positions, with a platform, I still worry about what?

furthermore, I suggest that personal websites be added to websites for identification or authentication (such as web security, thousand degrees, etc.). These certificates are easy to pass, basically register one into one, and also issue certificates and signs. Why do so, the purpose is nothing more than one, that is, to increase the influence of the site. Because the Internet users really understand its significance is not many, as long as the certificate, certification, feel good, but also to the website increased a sense of trust and a sense of accomplishment. To put it plainly, I can’t understand, but at least I can’t understand it. After all, the Internet users really understand the absolute minority,


above is a personal part-time site 1 years of experience, and I hope to share with you.

my website

Webmaster voice e-commerce era, let us be more pragmatic

, I’m not a webmaster, I don’t understand the program, and I haven’t done any websites. Know Admin5 or the introduction of a good friend just know, gathered here most of the domestic site friends. Read a lot of articles, but also with some of my ideas written out of the impulse.

I was in the Taobao

shop, selling Adult supplies, business in general, now at Taobao had relatively high credit level basically is difficult to survive, but in this industry, the proliferation of counterfeit goods, a cost of fifty or sixty dollars of goods, some people sell Oh in more than ten yuan, every time visitors don’t ask how much talent how much money and so on, make people feel helpless, but also do not want to slander others, smart consumers can buy genuine goods at a fair price of goods.

again, even if one day credit up, once Taobao policy changes, will also come to naught, heart there is not a sense of security, so long ago, I asked a good friend to build an independent mall, and the mall based, supplemented by Taobao store.

independent store must first have a good name, I repeated selection, the final set: I will Adult supplies mall with, digital Chinese homophonic, with similar semantic sex Adult supplies, so for the visitors or better remember.

followed by the design, my request is simple and practical. Now this looks also reached, the entire site is very concise and give visitors the feeling of a glance, not dragging its feet.

is interactive at last. I personally, do e-commerce, and visitors interaction is very, very important. So we set up a forum and call to the front page, and also call the visitor’s questions to the front page, which can give guests a "living" feeling and enhance the degree of trust.

as for the supply of goods, belonging to the line under the problem, it depends on your resources enough, tough, and here is not discussed. However, it is recommended that every friend who wants to engage in e-commerce should do your best and the most powerful one. Don’t take it for granted.

is known as Adult supplies industry competition is fierce, look at the price of Baidu know, so for all related long tail keywords for is very tragic, on the one hand, we are also thinking about how to get more effective target flow.


is currently being collected by Baidu, so flow basically still rely on manual promotion and guidance, now every day around 150ip, a daily average of 2 list, after deducting the cost, basically every net more than 100 blocks, for starters can achieve this effect, we are still quite satisfactory, but for the future of our big difficulties estimate is still a bit not the end, after all, this industry is too fierce for flow.

summary, e-commerce is a webmaster can consider the direction, the future prospects are also optimistic about, and the key is only two points: simple and pragmatic.

Small and medium enterprise website wants to find one’s own network stone

everyone should remember when Chinese textbook a little fable "crow drink water", the crow is the clever crow, it finally drink the water is piled up by stones slowly, let the water up to the mouth of the bottle to drink, although we may seem silly. However, considering the actual situation, we have to say that the smart crow got. So for small and medium enterprises occupy the network it is to find their own network stone, so that I could solve the plight of thirst? The answer is self-evident, this is a little and share my views today: small and medium-sized enterprise website to find their own network of stone, let the stones their plot to save power, tell these stones to become a cornerstone of corporate profits.

enterprises in the network profit enterprises is the key to the network from the team selection, operation ability, to the network marketing methods, then how much money, these are our small and medium-sized enterprise network stone, we all can be used for the enterprise profit accumulating power.


1, team operation ability training,

a good enterprise website is best equipped with a professional operation team, the ability to operate directly determines the strength of this team for our enterprises to create much profit. Therefore, in choosing the network stone for enterprises, we must pay attention to the training of team operation ability, the training of team operation ability includes many aspects, the following brief introduction.

first of all, we should improve the comprehensive ability of each team member, each member is a small stone, each person’s ability is stronger, can give our enterprise bring more strength. Secondly, attention should be paid to the cohesion of the team culture, team cohesion constitute the competitiveness of the team, whether it is inside the enterprise and outside the enterprise and other team competition or competition is a very good way. Team cohesion is we help each other, and perform their respective duties, solidarity and cooperation, to achieve the purpose of joint efforts. Finally, a team leadership is strong enough to say no to incentives and penalties, but at least do have the best reward, if the leader charisma bulge, strong ability, can help to enhance the ability of the whole team.

2, the choice of network marketing method

many companies like to choose a quick way to make money, that is, to pay for promotion, but pay promotion is the need for a lot of money invested, if a start-up company is not worthwhile. So I have been recommended that you use the free promotion methods, such as SEO, such as soft Wen promotion, these are very good way to promote.

A, Baidu paid promotion: promotion, promotion, Google, Sogou bidding information classification post and so on, each has its own characteristics, have the advantage, like Baidu, Baidu promotion is definitely very awesome, but the price will be very expensive, click

The purpose of using tag tags is to discuss its function

when have Tag tags have been curled in a dark corner, finally one day, we see in the CMS system and bolg system are added to the Tag label, put some relevant keywords together, this good label also became a lot by the webmaster tools, and many webmaster get the Tag tag to reach the acme of perfection, actually the purpose is very simple, the first is to increase the search engine, the second is to improve the user experience. So why are these two purposes, and how should we write the story of Tag tags,


for the use of Tag tags, mainly from the following points:

How do you write

1 and Tag tags


generally write the Tag tag is relatively free, but do not understand the purpose, should be classified according to their nature of website content angle to write, in general, the Tag tag to control the number of words in 4-6 characters, generally speaking, it is best not to sentence.


2 and Tag tags originate from web services at the site

Tag label is not a gorgeous coat, but a real coat, so we want to label Tag to play a greater role, it has correlation between Tag tag and ensure the entire website content, if is a gynecological disease, the male Tag tag, it will be a big joke will be included and user experience are all blocked.

3, how many Tag tags is appropriate,


although Tag tag is a good strategy in optimization, but if the malicious to make it, it is easy to optimize the excessive things, it will backfire. In general, it’s OK to have at least 3 more articles per Tag tag.

4 and Tag tags are best not used as popular words

a lot of people in order to rank the Tag tag set became very popular keywords, some people have to set the name of the web site set to the Tag label, in fact these hot words with weight high column page or home page optimization is relatively good, for the Tag tag title, and some long tail keywords is good the.

5 and Tag tags are often modified,


actually, Tag tag optimization is a relatively long period of work, if you modify the Tag tag, the search engine is facing new content, also need to search engine to give the weight, so not easy to modify the Tag tag, Tag tag can increase the appropriate content.

