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Chain stores need to pay attention to matters needing attention


franchise has now become a way for people to start at the same time, the franchise mode and in fact some of the traditional business shop there are still some differences, especially in such a universal era of entrepreneurship, open chain stores have a note?

A, in his early, pay attention to the reasonable financing, reasonable investment funds

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Dalian has sent brother courageous pregnant woman to the hospital – net production

Dalian, a pregnant woman suddenly produced, with the help of a good driver, rushed to a local hospital, successy gave birth to a child. Lu master 40 years old this year, Henan, is a night shift driver, a family living in Dalian for more than 20 years. After seeing the driver was picked up by the hospital stretcher, did not charge the fare quietly left, but fortunately mother and child.

event progress

good brother found, is Henan

later, the parties to find the good things do not go down the Master Lu, Dalian City Taxi Management Office said it will be commended for good brother Lu master, Ms. Chung also made banner, will personally thank. read more

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Happy Niu Ye joined the pie broad prospects good profit – the whole easily showmanship

With the

to raise the level of modern life, many people are in pursuit of unique delicacy snacks, happy cow pie, as popular delicacy, has won the favor of consumers, all over the country happy cow pie, stores, you can see the line of men, happy cow, pie taste crispy, fascinating.

At the beginning of the establishment of the

enterprise, the development direction and the mission of the company are clearly defined. In 10 years, thousands of the first food industry focus on the booming catering business, set up a new management platform through to explore more advanced operational mechanism, establish a diversified training mode, the rapid development of enterprises. read more

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Changsha thief posing as a network of stolen property to clean up the table next to the phone

Changsha a thief posing as network theft, the thief came to the cafe to the staff to clean up the desktop, mobile phone stolen pilfering the desk next to the guests. The man he was finally arrested after a number of.

now many people think the Internet will have trouble, love their belongings on the computer desk, and then play computer. As everyone knows, the property on these tables is easy to become the target of thieves. Some thieves also more absolutely, pretending to be a network management, inadvertently took things away. read more

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Chengdu dishes to join the hot market detonated opportunities

is now the popular restaurant much favored by the market, has become the preferred direction of investment of small and medium investors, doing business flavor delicacy, many people look to the Chengdu restaurant to join the market, especially in Chengdu to take food as a major feature of the Chengdu food industry in recent years is the delicacy, the investment continues to heat up, became a restaurant industry good entrepreneurial projects.

Market: food dishes to join gradually warming

2016 to take food to join the project created a thick and heavy in colours and beverage market in Chengdu. Each big dish to join the brand by virtue of the professional image of the enterprise and health and safety of the gourmet experience, so that the food to join the project in the national food and beverage market shine, become a collective entrepreneur applauded the brand. read more

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Circle of friends ivory ivory criminal gang was broken

WeChat circle of friends to do business there are a lot of micro business, but it was the use of a circle of friends reselling ivory, the offense caused the police attention, a huge criminal gangs were arrested by the police in one fell swoop.

the original circle of friends is the exchange between friends feelings, but didn’t want to be the start of the illegal crime. But once the law, certainly can not escape legal sanctions, because the circle of friends is not outside the law".

all originated from a WeChat read more

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Guy 8 years to make millions of wealth

he is a typical 80, after 8 years, he earned a net worth of 10 million, he is how to go to the wealth of the road? Please look at the small series together, he is how to go from a poor student! Maybe his story can give you more inspiration.

2005 in the summer, Gao Lei alone carrying heavy luggage to the Soochow University for Easy Access school readiness for poor students, freshmen. High school when the contract of domestic passenger car accident. His father was seriously injured in the car accident, they have been identified as the responsible party of the accident, so the back of more than 20 of the debt. "I took only 1000 to go to college." The 1000 block is the only university Gao Lei spend the money at home for four years.

