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Registration review is not necessarily a bad thing for the stationmaster

Since the

from the beginning of last year, the Internet campaign vulgarity cleanup campaign, the closure of 140 thousand illegal sites, inspection provinces website record rate reached more than 90%, the accuracy rate of the record information can reach more than 80%. Many of the friends of the site has been varying degrees of impact, some have been closed, and some of the records have been revoked, and my own two non filing sites are also among them. Many webmaster friends just shouted down with intense emotion. But personally, I think it is not a bad thing to increase the censorship of websites. In fact, it is a good thing for many webmasters who want to make their websites bigger and stronger. read more

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Personal network development thinking

network development today, it is a hundred flowers bloom, variety, a variety of sites abound. Among them, personal website in the "vast station sea" can be described as "half of the country.". In this, many will come and go, but is often a sea station personnel, when there is a new station to be eliminated! So, as personal webmaster, development should have the mentality of how to keep the site, how to make money? How to operate the


, I think, as a webmaster especially personal Adsense in at the beginning of the site must ensure that the cautious attitude, must not be too optimistic, do not want to earn much money, want to look a little further, estimated to be some bad situation. Because the site from the promotion to the flow, to produce influence, and then to make money, need a natural cycle, so as not to let you disappointed ahead of schedule, thus ending in advance. I have a net friend to see other people build a website (local door), oneself also resigned, made one. In the initial operation within 2 months I played N telephone, asking why again and again, why flow, why not as good as others, although I also N once told him to have patience, patience, anything is not easy, but he is still worried as the same everywhere doctor. But in the third months, I didn’t receive his phone call, and finally QQ also closed, so he was too disappointed, he closed the site, and that is the result. I personally think that to do the station is popular, but not necessarily for anyone, but can not rashly without the economic basis, action, if you want to do can do part-time, so that both the economic source, and can engage in part-time network running flow, it is slowly. When the time is ripe, concentrate on doing better. read more

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Webmaster voice e-commerce era, let us be more pragmatic

, I’m not a webmaster, I don’t understand the program, and I haven’t done any websites. Know Admin5 or the introduction of a good friend just know, gathered here most of the domestic site friends. Read a lot of articles, but also with some of my ideas written out of the impulse.

I was in the Taobao

shop, selling Adult supplies, business in general, now at Taobao had relatively high credit level basically is difficult to survive, but in this industry, the proliferation of counterfeit goods, a cost of fifty or sixty dollars of goods, some people sell Oh in more than ten yuan, every time visitors don’t ask how much talent how much money and so on, make people feel helpless, but also do not want to slander others, smart consumers can buy genuine goods at a fair price of goods. read more

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Small and medium enterprise website wants to find one’s own network stone

everyone should remember when Chinese textbook a little fable "crow drink water", the crow is the clever crow, it finally drink the water is piled up by stones slowly, let the water up to the mouth of the bottle to drink, although we may seem silly. However, considering the actual situation, we have to say that the smart crow got. So for small and medium enterprises occupy the network it is to find their own network stone, so that I could solve the plight of thirst? The answer is self-evident, this is a little and share my views today: small and medium-sized enterprise website to find their own network of stone, let the stones their plot to save power, tell these stones to become a cornerstone of corporate profits. read more

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The purpose of using tag tags is to discuss its function

when have Tag tags have been curled in a dark corner, finally one day, we see in the CMS system and bolg system are added to the Tag label, put some relevant keywords together, this good label also became a lot by the webmaster tools, and many webmaster get the Tag tag to reach the acme of perfection, actually the purpose is very simple, the first is to increase the search engine, the second is to improve the user experience. So why are these two purposes, and how should we write the story of Tag tags, read more

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The core of retaining visitors identity and Realization of visitor value

is a visitor to a site is the key to sustainable development factors, and the accumulation of visitors by visitors experience, many webmaster friends will say: loading a site, the page style color, the overall framework, content and advertising layout affects the visitor experience. So many webmaster blindly to these directions to improve visitors experience, however, the development of the site alone visitors experience is not enough. Visitors always have a boring day at a friendly design site, and the real retention of visitors is the value of the site, and how to switch from visitor experience to paying attention to visitor value will become a trend. Today we’re talking about the core issue of retaining visitors: visitor value. read more

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Internet thinking of enterprise management

Internet thinking for enterprise management


from passing

first proposed enterprise management Internet thinking advocates

wrote in preface

– people living in the contemporary world must pay attention to the tremendous changes that have taken place in the Internet, whether individuals or businesses. The rise of the Internet has changed everyone’s way of life, and has changed everyone’s thinking. These will be disruptive changes. Personal change has changed our way of life, the second is our ideas, from the former to the forward thinking, reverse thinking now, and now we are examining before life values, whether the idea is to examine before? Whether it is consistent with our way of life and in business, change? The rights between businesses and consumers, before when we purchase products, usually by businessmen say, and now changed, our consumers dominant position, to experience as the main, to see whether we are willing to buy the product. read more

