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New era, new development model, Dazhou, 1+7 Industrial Park

Since the reform and opening up, China’s economy has achieved rapid development, but there are still many regional development has not kept up with the pace of the

. Want to develop their own economy, we must change the development of ideas, positive flow. Nowadays, walking in various industrial parks in Dazhou, the development and construction of the boom boom amazing. The old abandoned hilly slope, has been developed into a piece of flat land, a building row upon row of looming, a broad flat road extension…… read more

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Small shops in the face of large supermarket competition should be flexible

small shop once on the big supermarket, if you can not take the right business strategy, will really be down in the back. There is a big supermarket near my shop. Big supermarket first opened, in order to win customers, the commodity prices to a minimum. I worry about what happened, not only affected by the store, but also face the threat of closing. After repeated thinking and learning, but also to some good business shop to visit and learn, constantly learning and exploring, I re adjust the good mentality, determined to overcome the difficulties to establish confidence to meet the challenges of big supermarket. read more

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What factors do you want to choose

choose a suitable service object, we need to start from more aspects, so that the service object will be more high-quality. The retail customers and suppliers is a mutually beneficial, complementary, win-win cooperation. It is important for us to choose an ideal and qualified supplier.

first, to investigate the quality of the products supplied by the supplier. Look at the quality of the product identification, production date, production address, etc.. Depends on the supplier’s delivery of bills and procedures are complete. Regular and orderly purchase channels, excellent product quality is a good starting point for the operation. read more

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Three quickly determine the location of the franchise

for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship shop, is a normal thing. However, do you know how to quickly determine the location of the franchise? This is a lot of entrepreneurial friends, are easy to ignore the problem, the following three points to help you successfully location, fast shop.

The store itself:

In fact, many of the seemingly prosperous

Background: read more

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Chongqing Internet + trade unions to create a new service model

in our daily life with the continuous development of economy, science and technology has also been vigorously developed, for the rational use of the Internet, the development of the economy is very useful. In November 11th, "Internet plus union service" into the grassroots campaign launch ceremony was held in a project of China Railway Tunnel group. The event sponsored by the Federation of trade unions, the joint professional third party organizations at the grass-roots level to help better grasp the grass-roots trade unions "Internet + union service data management, back office functions and service processes, further help to understand and use a variety of" Internet plus hichem service union members". read more

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Maternal and child supplies store how to make a profit

maternal and child supplies store operators should be how to operate before they can guarantee their success in the store? Many novice operators have a lot of questions about this problem, if you want to run the store that quickly contact us, Xiaobian for you to sort out some suggestions, I hope useful for you.

baby children join the project information store opened must have opened the atmosphere, let the customer know you are in the new. Create a business atmosphere is added into the store, and the music is also very important, but also must have the dynamic music, no music store is terrible, opened when you try to stop the music, people speak loud suddenly come out, you will suddenly appear at a loss, music sound cover people’s noise, but also increase the customer’s sense of security. read more

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How to open a casual snack shop for product display

for all kinds of shops selling goods, if you want to attract more consumers, not only need a good service, but also need to have a product in line with consumer demand. However, for the current number of consumers, how to display the product is not an easy thing. So, how to open a casual snack shop product display?

snack snacks on the market has been welcomed by many consumers, snack snack products market demand is also increasing year by year, which makes a lot of entrepreneurs to see the business opportunities. For casual snack operators, want to open a snack bar is not easy to do, want to make money, when the shop still needs a lot of display skills. Today, Xiaobian will lead you to understand. read more

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What needs to be done to open a shop on the Internet

delicious cake is a lot of people we can not refuse the delicacy, but also people who want to start a business to the industry, in the current era, many people would like to open a bakery, but weak in the hands of their limited funds, location, decoration and shop all need to spend a lot of money. So, they turn to the online shopping mall, and then the stability of the customer and then open the store line. It seems that through the network sales is only need to upload the product map, waiting for the next line. But in fact, you still need a lot of preparation. read more

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Open shop to make money in the end what is the most important

at present, the network has become a platform that is closely related to people’s lives, many of the activities can be done through the network. So open shop has become the first choice of many people, but want to make money in the open shop, in the end what is the most important. The most important thing is what you want to get a result. It is the key to your success to choose the project that is right for you or what you are interested in.