The core of retaining visitors identity and Realization of visitor value


is a visitor to a site is the key to sustainable development factors, and the accumulation of visitors by visitors experience, many webmaster friends will say: loading a site, the page style color, the overall framework, content and advertising layout affects the visitor experience. So many webmaster blindly to these directions to improve visitors experience, however, the development of the site alone visitors experience is not enough. Visitors always have a boring day at a friendly design site, and the real retention of visitors is the value of the site, and how to switch from visitor experience to paying attention to visitor value will become a trend. Today we’re talking about the core issue of retaining visitors: visitor value.

1: why pay attention to visitor value?

a good visitor experience is very important for a site, and it can really attract a lot of visitors. But we also have to pay attention to a problem: long habits can cause visitors to feel numb, especially Internet users, many of them are unable to withstand the extraordinary environment. A few days ago I saw a member of Tucao in a well-known webmaster Forums: "I have been on the forum of senior level, but the senior level have what use?" this question must have occurred in many forum site, have caused us to think deeply about the visitors: a long-term visitor the blend in a site, the value of the site has been drawing many visitors, visitors may feel that this site is not interested in the content, to keep the site visitors heart will be shaken.

two: how do you value visitor value?

pays attention to visitor value in the premise, stationmaster friend should be done first is to agree with the value of the visitor. This, many friends may not really do, in many cases, as a webmaster, we are not we can not find the value of visitors, but ignore, or do not agree with the value of others. With vanity and envy, we may deny the value of others. Everyone has his own advantages Sometimes an inch may prove long. everyone, have their own advantages and disadvantages, we can identify the advantages of others to


when we recognize the value of visitors, we have to give visitors the opportunity to realize their value. It sounds a bit of a tongue twister, but actually it’s not difficult to do. We take a forum mentioned above, the user Tucao, for example, a veteran level visitors, his rich experience, his views, views, and his grade points are value. And our site will be very good to show these values of visitors. So how do we achieve value,


I think we can use points for services, such as integral to a certain extent can exchange for a prize, the prize is things can be the best virtual items, these prizes are correlated with our site. This is the best to do Baidu encyclopedia, we know that Baidu encyclopedia within the same are from visitors, and Baidu encyclopedia in order to enhance visitors

Internet thinking of enterprise management

Internet thinking for enterprise management


from passing

first proposed enterprise management Internet thinking advocates

wrote in preface

– people living in the contemporary world must pay attention to the tremendous changes that have taken place in the Internet, whether individuals or businesses. The rise of the Internet has changed everyone’s way of life, and has changed everyone’s thinking. These will be disruptive changes. Personal change has changed our way of life, the second is our ideas, from the former to the forward thinking, reverse thinking now, and now we are examining before life values, whether the idea is to examine before? Whether it is consistent with our way of life and in business, change? The rights between businesses and consumers, before when we purchase products, usually by businessmen say, and now changed, our consumers dominant position, to experience as the main, to see whether we are willing to buy the product.

the Internet is more than just tools. If we use the Internet as a tool, then our understanding of the Internet is still on the surface. The Internet is really a completely new idea. It looks at the business in a totally different way, looks at the market and treats our users. It’s a totally different idea. And those who can not keep up with the trend of the times, will eventually be eliminated, because every time the arrival of the times, will eliminate a group of people can not advance with the times, but also create a group of lucky people walking in the forefront.

this is an era of the Internet, this is an era of innovation, it is also an era of change.


Internet thinking of enterprise management – text

before we talk about enterprise management thinking of the Internet, we must first understand what is the Internet thinking? If even this is not clear, let alone how to the Internet thinking to the management of enterprises, what is the Internet thinking?

in my opinion, the Internet thinking is: open, experience, focus; Jane and Yi, that is, link all the resources in the world as possible as possible to integrate, to achieve maximum link and opening.

enterprise management, one of Internet thinking "open"

we first from the "open" about opening up is the core Internet thinking, Internet resources are all free, you only need this free online search can find what you want, but also save us a lot of time. The ultimate goal of Internet opening is to effectively integrate resources, create a good network environment, and maximize the opening of the internet.

then, to the enterprise, opening is also an enterprise docking the external window. In the traditional business model, companies have their own business secrets and have their own

Double fold letter EE.cn166 Wan Jie


last night, the double eleven party, the people of carnival, Gongxiangshengju, followed by the domain name market driven, 2 fold the letter names in this special day and shoot, the price of up to 1 million 660 thousand yuan.

domain name registered in 2013, the domain name is relatively short, whois query, the domain name holder information has not changed, and ultimately successful transactions have yet to be verified.

double letter because of the particularities of the product itself to make it suitable for various types of terminals, which is EE Electrical Engineering electronic information engineering, and enantiomeric excess organic chemical abbreviations, so the choice of is related to the industry website. In addition, the domain name is now abroad and has been established.

2 stacks of letters.Cn only 26 of the world, at the end of last month Mercedes bought for $1 million 500 thousand in the.Cn 2 reduplicated words appeared recently. In early January 2014, airlines bought uncle at the price of 660 thousand yuan, in less than two years time, double letters.Cn domain name value growth of more than 1 times, from here is enough to see that the degree of madness Chinese domain name market.

The scarcity of

2 letters which have relatively strong market, and repeated letters and more precious and valuable, 2 fold the letter.Com value has been more than 10 million, 2 fold the letter.Cn as easily to the end.

love net public official micro signal love circle (amqcom), first hand the domain name industry information.

article original love net, shall not be reproduced without permission, the original link

How do webmasters react to negative news

network with mature, people are faced with the network needs a correct attitude, sitting opposite network are the dragons and fishes jumbled together in a negative article, have caused a fatal blow to the enterprise or industry, we all know that recently because of a negative information to bring 1 billion 500 million citrus farmers in China’s losses. Let everyone know a Sanlu melamine because of Sanlu, the dairy industry China are affected, losses are not statistics. Of course I am not saying that the network does not need a negative article, because it is a free society, a lot of bad people will go to malicious slander and attack some companies use the network platform. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, these words are beyond the control of.

some time ago I wrote an article about the negative treatment skills. (negative article processing skills) a lot of people to consult. I could not have a response to this day, I wrote this is because of the recent deal with a lot of negative articles for a business, I hope my experience has to help you. To remind you, do not offend the villain, villain can not be prevented.

if a person wants to target you, he can send hundreds of negative articles in just four hours a day. In a few days, Baidu will be able to search thousands of articles. When we see such negative articles, if we deal with them. Please contact the first time these sites, the related negative articles collected, check ID, and ID, and post release time, now no matter where you will find the post information, the information is preserved if capture is very serious, you can report according to the information, do not think these people can not grasp, in fact as long as you speak on the Internet, leave your information, as long as you put the relevant ID website and posted time, the police will take you out. Ha ha, because recently I pulled out a person.

after you save the information, you can deal with the negative information. There are many handling techniques. Such as the portal site can be handled through regular procedures, as long as you provide your relevant information. If you are, you need to prepare for the delete material basically can delete (a copy of the business license, apply for deleting address, delete reason, letter of guarantee), if you are a person ready to apply for ID copy, delete address, delete reason, letter of guarantee. Of course, this is the portal, like Baidu, Sina, YAHOO and other Sohu, a website basically in two days can give you good, I am here to praise Baidu, Baidu before processing a negative article for a week now basically can handle the morning to the afternoon, that is the time of day. The most difficult to deal with is Tianya, submitted dozens of times, basically no use. Tianya must be deleted by special channels.