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Double fold letter EE.cn166 Wan Jie

last night, the double eleven party, the people of carnival, Gongxiangshengju, followed by the domain name market driven, 2 fold the letter names in this special day and shoot, the price of up to 1 million 660 thousand yuan.

domain name ee.cn registered in 2013, the domain name is relatively short, whois query, the domain name holder information has not changed, and ultimately successful transactions have yet to be verified.

double letter ee.cn because of the particularities of the product itself to make it suitable for various types of terminals, which is EE Electrical Engineering electronic information engineering, and enantiomeric excess organic chemical abbreviations, so the choice of ee.cn is related to the industry website. In addition, the EE.com domain name is now abroad and has been established. read more

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How do webmasters react to negative news

network with mature, people are faced with the network needs a correct attitude, sitting opposite network are the dragons and fishes jumbled together in a negative article, have caused a fatal blow to the enterprise or industry, we all know that recently because of a negative information to bring 1 billion 500 million citrus farmers in China’s losses. Let everyone know a Sanlu melamine because of Sanlu, the dairy industry China are affected, losses are not statistics. Of course I am not saying that the network does not need a negative article, because it is a free society, a lot of bad people will go to malicious slander and attack some companies use the network platform. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, these words are beyond the control of. read more

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Built on the first day of Bo was Baidu, Google included experience

before the establishment of network topics: http://flydancy.blogbus.com/, Liang’s blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/flydancy, network http://flydancy1.blog.sohu.com/, three new observation: the first day was Google, baidu included, brief experience.

1, the title should be different, the title contains keywords is ideal, for example: this blog is "on the network", in order to make a better ranking "on Baidu keyword network", can join the keyword in the title.

2, increase the original text, appropriate around keyword optimization, strongly recommended in title also added. The original here is not to say that their own writing is finished, and you have to search for other people have written similar, if you are advised, or change the topic of conversation. read more

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In A5 hair soft text, get high reprint skills

                A5 text size ten articles, and draws some soft high reprint rate experience to write soft to you webmaster friends, there may be some deviation, but for most of the articles. Here do not consider the quality of the article, only to consider through the normal way in the home page to show the article.


read more

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Do a good job in website marketing design

many websites want to achieve a good marketing effect, do a good job of website marketing, not only to optimize, but also in the beginning of the design of website marketing a few key points.

1) station help system

put it first, because the user’s experience has always been placed in the first place, so that customers can always help to check, know at any time to operate, and then silly people will operate. Only with a good user experience, there is a reverse rate, only word of mouth marketing. Only the user in the first place of the website, is a successful network marketing website. read more

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An operating consumer diary how do we get 10 times profit for half a year

today, this article is a record of start-up consumption, more accurately, about the early days of start-up products, consumer records about marketing. Our time is 5 months, spent a total of 7 thousand dollars, earn 70 thousand yuan. The following article, I take each month as a unit, tell you tell me, how we spend money, spend what time, what time to adjust, to what purpose, and the income growth curve is what. Hope to be able to do the promotion of friends a little reference.

is the first to tell you that what we do is an Internet marketing learning platform called "100 waves", said the popular point is to use practical experience in marketing work, recorded video teaching and give students the opportunity to provide additional contact and homework, hoping to solve the practical problems in marketing learning. read more

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09 years site navigation road where

where is the 09 year website navigation route?

in the online reality, it is often said that, as China’s Internet users improve the network technology, the site navigation station has no survival necessary. Really? I thought the site navigation station was an important internet tool, and not only will it disappear, but it will grow stronger and stronger. Nowadays, more and more information can be found on the Internet, and people are becoming more and more dependent on the internet. The popularity of search engines such as Baidu and Google has been a case in point over the past few years. However, the vast network of such as the sea, the light search engine to find the target is obviously not enough, because search engines are not omnipotent. Therefore, as a supplement to the search engine, web site navigation will still be an indispensable partner on the internet. read more

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Highlight what exactly do you want to do

has such stationmaster, although his technical level is not very tall, but use CMS to do a website, use source code to change a website to have no problem, also know a few common SEO and other promotion method. But worrying is that they can always make the same site persist, basically common types of Web sites he has done, he made popular classification information classification station, QQ station code QQ code he made popular network group purchase station, hot and he do in every group purchase station, seems to follow the trend, each are big waves shot dead on the beach. Change your website, and eventually a successful website is not available. read more