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Open cosmetics shop channel is the key to the purchase of small recommended

is now the majority of women in the society, more and more demand for cosmetics, but also brought a new round of market opportunities, as operators of a cosmetics, in the beginning, you need to understand the cosmetics shop purchase channels.

1, local wholesalers or dealers purchase

to local wholesalers or agents that can purchase cosmetics supply, there is certainly the most cheap. But this requires a certain amount of money, if you are just a new shop, it is recommended not to enter so many goods. Cosmetics purchase depends on whether the product is genuine, where they purchase absolute guarantee goods. For example: I live in Shenzhen, Shenzhen cosmetics wholesale market is generally looking for sources of goods, of course, to get the goods cheaper than the goods online. read more

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Xiaogan Municipal Fund to establish a strong entrepreneurial innovation

now all over the government are trying to actively promote the activities of all social entrepreneurship, and now has achieved some success, Hubei City, Xiaogan Province recently established a venture capital fund to guide entrepreneurship.

2 day, the Xiaogan municipal government held a general assembly, vigorously promote the deployment of dynamic leap, accelerate the construction of innovative city work, issued 8 documents to support innovation and entrepreneurship policy combination of unprecedented efforts. read more

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How to promote agricultural modernization in Fujian

Since the reform and opening to the outside world, the economy of coastal cities in China has made great progress, but the economic development of the vast rural areas still needs to be further improved by

. "Xiamen," 13th Five-Year "agriculture and rural economic development plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") recently released, Xiamen will strive to put forward in 2020, the construction of urban modern agriculture has made significant progress, the urban modern agriculture industry cluster development value reached the standard of 100 billion yuan. So, how to promote agricultural modernization in Fujian? read more

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The influence of brand on jewelry enterprises

is a foreign brand image for the enterprise, to enhance the brand image of the way should be a full range of products to consumers at the same time, the transfer of enterprise culture, so the brand is a very important problem.

brand is an evaluation of a company and its products, customer service service, cultural value and cognition, is a kind of trust. In today’s era of fierce competition in the market economy, brand awareness is more and more strong, more consumers began to look for the brand, is no longer blind consumption. How to build a brand, what is the product, what is the brand? read more

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Shanghai focus on cleaning up the line under the financial requirements of the store Zhejiang self-e

live in an era of the Internet, the Internet is almost impossible to leave the normal life. However, there are a lot of financial risks for the Internet need remediation, the following together to understand the relevant measures in Shanghai and Zhejiang.

4 22, 2009, the Shanghai Internet Financial Industry Association organized a member unit held a forum to promote information disclosure of members of the association". At the meeting conveyed the spirit of the 14 ministries on the Internet financial risk special rectification work conference call. read more

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Nail industry what kind of development trend

nail is now more and more people’s lives in the proportion of many friends want to engage in the cause of nail. Nail nail consumer groups are constantly expanding, especially the fastest growth of high consumption. In this situation, some of the health of the low-grade nail shops will gradually decline, while the chain of high-end brand nail shop will be replaced. So, the future development trend of nail industry?

consumer characteristics:

The operation of

nail shop is gradually changed from the original "one pot stew" form to provide customers with more professional, personalized, humanized and exclusive services and products. Such as nail style private custom. This is a trend, a simple consumption to the luxury consumption of the transformation process, the gradual realization of a higher degree of privacy of the senior club. It will be a process of risk and opportunity, success and failure. Mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore left for the king. read more

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When Sina micro-blog

now, Sina has changed the lives of everyone, more and more Sina micro-blog users in the online exchange and information sharing. Xiao Bian has been unable to remember how long Sina micro-blog spin off listing news.