, of course, there are some personal webmaster to do the website, these sites deal with more trouble, although the flow is not big, but the influence is very big. This requires you and they go to a good temper, because each webmaster processing method is different. Because >

Built on the first day of Bo was Baidu, Google included experience


before the establishment of network topics:, Liang’s blog:, network, three new observation: the first day was Google, baidu included, brief experience.

1, the title should be different, the title contains keywords is ideal, for example: this blog is "on the network", in order to make a better ranking "on Baidu keyword network", can join the keyword in the title.

2, increase the original text, appropriate around keyword optimization, strongly recommended in title also added. The original here is not to say that their own writing is finished, and you have to search for other people have written similar, if you are advised, or change the topic of conversation.

3 and the content of the article, you may think that blogging is usually about people and things about yourself, and I’ll tell you that you’re wrong about that. Why? Did you do this blog for yourself? There’s nothing to say. No, pay attention to the user you are facing. You are for everyone, not for anyone, so your article should be popularized / popularized. Don’t limit yourself to your own sky. Of course, it’s also possible to talk about your life and trivia. There is in the content of the article, it is best to include keywords, but the density should be moderate, keyword to use bold or different colors to indicate, if coupled with links will achieve better results. It’s also important to keep it updated every day.

4, in Baidu weight high, update quickly place, around the keyword related content information and your blog links, let Baidu spider can from a variety of places to your blog up. I used to have Baidu, Post Bar and major bookmarking, forum and so on.

5, around this keyword for promotion, release a large number of chains, so that the results of positioning to your blog.

of course now I do on the blog network, Liang blog network keywords are not observed, nor what to say, I’m doing this work, we do not know of no use. Wrong place, I hope you correct criticism.

In A5 hair soft text, get high reprint skills

                A5 text size ten articles, and draws some soft high reprint rate experience to write soft to you webmaster friends, there may be some deviation, but for most of the articles. Here do not consider the quality of the article, only to consider through the normal way in the home page to show the article.


         ;     column

        A5;       here I wrote the middle column of the home page for the experience column, SEO column, news column, entertainment column. Found a very strange phenomenon, most people will think of the effect is: SEO > > experience column column news, entertainment section, but I draw the effect is: experience > > SEO column entertainment column column > news column, directly affect the level of the article is reproduced the length of time in the home show every day, SEO column and the Internet column hair articles are full, so we should try to write some valuable articles for experience and entertainment column column.


Do a good job in website marketing design

many websites want to achieve a good marketing effect, do a good job of website marketing, not only to optimize, but also in the beginning of the design of website marketing a few key points.

1) station help system

put it first, because the user’s experience has always been placed in the first place, so that customers can always help to check, know at any time to operate, and then silly people will operate. Only with a good user experience, there is a reverse rate, only word of mouth marketing. Only the user in the first place of the website, is a successful network marketing website.

2) online customer service system

online customer system is an effective tool to improve customer conversion rate, Beijing Huadu hospital ( online doctor is a good example. When users browse your web page, you can communicate with the customer service staff in a timely manner, the user experience greatly increased, customer conversion rate will also increase. Without this feature, I’m afraid it will cost a lot of customers.

3) site access statistics

for a network marketing type website, if there is no statistical functions, it is not a network marketing website, because none of these statistics, users will not know the antecedents, cannot know the advertising effect. Fortunately, many third party software provides this functionality.

4) online order system

for a network marketing website, no online orders, I am afraid to let the customer conversion rate is greatly reduced, the user in Web information browsing over you, if you have the intention to buy, the little mouse is the most convenient, hope you can see his information, and for the first time in his orders. Without this system, users can only answer by phone, and many users are too bothered to give up ordering your product. Of course, really do not have the online order, so a message of this, the information form, or a forum may also play a role, although not so direct orders online. The Internet business opportunity station ( believes that a forum that allows users and businesses to interact is important.

5) article management system

article system for publishing enterprise information, industry information, product information and so on, which will undoubtedly improve the content of the enterprise website. More adhesive user’s reading, search engine is also a best way to optimize.

An operating consumer diary how do we get 10 times profit for half a year


today, this article is a record of start-up consumption, more accurately, about the early days of start-up products, consumer records about marketing. Our time is 5 months, spent a total of 7 thousand dollars, earn 70 thousand yuan. The following article, I take each month as a unit, tell you tell me, how we spend money, spend what time, what time to adjust, to what purpose, and the income growth curve is what. Hope to be able to do the promotion of friends a little reference.

is the first to tell you that what we do is an Internet marketing learning platform called "100 waves", said the popular point is to use practical experience in marketing work, recorded video teaching and give students the opportunity to provide additional contact and homework, hoping to solve the practical problems in marketing learning.

goes to the point. I tell you from the 2 aspects of operation, income and expenses, how do you spend 7 thousand to earn 70 thousand in the 5 months of your start-up time?.

entrepreneurship first months: January 6th -2 6 (cost 800 yuan, income 6 thousand)

‘s key words this month: don’t spend money on publicity, start with quick access to seed users, and get user feedback,

1. on the idea of operation

our membership price is 99 dollars / year (our video curriculum is updated, including the updated courses, and members can watch it). There are 3 reasons for setting the price for this number.

: the first reason is now available on the market marketing training class, most frequently 5K, 8K the price, and many are talking about the theory, we very repugnant thing, so this is where the feelings, we want to make a people can afford to buy the course.

second is a brand influence we are not, if the price setting, users will be very slow to make a decision to buy, we even need to sales staff, means that our membership growth will be very slow, the user feedback information will be very small, no user feedback, our products will slow this iteration, I was not acceptable.

the third reason is that we want to do is an Internet business, need is reputation diffusion and growth, rather than by selling a Sike customer.

so it’s not difficult to make this decision at 99 dollars for this low to outrageous price. We are getting word-of-mouth feedback in order to get user feedback in the early days.