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Cosmetic shops operating difficulties

although the demand for cosmetics on the market now is growing, it seems that the market contains a lot of wealth, is a cause worthy of investment. However, until the real access to this market only to find that there are so many difficulties in this business. So, what are the difficulties of cosmetic shops?

cosmetics store internal operating difficulties

high rent: house prices rose, especially the consumer environment is good, the crowd is more than the facade, the higher the rent of cosmetic shops. read more

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6 weeks from the site, included, the PR value of =3 tell the truth

Senior high school entrance examination enrollment information

Station – Hebei caught network is committed to the spread of North China, with "service candidates, education services, social services" for the purpose! I stand from May 11, 2009 to June 23rd officially opened operations for 6 weeks, has been the major search engines and search keywords caught, Hebei caught and Hebei senior high school entrance examination "in Baidu, Google and other search engines are on the front page, and the top 3 home page. read more

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Hosting server classic issues summary

ADMIN5 to make friends in the better find a good home for their own servers, the better development of their own website, elaborations of the cause, at the beginning of April on the germination of the idea of writing this article, it has been pre finishing before ADMIN5 friends tell me when I talk to other escrow. This good article usually see a good re read it again. Maybe I wrote the following content is similar to the content you see over there, even you told me the situation and experiences in QQ, I think this article is to summarize the experience, rather than technological innovation, but also I am referring to some excellent articles, plus your experience is summarized. It will inevitably have similar contents of friends have seen before. First of all, there may be little agents and hosting providers who don’t want to see the contents of the article, this article is standing on a point of view of the customer choice a good destination for their servers, so there will be some agents do not see the contents of love, hope to get your understanding. read more

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It’s so simple to let your site link appear on the Admin5 page

long time ago, I heard a webmaster friend said, A5 is the webmaster of the holy land, and now they have done webmaster, later is deeply appreciate this. In addition to learning something, the more important thing is the high weight of A5 and its selflessness. On top of A5, even if it is strictly according to its requirements, there are many places to leave a link to your website. In effect, it is no doubt that, A5 posts on Baidu is usually included in the day. A new station of the author, has never been to any search engine submission after landing in the construction of the first request, when Shouyang made a post with a link on the A5, the results of the second day were found including Google, Baidu, Bing, a large number of search engines such as YAHOO, Sogou all grab, then the author of this station due to frequent changes in the process of construction, leading to dial hair, also can not blame others. read more

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Good site planning allows you to build a multiplier (two)

last time by the "happy studio" written about website planning article, get a lot of friends support. This time will continue to explain the next half of the site planning. Review: I will be divided into several parts of the site planning – market analysis, the site itself, the site’s service object, website construction, website promotion, website profit way.

this time will emphasize website, website promotion, website profit means.

Content construction of


after market research and market analysis and positioning of the website, the infrastructure we need to do is site construction, it includes web front page design and web programming background, but also for the site test and upload the site after the work all done. read more

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Advantage analysis of service providers based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

the current electronic commerce competition, business model innovation, innovation of new technology, need on the site during the operation, combined with external business software and operation station system more, this modification requires system front end and the rear end of the system synchronization platform changes, e-commerce station upgrade and improvement should be taken into account compatible and minimize stop running time. In view of the above e-commerce development situation, the webmaster needs to have a better architecture consciousness, to construct and manage the website. Based on my own experience of building a website, I’d like to talk about the advantages of an e-commerce station built on the service oriented architecture (SOA). read more

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Is it really impossible to save the station after being K

After many webmaster

by K on the site will want to site can not be saved, not really, actually K is a principle, Baidu has included his principle, as long as we follow this principle, it can guarantee you have not been K. I’m going to tell you a true record of K.

I haven’t done before release station sites like at the same time, I have not tried this technology, in April of this year registered the domain name http://www.xktlbb.com, start Denon eight PW release station.

just started very smooth, domain name bought 5 days was Baidu included, it seems that Baidu is very friendly to me, and then I began to optimize, the program used with the Webmaster Station is the same, is also DEDECMS. The system is really good. Optimized for about a month, the site was K. At that time, because I didn’t take this seriously, I didn’t care. I changed the individual pages and gave them to me. The speed was fast. read more

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If I had insisted four years ago, would I go beyond the king now

first off, this is the first time I write soft, well written also please forgive me Brothers o (a _ U) o… In fact, from the beginning of the 04 year is the beginning of the big one, I have been engaged in the site, and just started when the Falcon network in China to apply for personal home page, but also pay to join the permanent VIP. Now think oneself is really silly, just a simple home a fart ah, might as well go to Sina for a blog! But then again, when Sina had not opened blog! Later joined the school’s Computer Society (I am the design and manufacture of mould made of science gradually understand) some engage in "friends, he also gradually began to explore DW to engage in a static web site, which is then, know what is space, server, FTP and so on. But still feel that such a site update is a big problem, first, the trouble does not say, making every page is too time-consuming. read more