2011 />

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Automotive coatings ten brands list

because of the growing number of cars, so that the automotive coating market is more and more brands, thus giving consumers more choices. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal the top ten car paint brand rankings, so that people can have a more understanding of the industry’s brand.

automotive coatings ten brands list NO.1, new Jin – Lai Shun Lesonal: Global Fortune 500, the world’s largest paint and coatings company and one of the chemical suppliers, AKZO NOBEL (China) Investment Co., ltd.. read more

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Decryption IT big brother entrepreneurial success of the six password

Internet is considered to be the most easy to get rich quickly in the field of entrepreneurship, the current major Internet giants are almost all from the head of the company started from scratch, and now it is difficult to reach the height of others. Said the success of the road can not be copied, but in fact, there are many similarities, let us work together to analyze the success of these six similarities.

Shi Yuzhu, Ma Yun, Chen Tianqiao

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The sale is not to smile still

is now a large number of shops, consumers have a large selection of space, so the bargain has become a common thing. Even some of the goods are moved, but the transaction can not fight, this time a lot of shopkeepers will easily get angry. In fact, even if the sale is not, if we smile still, often can also contribute to the next business.

young man tall and handsome, often come to my shop to buy things, but he lives in the name of the family who I do not know, nor a lot of inquiries, only that he should be regarded as my store’s old customers. read more

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Open the paper barbecue shop how much money

said the grilled barbecue is not healthy, for their own health, or do not eat it. But the greedy can’t control how to do? Xiaobian to court, can choose the paper on environmental health and delicious barbecue.

said that in the summer to eat barbecue beer is a great enjoyment of life, in fact, no matter what season, barbecue is very attractive. So the whole year to open a barbecue shop of business. How much does it cost to have a barbecue on the paper? Let’s find the answer together. read more

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What is the secret of leisure food stores profit

leisure delicacy in our many people seems to be a very good food, a delicacy not fat, for the majority of entrepreneurs in the business, they will also choose some leisure food items to do, because leisure food demand is big. Open a snack food stores, huge market demand, but also to bring greater business opportunities. Here to give you a look at the venture to open the store to buy food tips.

first, strive for innovation.

only to innovative leisure food store will have a future, hidebound or blindly imitate others, eventually will fail, any leisure food store must show their own characteristics, to create value, but also to increase the customer. read more

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The choice of business a good choice to join West tree puff

How about

West puff tree? Delicious food, always very attractive. Small business franchisees choose to join the West tree puff project, is a very wise choice. How about the West puff tree? Quality projects, worry free business!

see this project, your first reaction is probably not their own, has never done a dessert, how can a good puff store? So, choose good west tree puffs? Technology is not a problem, the headquarters of the top bakery technical escort for you, do not worry about the shop. Plus fine wheat flour, unique shape, exclusive mold, a type of minimalist operation, West tree puffs tens of seconds for a meal, let you easily become Master dessert. read more

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Wuhan hot and dry noodles brand recommended

hot and dry noodles it is relatively well-known to everyone a snack, of course, this is also one of the ten famous Chinese pasta, originated in Wuhan. Today Xiaobian specially to recommend several catering market popular hot dry noodles brand.

1, stone stone woman hot dry noodles

address: Wuhan 28,


recommended reason: the taste is very strong, very good, very fragrant sauce. Every time I go to Hubuxiang, I will eat in the past. Walked into the shop, the wall is posted on the stones and the boss of the group photo, a hundred years old style. read more

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Business needs industrious

if you do anything in your daily life is a lazy attitude, such people are not suitable for business. After all, now the business competition is fierce, "hard work" has become a guarantee of business success. This idiom means "God helps those who help themselves" is: God favours hardworking people, efforts will be rewarded.

also shows that opportunities tend to come to the prepared mind, but to the diligent. The You reap what you sow., refers to such work at all times and in all countries. People live at home can not be separated from the "Qin" word. I think, the same, do business more inseparable from the "Qin" word. read more

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Ya Shan Japanese fast food shop how worry

fast food to join the project, hot projects, the best choice to be trusted. Today, fast food to join the project has been very hot. So, what about the delicious Japanese food? How about the Japanese fast food? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust!