2. about income and expenses

said in the previous article, "the product from 0 to 1 in the development process, spending money in two places.". One is to obtain user feedback from the seed user. One is the rapid expansion phase after defining the business model. So we >

09 years site navigation road where


where is the 09 year website navigation route?

in the online reality, it is often said that, as China’s Internet users improve the network technology, the site navigation station has no survival necessary. Really? I thought the site navigation station was an important internet tool, and not only will it disappear, but it will grow stronger and stronger. Nowadays, more and more information can be found on the Internet, and people are becoming more and more dependent on the internet. The popularity of search engines such as Baidu and Google has been a case in point over the past few years. However, the vast network of such as the sea, the light search engine to find the target is obviously not enough, because search engines are not omnipotent. Therefore, as a supplement to the search engine, web site navigation will still be an indispensable partner on the internet.

ylmf 114, now buy which marks the future, and a search engine may be with Baidu, Google to compete, the global Internet segmentation fertilizer cake, symbolized by the operating system, DIY, the transition to the site navigation, to the search engine in the transition, marking the professional the site navigation station is more and more popular. Such as: 114 Mody site navigation station.


website to survive and develop, it must be profitable, but its mode is very simple, nothing more than PPC, pictures and text ads, some people in order to have the website on the Internet on air plant, malicious code, modify the registry, modify the IE, too hard, only reinstall the system to change IE, that is the so-called IE (home)

interception!In fact,

navigation station to survive, personal opinion, think we should do a step by step, do I like the station never malicious code, or forcibly set home, so we often say that (good mouth against) curse in the mouth, the gas in the heart, will give users a free the space, they would like to use whichever completely free, first of all to have a refreshing interface, good reputation, there will be two people visit, there will be back, and to do the site without popups, otherwise, access speed, people can not access don’t estimate.

Internet users not remember the URL is not lost or not lost. URL, they haltingly typing, do not know how to use the search, will not use the favorites. So that the development of navigation site.

Some people look down on the

web site, that site navigation station online search a lot, is, I admit, because it is simple, easy maintenance, convenient management and so on, but in fact, the more simple things, it is more difficult to operate.

so I think it’s a good idea to want a website to be widely known. According to the experience in the next, the site navigation station in order to achieve good promotion effect, we must do a few four points:

, a computer with the city installed member lay a good relationship, and ask them to put your site for the client computer home page


Highlight what exactly do you want to do

has such stationmaster, although his technical level is not very tall, but use CMS to do a website, use source code to change a website to have no problem, also know a few common SEO and other promotion method. But worrying is that they can always make the same site persist, basically common types of Web sites he has done, he made popular classification information classification station, QQ station code QQ code he made popular network group purchase station, hot and he do in every group purchase station, seems to follow the trend, each are big waves shot dead on the beach. Change your website, and eventually a successful website is not available.

a few such people, they lack certain planning or innovation ability, always very confused to find the so-called hot industry, but the hot industry is master clouds, their total station can not develop. They are busy every day, but they get very little. Input and reward are out of proportion.

there is an old saying, "a lonely man is a disgrace.". Into the webmaster industry can be so modified: non profitable sites is shameful. Yes, the Internet has developed so far. The ultimate goal of the webmaster’s production is only one, that is to make money, and other so-called influence, are in the pull. Adsense is not welfare institutions, itself is already vulnerable groups, especially grassroots webmaster, your website income may be the source of life, can not pay attention to it?. So, after the ultimate purpose of deep clear website, select a profitable industry will persist, over the. So, for these confused webmaster, how to choose the industry? We generally use the following methods:

1. Make full use of the site navigation station

for some large web site navigation, site classification it is very clear that the classification of dozens of hundreds of dense, one can for you, of course, as far as possible to choose their own good industry. After a careful study of the selected industry influence has made this industry website content, website structure, learning his promotion method and profit model, and eventually even his website template also imitation.

you have to believe, in this industry, as long as the competitors are not very much, then he can succeed, he can have the market, you imitate the same, there will be the market. There is no doubt about it. But imitation is the premise, as far as possible to choose a "niche market" (don’t know what is the niche market can go to Baidu search), for example, when you make the movie website video sites like a swarm of bees, you have carefully analyzed, and then select a segment of the market entry? You may not have imagined, a complete "site daily flow wrestling video" up to nearly 100 thousand ip.

two, make full use of links to exchange sites

link exchange sites and web navigation are similar, you can find a large number of sites for research. Similarly, they are well defined and there are many well developed websites. This is like in a world of waters.

Cosmetic shops operating difficulties

although the demand for cosmetics on the market now is growing, it seems that the market contains a lot of wealth, is a cause worthy of investment. However, until the real access to this market only to find that there are so many difficulties in this business. So, what are the difficulties of cosmetic shops?

cosmetics store internal operating difficulties

high rent: house prices rose, especially the consumer environment is good, the crowd is more than the facade, the higher the rent of cosmetic shops.

high labor: the state of the minimum wage standards continue to increase, the cost of employment may only be getting higher and higher.

high cost: all kinds of prices rose quietly, resulting in higher and higher cost of cosmetic shop operations.

high inventory: products can not be sold, more and more inventory, the operation can not be benign.

low profit: the cost of higher profits unchanged, in order to sell cosmetics shop to do none other promotional activities, where the development of no profit.

low flow: cosmetics store traffic can match and supermarket and department store. And even in the case of Limited passenger flow, but also can not grasp the customer, resulting in sales.

low turnover: store environment, clerk ability, service level and so on, resulting in turnover rate stagnant, urgent need to change.

low off single: cosmetics shop price than the department store counters, there is no strong joint sales capacity, customer price can not improve.

cosmetics shop external environment difficult

mature consumer awareness: ten years ago, a good concept can be sold to explode; five years ago, customers like to listen to our point of view, we can sell what we sell; and today we are free to send no one yet.

homogenization of product competition: the same type of product, a few meters away from the store next to what you have, I have everyone you have, cosmetics shop wants to rely on products to solve the problem of competition even harder.

electricity supplier micro business points out of the passenger flow: affordable and convenient, is always the pursuit of the interests of consumers, home to buy all over the world, especially after 90, 00 after the customer was robbed.

the deterioration of the economic environment: the devaluation of the renminbi, rising prices and other economic environment is a manifestation of the deterioration of the environment, the customer began to budget, cosmetics store sales become more difficult.

the existence of a variety of operational difficulties, so that the cosmetics shop

6 weeks from the site, included, the PR value of =3 tell the truth

Senior high school entrance examination enrollment information

Station – Hebei caught network is committed to the spread of North China, with "service candidates, education services, social services" for the purpose! I stand from May 11, 2009 to June 23rd officially opened operations for 6 weeks, has been the major search engines and search keywords caught, Hebei caught and Hebei senior high school entrance examination "in Baidu, Google and other search engines are on the front page, and the top 3 home page.

one, station

I and other webmaster like, the station is very confused, I do not know from which side to start for good. I think the initial stage of the site should first determine the development direction of the site, that is, determine the content of the site, the site belongs to the industry; and then is determined to do the site down. We early in the site will encounter such problems: (1) the site content I chose the other site already exists, I also want to do the site; (2) choose the service provider space and domain name service provider, it is necessary to consider the cost of both performance.

for the above two questions, I would like to talk about their views: (1) content: I am taking small start. Some comprehensive web site more, but not necessarily all the sections are doing very well, and I first analyze the weakness of those sites, and put their weaknesses into their own direction of development. (2) space service providers and domain name service providers: the stability of space is in priority. Second, considering the cost, they must shop over three, and talk to their customers deeply, and observe the attitude of customer service. Domain name service providers to choose the core domain name service providers (such as new network) gold agent, so in our choice of service providers is good, and our domain name usage fees also dropped much.

two, the content should be more practical,

content is very important, but it is also the most serious problem facing the new station. The originality of the content is not enough, and most of the information is collected online. I think the initial content collection can come from the network, but don’t leave the Ctrl+V intact. Make a little change before Ctrl+V. This is very important. Pay attention to accessing the customer’s access preferences. Content is what you need to see to your customers.

three, links

site early, each site will choose to choose some links to promote their site. After I stood trying to develop, there are the following experience:

(1) there are a lot of Links exchange site, but the site did not bring to your site visits, this I have experience greatly, suggest that you don’t waste your time looking for Links exchange site up.