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Personal webmaster grim situation is optimistic or pessimistic to masquerade

yesterday wrote an article "fengshengheli after the individual owners of the spring far no longer a time of national peace and order", this thought will make you some good gray mood, but let me become a lot of people in the eyes of the so-called 5 party a little hair! Laugh, also have a little taste, just a personal analysis the article, would cause so much anger, it seems really touched a lot of people sensitive nerve. This time the rectification let all the webmaster of high tension, any wind sways grass will make their internal, remind, including myself, afraid that one day will appear such situation, leading to their hard cast to waste! Since so many people are opposed to it is necessary to write a continuation. For your reply to do some simple explanation: read more

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Wang Changhe webmaster how to learn micro-blog marketing from zero learning

micro-blog believe that many people have heard, recently fired more fire, such as Sina, NetEase, Tencent, are mainstream micro-blog. Since there are so many people to play micro-blog, is not able to find a little skill here to do network marketing, the answer is yes, if the skills can also play a very good marketing effect, for the network marketing is the new platform must not let go, to see if he can use to do marketing and I hope we can do this, have good skills to share with everyone out and let me say how to do a good job of micro-blog marketing. read more

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Seek your own path in the network, rookie upgrade to IDC webmaster experience

may be many reasons, from 05 years before I began to pick up the network, see the website of others, they want to do, so he in the network to find information, ask friends, in retrospect, that’s funny.

originally can only do some simple "what, also will not publish it to the network side, afterwards just know the name of the" space "is what website must have, ah, where to get? At first did not come to class to learn what money, they find the site in the article on the network remember, a netizen told me a free space site, or pure static 100M, but ah, not FTP, relying on their own curiosity and patience that I began to do stand experience, to understand web, then just found called information technology school books on it the introduction, then pick up the book is a look at a few hours, finally will do some simple web pages, and then found the word to use almost well, gradually rising confidence, happy to do the site, Oh, every day holding their own free space to do the site, or two level domain name to show off everywhere. read more

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My view on how to increase the weight of Baidu

often on the Admin5, increase the weight of Baidu method, many people say, but everyone has his own set, everyone’s focus is not the same. But some basic things are the same.

my small station insists on its own weight line, that is, the simplest "original + the chain"".

first said originality, Baidu likes originality, that is, everyone knows, after my experience is also true, and more than the so-called pseudo original much better. Baidu doesn’t have anything on the Internet. He likes it. You can’t wait to see the same stuff! read more

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Why millet will be successful, the current most popular experiential marketing

talk about the rise of millet, many judgments, whether it is to catch up with the trend of the flow, or the accumulation of millet for so many years, or is the correct guidance and management leadership team. But most of the surface or appraise and fragment, can not reveal a complete success of millet principle and method for management. Millet’s success is not replicable, millet marketing is not replicable. It can be said that millet is out of an apple road in china. Stepping out of the apple road with Chinese characteristics. Although millet has been concerned, but also talked about a lot of people do well with millet and do poorly. Of course, do poorly or millet bottleneck, that is, occasionally ridicule. In China, there is only one millet, and who can, like Lei Jun and Li Wanqiang, you can always lead the millet team to move forward correctly, again and again to refresh the record. read more

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My site of the road back chapter

webmaster? Oh, to tell you the truth, I did not call this a formal webmaster, because he was not a successful website, this way, to do a lot of websites, forums, portals, garbage station, can not hold it off, no time to take care of it for! Use the free space, the space is not stable to dispel my enthusiasm.

in retrospect, I started from the high school, contact the site, the chance that the independent station system, online registration, will have their own website, also can manage blog than senior point now! From that moment on the website slowly understand, love is gradually on the website independent station! Let me know the benefits of the code, wow and point out the effects code, often on the Internet! Good good, especially curious! As the clock effects code, mouse effects code etc.. At that time I felt like a genius. I sent my website everywhere. read more

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Web site navigation development analysis what navigation sites do we need

1. What is a navigation site?

navigation website, also known as site navigation, site navigation is a collection of more web site, and in accordance with certain conditions for classification of a web site. Web site navigation is convenient for users to quickly find their own needs of the site, without having to remember all types of Web sites, you can directly access to the required sites. Now the site navigation generally also provide their own commonly used query tools, as well as mailbox landing, search engine portal, and some hot news and other functions. (Via) read more

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