Ya mountain Japanese fast food to join, the product taste is the focus, is one of the few in Japan in 80s and 90s and a single type of beef, rice, beef, one of the fast food restaurant. How to join the fast food Co., Ltd. in Beijing, we have set up a direct shop to provide delicious food and service for all the customers. Mainly engaged in all kinds of delicious Japanese rice, including beef rice, fresh vegetables fried chicken rice, assorted mushroom rice, rice and other moist burn dongpo. read more

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Join the seven seconds fish Hot pot good choice – net wealth

catering market, business opportunities, open shop worry. In the vast food and beverage franchise market, it is necessary to choose to join seven seconds fish hot pot? As we all know, hot pot to join the market, unlimited business opportunities. Small entrepreneurial choice to join seven seconds fish pot project, open a fish of their own in the next seven seconds, the business is good to no friends!

for the Chinese people, the level of food for fish can be rated as first-class, if seven seconds fish ecological cuisine only fish flavor, obviously can not get the favor of the people. Two kinds of secret dip, not only of ethnic sentiment, but also the perfect combination of fish and food, with a seven second fish fillet, you never tasted the fresh flavor of the United states. Seven seconds fish fillet features thin through meat pot see words, color change can enjoy delicious fresh, vast, "seven seconds to eat fish" reputation. The same as the traditional hot pot, the difference is that the dishes will be placed in seven seconds fish secret system dipped in the water, taste better to eat. read more

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How to open stores around the location of pancake

pancakes are a favorite food of many friends, many friends in the market to see the pancake market, want to open a pancake shop. When opening a pancake franchise, everyone wants their own stores to maximize profits, but our franchise income and pancake many factors are involved, one of which is of vital importance to our store location problem, so how can we give the franchise a pancake a suitable


choose a good location is the priority among priorities, a good location is equal to half the success of the shop, the pancake franchise stores to the site? So we must pay attention to. Want to choose a good location, need to consider the shop location of the flow of people, the surrounding environment, Feng Shui and other factors, as long as you pay attention to these aspects, not afraid to choose bad location. read more

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How to treat baozaifan investment with

for the delicious rice cooker, we all know. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the Aberdeen rice project, the hot market, hot projects. Then, start to choose to join with delicious rice? First class quality, trustworthy best choice!

is not the same as good taste, let people eat not forget, many people are of praise after tasted delicious sunburn baozaifan. How delicious fried rice fried rice? Delicious banquet in the Western Zhou Dynasty heritage treasures, traditional taste and modern innovation, let history fusion are let cultural achievement delicacy. All the dishes are used to small fire stew and clay pots, this way of cooking brings a different enjoyment of taste. read more

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How good coco tea market prospects

now tea market, has been very hot. Today, the small business choose to join the tea project, very lucky. Join coco milk tea merchants are in progress, a small selection of entrepreneurship to join the coco tea project, the market is very good business opportunities!

milk tea is a kind of dessert, sweet taste, to give people the impression that the high heat, high sugar, coco tea here completely break the concept, so that consumers can be more assured of drinking. Coco coco tea tea? Selected high-quality fruit powder, jam and other raw materials, cooking soup with fine tea, add fresh juice, skim milk, honey and other low-fat raw materials, to ensure that every cup of tea is low fat and low calorie, for every one go for coco tea partners bring delicious and healthy read more

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Wan Chai Island tea why so hot – the whole

generally speaking, hot project choice, are very choice of market development. In the food and beverage market, Wan Chai Island tea is also very popular. To join the Chai Wan tea project, is still a very good choice. Join the project, you are still hesitant what?

every day there are 360 thousand people in the Chai Wan Chai Tea, so far Wan Chai island has a total of more than 1 thousand and 200 stores, Wan Chai island is one of the famous brands to join the tea shop. "Wan Chai island" brand from Taiwan was founded in 2001, is a tea, coffee and other drinks based on the National hot and cold drinks to join chain corporation. Now in the country has more than 1200 tea chain. read more

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The time – the whole of dessert

in the food and beverage industry to join the industry, investors are more inclined to give their own strong backing to support the project, because this is their future business security. With the change of Chinese society and the development of science and technology, our life has changed greatly. And its change from diet enough to feel. People used to do meal for lunch, Chinese snack food, now Western snacks, cakes, pastries, coffee these foreign food culture products gradually into our diet life, become an indispensable part of. read more