(2) building Baidu space and paste it very important. For example, I stand name "Hebei in the net", I first in the Baidu stick to establish a "Hebei in the net", so that Baidu will soon put you as reverse link included.

(3) when you’re not yet

Hosting server classic issues summary

ADMIN5 to make friends in the better find a good home for their own servers, the better development of their own website, elaborations of the cause, at the beginning of April on the germination of the idea of writing this article, it has been pre finishing before ADMIN5 friends tell me when I talk to other escrow. This good article usually see a good re read it again. Maybe I wrote the following content is similar to the content you see over there, even you told me the situation and experiences in QQ, I think this article is to summarize the experience, rather than technological innovation, but also I am referring to some excellent articles, plus your experience is summarized. It will inevitably have similar contents of friends have seen before. First of all, there may be little agents and hosting providers who don’t want to see the contents of the article, this article is standing on a point of view of the customer choice a good destination for their servers, so there will be some agents do not see the contents of love, hope to get your understanding.

now goes to the point:

1 limiting traffic and limiting bandwidth

there are many hosting providers playing word games, as stated in the contract: unlimited hosting. This looks very good, but the reality is that the flow is not equal to the bandwidth, does not limit the flow does not mean unlimited bandwidth, many say hosting providers unlimited, is actually to do so, you have to put the port restrictions into 10M or 5M, if you have some pictures on the website, limiting the open ports will slow a lot but, if the said limit the flow of local hosting, no limit port, you can run a good high peak, room 100M the shared peak can run 50M-60M, so the speed limit and open the picture when the port is not a concept. In fact, there are a lot of customers of the actual flow rate is not very high, but the speed when open the web site is relatively high, the need for those who do not limit the speed of port hosting providers, rather than looking for a contract that does not limit the flow of the hosting provider. In fact, this problem is like saying that a tap does not limit the flow, but limit the flow rate, the tap only unscrew a thin trace, although not limited traffic, but 10 minutes also put a bucket of water. But if it is placed in the flow restricted place, such as a day you can only put 100 barrels of water, but the speed is very fast, put a bucket of water only 1 minutes, and you actually use of water a day to 50 barrels, You’ll see. that way to you. I have a client in Guangdong on this issue will see more thoroughly, he QQ in the first sentence to ask me if you limit the flow well, this time I actually quite depressed, because the general customer asked this question we should take a turn to explain, but the friend immediately say good, as long as our server traffic is not particularly large, you won’t limit my port speed, back to ask some price and double line, then I spent 2 months in Shanghai hosted the machine "

It’s so simple to let your site link appear on the Admin5 page

long time ago, I heard a webmaster friend said, A5 is the webmaster of the holy land, and now they have done webmaster, later is deeply appreciate this. In addition to learning something, the more important thing is the high weight of A5 and its selflessness. On top of A5, even if it is strictly according to its requirements, there are many places to leave a link to your website. In effect, it is no doubt that, A5 posts on Baidu is usually included in the day. A new station of the author, has never been to any search engine submission after landing in the construction of the first request, when Shouyang made a post with a link on the A5, the results of the second day were found including Google, Baidu, Bing, a large number of search engines such as YAHOO, Sogou all grab, then the author of this station due to frequent changes in the process of construction, leading to dial hair, also can not blame others.

The Google link

as everyone knows, the website links in general requirements are very strict, article one thousand the chain must not have ten link results, but on the A5 outside of the chain, the Google link can easily appear on their website, which is entirely due to the high weight of a5.

if you want to ask, want to put your site link in A5 where, I believe you webmaster will say in unison, of course, the more close to the front page, the better. This station A5 how can we put the links on the home page near? Money advertising? This is certainly the best the most convenient way, I also want to do. But I believe that many owners with the author, shy, powerless.

on the A5 website submission, after examination, the rate of organic make their soft on the home page to A5, so that their own in soft remains at the bottom of the link under the increase of more exposure, will also be other sites with more chances of being a variety of acquisition, the spider climb over to have a greater. This is believed that many people know that when I have time, I will also put some articles on the a5. But the A5 editor is a bunch of veterans, not just to make the article will pass. We have many webmaster friends are born in science, although the skills are rich, but the writing level is really lack of heat, leading to the article can not audit through. Contribution way to most stationmaster, it is very difficult to achieve.

there is no other way? If some people say that not only can be easily linked to my site in A5 home near A5, but also reversed the post money to him, do you believe? Many people may not believe, but I do often use their website links on the A5 home near A5 management the money to the author. The author here introduces a very simple method, can let own website easily to the A5 home page part. A5 believe that many people go to the forum, but the forum A5 has a high gold content of the forum, called "not much study | website comments" people may know. There are several advantages to participating in interaction:

one, which allows you to leave up to two links in the format when most posts reply to the theme, >

Good site planning allows you to build a multiplier (two)

last time by the "happy studio" written about website planning article, get a lot of friends support. This time will continue to explain the next half of the site planning. Review: I will be divided into several parts of the site planning – market analysis, the site itself, the site’s service object, website construction, website promotion, website profit way.

this time will emphasize website, website promotion, website profit means.

Content construction of


after market research and market analysis and positioning of the website, the infrastructure we need to do is site construction, it includes web front page design and web programming background, but also for the site test and upload the site after the work all done.

website design is mainly for the website front page production. The so-called front desk design, popular point of view, that is, visitors can see that part, that is, the web page. For different types of Web sites, the design of the front desk may vary slightly.

web programming is the basis of network security, a good program can be hacked and the adverse consequences of the problem is greatly reduced, the website into need professional programming technology, general website popular programming languages are the following: JSP, ASP,.NET, PHP and so on.

site construction programming language is a choice, to choose what language with the function of the program is the basic web site. Typically, websites have these basic systems: news publishing systems (information publishing systems), product distribution systems, membership management systems, advertising management systems, traffic statistics and analysis systems, and so on. The specific role of each system will be described later.

do not know if you have not remember, I was sent an article on the < station; weapon –cms content management system. In this paper > I mentioned a lot of CMS can facilitate the management system of the webmaster reference. To fully understand the CMS content management system, on your site is definitely at twice the result with half.

After the design and programming of the

website are completed, we will test and upload the website. First of all, we should upload the website to the website space, then test the website, and also test the website space. In general, the website be tested is web page integrity, complexity and integrity of the web programming code, web space link speed and site space compression test tolerance.