Twitter:2006 in March, as early as three and a half years earlier than micro-blog, monthly active users reached 215 million, more than 100 million active users.

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Ni Ni Ni Jing Bairan cohabitation lovers have headlines

there is a William Feng in the sun drying for high speed motorcycle stalls thing hot smell, here is Jing Bairan Ni Ni exposure before and after cohabitation, former lovers’ headlines, the play continued, let netizens a little ignorant!

today (6 days), micro-blog users "leader" broke the Ni Ni and Jing Bairan are in love, two people have sweet cohabitation. The netizen said, Ni Ni and Jing Bairan love cohabitation? I was rejected, a bit of a mess, Ni Ni and William Feng broke up after the man love Lin Yun, emotional woman home now was photographed and little meat Jing Bairan together, two people worked together on "wind", but this does not get the bid leader according to science! Can only say that the entertainment is really fuck the chaos! Do you believe it?" According to the picture broke the contents of the two cohabitation photos will be exposed on Monday. read more

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A little story tells you to negotiate better

negotiations to pay attention to skills, like life, but also need skills. If you do not deal with the relationship between people, a lot of problems will find you! Take a look at the potential negotiation skills through a classic story. Business negotiations, how can we reach an agreement? Stories inspire your brain.

to reproduce the story

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Market luxury brands eyeing Chinese students in the United States

Chinese overall economic environment is not good, European luxury brands began to shift the focus of the market, began to shift attention to the new Chinese gold main pockets, begin to pay close attention to students in the United States and the dynamic Chinese, innovation decision are achieved.

At the beginning of

2015, Losangeles Beverly mall launched a shuttle service, in the opening quarter and graduation season, University of California at Los Angeles and the University of Southern California China equipped with family go shopping. In signed a sponsorship agreement with 45 thousand people Chinese student groups, Beverly Center Marketing and sponsorship director Susan · the vise this move is regarded as the most successful marketing plan. read more

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Pure dry hand teach you how to do business

what is the hottest word now? Yes, that is entrepreneurship! Suddenly, such as spring night, entrepreneurial overnight become the questions we are most concerned about, whether it is television, newspapers and websites, were reported in the entrepreneurship policy, success stories, we also discuss with each other in business plan.

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How to do a good job in the clothing store sales atmosphere

do not know if you have not found, even the same brand in the same sales mode, to give people the feeling is not the same, at present, there are many clothing franchisee dealers are often worried frown bitter face. Why is this so, of course, is not expected to sell well, even with the expected difference of one hundred and eight thousand miles. So, clothing dealers who can not be happy?. There is no doubt that many of the reasons for the sale of clothing dealers are not ideal, the reasons are manifold. For example, clothing store sales atmosphere is not strong, is one of the main reasons for poor sales performance. read more

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Investment clothing stores need to pay attention to those methods

garment industry as the most popular entrepreneurs focus on the industry in recent years has maintained a steady growth trend, today’s clothing stores is the current market visibility and sales of the most good project, so clothing stores worth to invest, but mature entrepreneurs need mature skills, more professional management way you find clothing stores, so how to quickly get the clothing stores successfully, now looking to struggle more real answers!

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Online education should not be obsessed with imitation

online education is now very fire, all brands are competing to launch education online education, but not all of the online education brands are able to "eat", too many educational institutions want to borrow the meeting to make their institutions active in the media circle, business circle, compared to the Internet circle, too. Imitation of the Internet impetuous, but it is not the essence of the Internet to imitate the essence behind. Online education, do not be infatuated with the imitation of the road! read more

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How to operate the specialty umbrella shop

with the market competition is getting bigger and better, less and less good projects, how to identify the opportunity to choose what project? Entrepreneurs are a lot of questions, the following small series for you to bring a can be seen everywhere, but few people find good business opportunities, teach you how to operate a specialty umbrella!

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