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How to choose a good leisure men’s clothing stores address

now business people are many, many people do not know in the business when entrepreneurship is also need a lot of methods and skills, so entrepreneurs in the shop when the good method for address selection in the shop should master to master, all in through the reading of this article to, certainly not for this problem clearly, this is because the needs of entrepreneurs in the shop when combined with the market analysis! Then, we talk about how to choose business casual menswear stores to address read more

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Too honest people why not earn a lot of money – the whole

describe a personal advantage, "honest" this word is often a lot of people are willing to commendatory terms, by such evaluation. In short, for a long time, a word is always a commendatory existence. But I don’t know when it’s time to start being honest, especially when it comes to money.

in my opinion, I have two kinds of understanding, one is honest, one is dull. Just think, when will we say a person, "you’re really honest!" Certainly some of his actions could not stand, turn iron into steel said. We need to be honest but not inflexible spirit, honest behavior, so that a person is too honest not to earn money there is a certain reason. read more

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How much is the wing of the coffee to join – fee business

how about coffee wings? The brand of coffee, free business, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice. Wing of the coffee to join, the best choice for business with a small capital entrepreneur. So, what are you hesitating about?

wing of the coffee franchise fee according to the official website of the introduction, there are 4 kinds of coffee wings of investment, a wholly owned franchise model, the joint venture to join mode, financial innovation and the joining mode leasing franchise model, depending on the mode, the difference between joined wing of the coffee fee will be 500 thousand yuan, the highest to the lowest. Is 78 thousand yuan. read more

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Two fair in our province won the prize of the ecological sports of the top 22

Reporters learned from the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, 2015 Chinese sports culture · Sports Tourism Expo (referred to as the "fair"), from October 11th to 13, held in China (Taiyuan) coal trading center. In the sports tourism boutique project promotion selection activities, the province received a total of 3 top ten, boutique, a total of 22 awards, second only to host Shanxi, the 25.

it is understood that the current sports Expo to promote the sports spirit, the construction of sports power "and" sports tourism service people’s livelihood as the theme. During the event, will show the development of sports culture and Sports Tourism Forum boutique project promotion, fitness and national traditional sports cultural performances, digital entertainment, sports carnival sports art exhibition of calligraphy, sports and philatelic collections auction, sports star signature interaction, the national fitness results.It is reported that

I province Tangfangudao sports tourism line, Mount Everest, jade mountain ski line to Yuhuan Qinghai Lake on foot bicycle self drive sports tourism line, Sanjiang natural reserve, recreational hiking routes through the Qaidam self driving passion hiking routes, hiking, bike routes in Beishan Huangshui River Corridor on foot, bicycle line cultural customs around Xining snow Carnival sports leisure line line 8 was selected as the national sports tourist routes.

2015 and China · sports culture; Sports Tourism Expo (referred to as the "two fair") held in Shanxi in Taiyuan, and to "ecological Qinghai, vitality of sports" as the theme of the Qinghai Pavilion, shine in the "two fair", the acclaimed.

in the "two fair" in Qinghai, Qinghai venue prominent important ecological status of the country, and the purpose of the development of Qinghai sports ecological sports and livelihood sports. At the same time, the Audi car is the only designated car race around the lake this year, the sponsor of the products are also on display, including derivatives around the race, is to promote Qinghai’s well-known event, as well as the lake race, race around the lake as the representative of the other five major international events. Can say push; read more

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Around the lake [watch event] Linxia – Dingxi the fastest tit for tat

watch event

sat in the presentation area, Mark on the left and right in Gwatz, a full four table two the distance between their thinking, occasionally a collision of the eyes, Gwatz finally understand a truth: Mark is a monkey sent to torture yourself, or will not be so foolish, just higher than yesterday the half of the head, today he was robbed.

Linxia to Dingxi 203 km race to let the players exhausted, Mark said after the game, fast to the end point of time, he has all the strength out of him, his teammates try their best to help him out from the team, so he took advantage of his position to win the sprint, the stage of the championship. read more

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