I’ve said many times that web sites are for content services. The content is for the user. The website has enough content to be one of the basic requirements of the line,.

web site test is finished, finished, so we can immediately carry out promotion? The answer is "no!" website has just completed, no content, how to promote, who would? So the next step is to test.

Advantage analysis of service providers based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

the current electronic commerce competition, business model innovation, innovation of new technology, need on the site during the operation, combined with external business software and operation station system more, this modification requires system front end and the rear end of the system synchronization platform changes, e-commerce station upgrade and improvement should be taken into account compatible and minimize stop running time. In view of the above e-commerce development situation, the webmaster needs to have a better architecture consciousness, to construct and manage the website. Based on my own experience of building a website, I’d like to talk about the advantages of an e-commerce station built on the service oriented architecture (SOA).

usually refers to the electricity supplier is engaged in B2C e-commerce business, there is a certain hardware and software foundation, with different sizes, but relatively complete information systems.

one, first to point by point analysis, the trend of e-commerce just mentioned, to bring confusion to the webmaster.

1, business model innovation,

this background, electricity providers need to re structure the system to adapt to changing business models, such as the establishment of the website I just launched this business group purchase rebate mode is in the electronic commerce mode of original B2C e-commerce under the European expansion of B2B, e-commerce expansion station needs internal architecture to support business.

2, new technology,

electronic commerce and electronic closer integration, technology innovation, for example, I built the site of Taobao sales rebate, change of electronic means of payment, and the change of the electronic platform rebate, electronic commerce needs from the original simple mode of payment for payment after also improved model, namely the process to complete the payment by to pay back now to complete the change, process model also requires internal architecture to support, otherwise you have to throw out all constructs.

3, more external business software and station system for organic combination, running

established the site, will be compiled using the system most of the source code, because there are some defects in the system inevitably preliminarily developed, hence the need for consolidation for some external software integration and external software system within the framework still needs good coupling.

4, the front end of the system changes at the same time, upgrade, reduce downtime,


electronic commerce website construction is commonly used in front-end background closely coupled, need to modify the result if the need to modify the front and backstage, otherwise there will be a runtime error leads to web sites to visit and business. This has decided the website must stop the work to carry on the promotion and the improvement, has not only increased the website system revision risk, but also affected the website to run normally.

two, the following to compare, based on the service oriented architecture (SOA) of the electricity supplier system architecture example analysis is different.

services single, collection >

Is it really impossible to save the station after being K

After many webmaster

by K on the site will want to site can not be saved, not really, actually K is a principle, Baidu has included his principle, as long as we follow this principle, it can guarantee you have not been K. I’m going to tell you a true record of K.

I haven’t done before release station sites like at the same time, I have not tried this technology, in April of this year registered the domain name, start Denon eight PW release station.

just started very smooth, domain name bought 5 days was Baidu included, it seems that Baidu is very friendly to me, and then I began to optimize, the program used with the Webmaster Station is the same, is also DEDECMS. The system is really good. Optimized for about a month, the site was K. At that time, because I didn’t take this seriously, I didn’t care. I changed the individual pages and gave them to me. The speed was fast.

was second times K, this is K I remember, probably in July, the site also has a certain size, and on the first page of Baidu ranking, one day I found my key is not included in the title, listen to others speak included, so I changed a title. Not for nothing, a change immediately by K, only the beginning of K off site, and later even did not directly search the domain name. This is K, I have no way, had to continue to update the article, continue to publish original, at this time the original efforts to increase some. 5 days later, artifact like was added.

then said last time is K, which is now being K, I IFRAME an advertisement page, the page has a lot of words, I think the search engine grab will catch the words, but who knows no equal to the total catch, word of your site is very small, and keywords Denon eight servers accounted for a large proportion, then take this page query tool, keyword density has reached thirty-seven percent if the iframe can crawl, would not be so high, that the moment is the cause of the K. Keywords density: so immediately change these things, a lot of articles with dragon, eight private servers have changed into "dragon" or "dragon". It hasn’t been collected yet.

I feel that my own company has been doing very well, but also bought a lot of external links, so that every day to update the site should not be so K off. I do not give up, at the same time in the optimization of my heart with a heart, not because K did not have the strength to do things. Really, SEO’s mentality is very important,

I still believe in a word, SEO not only to the search engine to see, but also to the user to see, there is a sentence, SEO not only to the user to see, but also to the search engine to see. These two sentences look at the contradiction, but also do not commit, can show the essence of seo. Hope >

If I had insisted four years ago, would I go beyond the king now

first off, this is the first time I write soft, well written also please forgive me Brothers o (a _ U) o… In fact, from the beginning of the 04 year is the beginning of the big one, I have been engaged in the site, and just started when the Falcon network in China to apply for personal home page, but also pay to join the permanent VIP. Now think oneself is really silly, just a simple home a fart ah, might as well go to Sina for a blog! But then again, when Sina had not opened blog! Later joined the school’s Computer Society (I am the design and manufacture of mould made of science gradually understand) some engage in "friends, he also gradually began to explore DW to engage in a static web site, which is then, know what is space, server, FTP and so on. But still feel that such a site update is a big problem, first, the trouble does not say, making every page is too time-consuming.

then finally know the station, station is actually a system of their own, almost all operations can be done in the background, at the same time met PowerEasy procedures, first groping with PowerEasy built his own first so-called station, also designed a the template posted online and brothers sharing (oh the station named 100% perfect, if in the Baidu input 100% perfect PowerEasy templates can also be found several, Boardid=28& id=184514 was released this template screenshot, interested can see), was that he is happy. It is also because of this template yourself on the Internet for the first time to know many of the webmaster friends, I am also happy for you to solve the problems encountered in the use of the template.

later made after a period of time to find a person to update the workload is too big, too busy, and one day to IP few (up to now this is normal, the website to get a few days, where the traffic is gradually dry ah), to give up, then they feel get a good forum, forum at least do not own to update every day (when you are in school when the administrator, as long as the forum above) every day up management on the line, so he used network program Daoteng a period of time, then more slowly post a little space after the regular the problem was, alas no way 100M space, sweat, poor students, but do not know how to make money through the network. Rather than get personal blog. At that time, blog Tinghuo, Baidu again under a program He Xin blog, this blog is very famous at the time, had once believed that friends should have known.

was used to get the original domain name of the website, did not think of is to visit the blog is really high ah, soon flow over a hundred, and almost a lot of people are willing to do Links and you, including some famous blog, then you can really work something all right, no matter what >

Personal webmaster grim situation is optimistic or pessimistic to masquerade

yesterday wrote an article "fengshengheli after the individual owners of the spring far no longer a time of national peace and order", this thought will make you some good gray mood, but let me become a lot of people in the eyes of the so-called 5 party a little hair! Laugh, also have a little taste, just a personal analysis the article, would cause so much anger, it seems really touched a lot of people sensitive nerve. This time the rectification let all the webmaster of high tension, any wind sways grass will make their internal, remind, including myself, afraid that one day will appear such situation, leading to their hard cast to waste! Since so many people are opposed to it is necessary to write a continuation. For your reply to do some simple explanation:

1: about cyber infringement

this stationmaster analysis is very correct, individual stationmaster is the real content producer of Internet mostly, but copyright is ignored repeatedly however. But you seem too impatient, but not Jingxiaxinlai read the article quickly wrote a comment! This part was to blame me, good finally removed, because I believe everyone will understand! So here it is necessary to mention: the improvement of any laws and regulations require time and push force

!Part I is about to delete the

document before before a site English story, when a English catalogue of my station, because others reproduced article and delete the copyright, later found by others, the first is the original author write to inform you that I need that copyright, then quickly issued a notice of copyright management organization, and is the space business, are sent to the EMAIL warning this article copyright, really surprised and speed to deal with them, are feeling! In China because of various reasons, this treatment can not happen now! But the downtown Miami’s video website copyright slobber war, but no doubt to the domestic construction of copyright system add a fresh.

maybe a lot of people will like me, the reaction mechanism of the legal system abroad has been the rapid improvement of envy, but few people seem to notice: the United States has in the past 200 years, and in the China? So I made a reservation at the time and need long-term analysis on these words, perhaps the article is too long, the the word is that many people ignore the


2: about the innocent websites that have been corrected

sorry, the author did not have the capability to swamp moon bear the responsibility, but your comments in the end is a bit dumbfounding! In fact, at home, shouting slogans, across the board work, already not what happens, easy! I like the brother, many sites have been ruthless off the wheel of history under the ghost! But it seems that need time.

why don’t respond to your questions for the innocent website, it is because of you and my article seems to Never mind too much! I am in the analysis of future possible development direction and the final result, but you only now entangled in heavy losses.

Wang Changhe webmaster how to learn micro-blog marketing from zero learning

micro-blog believe that many people have heard, recently fired more fire, such as Sina, NetEase, Tencent, are mainstream micro-blog. Since there are so many people to play micro-blog, is not able to find a little skill here to do network marketing, the answer is yes, if the skills can also play a very good marketing effect, for the network marketing is the new platform must not let go, to see if he can use to do marketing and I hope we can do this, have good skills to share with everyone out and let me say how to do a good job of micro-blog marketing.

micro-blog marketing is the main feature of simple operation, interactive, cost, and very suitable for some individuals or small and medium-sized enterprises to do product marketing and brand marketing. After my practice I found micro-blog marketing turnover rate is very high, it is easy to micro-blog and fans feeling, this feeling I feel better than in the QQ chat up to deep, personal feeling, you can go to test the conclusion, the main thing is to do the marketing partner trust, this will believe your products, you can sell their products in our first pass, if it is fake products or poor quality products after the customer purchase will give you create negative information, the loss of their own, so no matter what the product sales and customer service service must be good, this is done basic sales.

In fact, each kind of marketing

skills are developed, as long as to study, to experiment, the successful experience of others in the previous copy, add your own thoughts, good execution, you will be successful, the following is a summary of my micro-blog marketing skills, if less large family can be added together learning and common progress.

first determine your product positioning, such as you do beauty products, then you specified is for female customers, this time you can go to the attention of those female friend micro-blog released the micro-blog square, about skincare professional knowledge and every day in your micro-blog, let people know you are concerned about you the expert in this area, if you do not understand these tell you a simple way, to Baidu, what has always, copy and paste it, slowly accumulate popularity, slowly into your product, for example, someone asked what sunscreen products is good, can you recommend a certain product is good, for my own use before, the effect is very good, since he felt you are the expert, the specified follow you, then you can say I am XX Taobao or in the store to buy the site, this time in your The online shop or buy a website to her, so the turnover rate is very big.


to ensure the daily dialogue, this is very critical, and institutionalized, normalized, it is best to have a professional team to 24 hours to respond to comments, maintain the fans, the fans answered the questions, and pay attention to trends you, people have released new content you want to go to the comments. In order to friendly exchanges, you always to comment on her, she once won’t see you 10 times 20 times she will come to see you specify several times, slowly it will become your fans, this is.

Seek your own path in the network, rookie upgrade to IDC webmaster experience

may be many reasons, from 05 years before I began to pick up the network, see the website of others, they want to do, so he in the network to find information, ask friends, in retrospect, that’s funny.

originally can only do some simple "what, also will not publish it to the network side, afterwards just know the name of the" space "is what website must have, ah, where to get? At first did not come to class to learn what money, they find the site in the article on the network remember, a netizen told me a free space site, or pure static 100M, but ah, not FTP, relying on their own curiosity and patience that I began to do stand experience, to understand web, then just found called information technology school books on it the introduction, then pick up the book is a look at a few hours, finally will do some simple web pages, and then found the word to use almost well, gradually rising confidence, happy to do the site, Oh, every day holding their own free space to do the site, or two level domain name to show off everywhere.

until a few years ago, found that the network can make money, then that is very simple, as long as the site will be able to make money, holding the two level domain name everywhere alliance registration number, to know the two level domain name can’t do some shows, click like advertising, it turns out that there is an advertisement on promotion results to pay, was very happy, holding a free space to do a video chat room CPS, the screen to do too exaggerated, second days, the site was closed, what is the reason of bad information, that space is also restricted content. Hey…

eventually rely on their own patience finally made a pot of gold, learn other things or on its own, it was used to do a VB plug-in, in fact, can not be called plug-in, only external appearance, top up union registered advertising, said to be registered will be able to use, what game do fire what game game player was false – a lot, relying on their own fake plug-in, finally achieve a minimum amount of CPA 100 dollars, was really pleased with the game player’s ability to identify and improve some of the game’s back plug mature, do not believe in game player can be used, this method is also soon will not earn money, then took the money to buy a 100M space, take a nice name, Astor cinema, for, the start of the movie website, the website is there, How do the publicity? At first said to the students, said to a friend, with the writing on the wall advertising, message board hair…… In short, can use, and finally some people know, every day about a few people visit it.

at that time, I got up every day to do the first thing is to see the flow of their own web site, every day watching those people into, it is really uncomfortable. Later, listen to the views of users, a netizen said good, "do it, do it, do not make money for yourself, you want to think of other people to serve."

My view on how to increase the weight of Baidu

often on the Admin5, increase the weight of Baidu method, many people say, but everyone has his own set, everyone’s focus is not the same. But some basic things are the same.

my small station insists on its own weight line, that is, the simplest "original + the chain"".

first said originality, Baidu likes originality, that is, everyone knows, after my experience is also true, and more than the so-called pseudo original much better. Baidu doesn’t have anything on the Internet. He likes it. You can’t wait to see the same stuff!


followed by the chain, Admin5 Forum on the sale of specialized links, and many. Why is link trading so hot? I don’t want to say anything more. GG PR value is the chain, Baidu also value the chain. However, the recent PR upgrade does bring a lot of blows to friends who buy and sell links, and PR is everywhere, and the price will not be ideal.

original and the chain are done, Baidu weight will go up. Also, you can do something other people do not have, if the amount of search for this thing up, Baidu will give you weight.

original or the most important, every day two or three original than you collected hundreds of articles to strong. Some original articles, I sent two hours, there are Baidu included, and the so-called pseudo original but not so good treatment, direct copy paste not to mention. So webmaster friends do the original content is the key. Garbage links do not get too much, the content is done, the link will naturally be……

is not good. Please tell me, my little station:

Why millet will be successful, the current most popular experiential marketing

talk about the rise of millet, many judgments, whether it is to catch up with the trend of the flow, or the accumulation of millet for so many years, or is the correct guidance and management leadership team. But most of the surface or appraise and fragment, can not reveal a complete success of millet principle and method for management. Millet’s success is not replicable, millet marketing is not replicable. It can be said that millet is out of an apple road in china. Stepping out of the apple road with Chinese characteristics. Although millet has been concerned, but also talked about a lot of people do well with millet and do poorly. Of course, do poorly or millet bottleneck, that is, occasionally ridicule. In China, there is only one millet, and who can, like Lei Jun and Li Wanqiang, you can always lead the millet team to move forward correctly, again and again to refresh the record.

in addition, it is worth one of the team millet, and millet team do things attitude. You may be able to analyze some of the factors that make them successful before publishing them from the organization. Millet network of new media team has nearly 100 people, millet forum 30 people, micro-blog 30, WeChat 10, Baidu, QQ space and 10 people. Yes, that is their strategy and team structure, and the management (which will be mentioned later) focuses on the new marketing as a strategy, where the strategy is not the experimental field, but the main battlefield. Because there is no budget, you can only choose the means of social marketing. Fortunately, millet had a great ride, 2010 was the outbreak of micro-blog, millet quickly seize this opportunity, and become the main strategy of the brand. In fact, we may guess no budget is not the ultimate cause, but the ability is the most important.

on the attitude of things done, I say millet customer service. Customer service customer service marketing is not a shield. Millet forum is the base of this service strategy, micro-blog, WeChat and other customer service functions. Millet on micro-blog customer service has a requirement: 15 minutes fast response. To this end, but also specifically developed a customer service platform for special treatment. Especially on micro-blog, whether it is the user’s advice or Tucao, there will soon be millet staff reply and answer, many users are surprised. And millet has been optimizing customer service response speed. And this is a big company, a customer care for the sake of the company must do, and do these, the user’s sense of participation will be more obvious.

millet also raised the idea of universal customer service, and encourage everyone to contact users in a real way. From Lei Jun began, will spend an hour every day to reply to micro-blog’s comments. Including all engineers, the timely reply to the forum post is an important indicator of job evaluation. According to statistics, millet forum every day add 120 thousand posts, through the content of the screening and classification, there are essential content of the post about 8000, on average every day, each engineer to reply 150 posts. The engineer’s feedback will be followed by a state at the end of each post, for example, has been included, is being resolved, resolved, validated

My site of the road back chapter

webmaster? Oh, to tell you the truth, I did not call this a formal webmaster, because he was not a successful website, this way, to do a lot of websites, forums, portals, garbage station, can not hold it off, no time to take care of it for! Use the free space, the space is not stable to dispel my enthusiasm.

in retrospect, I started from the high school, contact the site, the chance that the independent station system, online registration, will have their own website, also can manage blog than senior point now! From that moment on the website slowly understand, love is gradually on the website independent station! Let me know the benefits of the code, wow and point out the effects code, often on the Internet! Good good, especially curious! As the clock effects code, mouse effects code etc.. At that time I felt like a genius. I sent my website everywhere.

later admitted to the University, with a lot of free time, he also bought a computer, so, in the University, began to really meaningful learning website production, under the N multi video. At first I didn’t use Dreamweaver, but with Frontpage. So far, I often use Frontpage, and Dreamweaver. Feel Frontpage easily! I learn is not a computer professional, but there is a strong interest in Web site production, often to a problem, ask a step, night without sleep! The night is often the thing! Sometimes managed to turn a page design well, or to solve a program my heart, have a sense of achievement, feel especially comfortable. People in my dorm say I’m crazy. What they often tell me is, "what do you do at that point every day?"". I feel that the comrades who are doing websites are crazy in the eyes of others, not crazy, and I feel that everyone feels the same.

I in the production site on the road is not easy! I was browsing countless websites, almost every open a website, I will go to the production site observation angle, see the good website, I will be saved, and the mind forms a natural site layout framework now discovered that I was! Seeing so many websites not white, because now the website to have the kind of mind the image of the website, including the page style, page content and so on. Some people say that I have no originality, I personally think that is not the case, the beginning is to imitate, will be, and then talk about innovation,


to do a website, I have a deep feeling, that is, the school website, the practice is very important, often to do, do a website, you will have to fly! I was so over, a self-taught one year production site to the second, it he started an independent website, began to feel very difficult, but slowly, you will find yourself a lot of progress,


doesn’t start a dynamic web site at all, and it always feels like the dynamic web site is so esoteric. Look at ASP>

Web site navigation development analysis what navigation sites do we need

1. What is a navigation site?

navigation website, also known as site navigation, site navigation is a collection of more web site, and in accordance with certain conditions for classification of a web site. Web site navigation is convenient for users to quickly find their own needs of the site, without having to remember all types of Web sites, you can directly access to the required sites. Now the site navigation generally also provide their own commonly used query tools, as well as mailbox landing, search engine portal, and some hot news and other functions. (Via)

two, traditional site navigation station requirements

everyone needs a navigation station.

from the user’s point of view, in fact, the site can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the daily needs on site, the number of such stations should be much less than 10; the other one is the user interest correlation station, may not be every day, but when there is a need to be on the station;

some people put those every day on station in the browser bookmarks inside the initial page; some people use the browser to provide access to these every day on the station; some people may love playing (with the web site URL directly prompted); some people use site navigation station;

those that are related to interest, some use browser bookmarks; some also use direct input URLs; some also use web navigation to meet them;

so in fact, from the two types of demand, most of the actual use of similar hao123 navigation station to meet these two requirements, at present it is still a very good solution.

three, site navigation station development,

domestic relatively well-known navigation site, hao123, 360 navigation, 265, 114la. For a long time, ha0123 was a model for this field, but in fact, the navigation station is evolving to meet the extended needs of its existing users.

1, site navigation extends to content navigation

‘s navigation website is now moving (or extending) navigation from web sites to more demanding content navigation, such as hao123’s movie navigation, hao123’s TV navigation, and 360 video

2, personalized customization,

is currently the main representative to the number of, in fact, from the perspective of business model, the existing mainstream navigation website is actually very difficult to achieve truly personalized, but 1616 is actually put more custom functionality to the user. But then again, there were a number of personalized home pages, and now it seems to be all gone. Again, a problem, users are lazy, and really let the user go to complete customization may be stupid!


four, mobile navigation site

Do you need a guide like Web on your