The salinity of lake water body in Qinghai increased

In order to find out the Qinghai Lake water and ecological environment, recently, Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Management Bureau of the Qinghai Lake water and surrounding the main river into the lake ecological environment factor investigation and sampling, the relevant indicators were analyzed. The survey found that the current Lake in Qinghai, a more serious problem is the degree of salinization of water. According to the survey, the collection of 1100 kinds of water samples. Compared to the water ecological environment comprehensive survey in 60s compared with the related research data, the nutrient content of Qinghai Lake lake has improved, the Qinghai Lake is far away from the eastern region, human disturbance is less, but the main rivers and lakes are injected into the effects of anthropogenic nutrients. These changes remind us that we need to have a clearer understanding of the source of nutrients in Qinghai Lake and avoid the eutrophication of the lake. In addition, from the survey, Qinghai Lake is facing a more serious problem is exacerbated by the degree of salinization of water. If the future of Qinghai Lake water resource supply can not be guaranteed, when the salinity exceeds a certain degree, obvious changes in ecosystem structure will be Qinghai Lake, endemic species like Qinghai Lake Naked Carps with high economic value will be difficult to continue, and the changes of aquatic structure will have a major impact on the migration of birds. Therefore, long-term monitoring of biological indicators of Qinghai Lake basin and lake water, and as a basis for the development of Qinghai lake ecological environment protection related policies and measures, has an extremely important significance.  

Province in the country to take the lead to achieve full coverage of children living subsidies

In 2015, our province and promote the appropriate universal type child welfare system construction will be the first in the country, the province of all sick children, severely disabled children and families of children, the plight of children living into the scope of subsidies, to achieve full coverage of the plight of children living allowance.

The first community floating population and Family Planning Association of Xining

June 7th, Chaoyang District, Xining City, North Street Office of the Beishan community floating population family planning association was established, which is the first city in the north of the community floating population family planning association.

of Beishan community area in Beishan market, Huangshui River market and northwest three electromechanical City auto parts market, is a key area of North foreign population, the area has a floating population of 1325 people. The floating population in the Community Planning Association will provide contraceptive and reproductive health, eugenics, certificates and other services activities agent for the floating population of people of childbearing age, strengthen the floating population of domicile and residence of the contact, help to have difficulty regularly for the floating population, within the jurisdiction of the floating population, business information consulting services.

The introduction of social evaluation mechanism in Xining

this year, for the first time in Xining City, the introduction of social evaluation mechanism in the clean and honest administration inspection, by the Provincial Bureau of society and public opinion research center, the district (county) party and government leadership, the Party leadership of various departments, municipal people’s Congress, municipal CPPCC organs, City Court, city procuratorate, leadership the team directly under the units, independent investigation of all people’s organizations leadership in the clean catch. Starting in September, the city’s first social evaluation work. This means that leading cadres honest not honest, by the masses to evaluate.

It is reported that

, the social evaluation, Xining City, the introduction of professional third party Agency – Qinghai Province Public Opinion Research Center, data acquisition using computer-assisted telephone survey system, survey the scope of coverage, not disturbing. The main contents of social evaluation for the county leadership and leading cadres to fulfill the main responsibility for honest government, leadership team members to comply with the discipline and honesty in politics; the implementation of the provisions of the eight Central and provincial government and municipal government specific measures; and to investigate corruption and municipal units to investigate breaches of discipline problems in the investigation and handling etc..

in accordance with the confidence of 95%, sampling error (positive and negative) of 2.5%, the total score of the social evaluation of public opinion survey was determined to be 2500. The distribution of the sample counties according to the local population proportion of the total population of the city drainage samples, and made the appropriate adjustments according to the sampling theory, is a representative; of municipal departments, the Municipal People’s Congress Office, municipal CPPCC office, city court, city procuratorate, municipal units, each group of 76 people a unit of independent questionnaire, the sample distribution is set according to the sampling proportion of personnel.

in order to ensure the investigation work objectively and impartially, discipline construction of government supervision room will be the full supervision of the investigation work. All members must abide by the requirements of the survey questionnaire survey discipline; training standards, to ensure accurate survey data; strengthen the computer program control means; improve access member access skills; investigation personnel should conscientiously, patience, not subjective conjecture, resort to deceit; investigation taken throughout the recording, supervisors, reviewers in careful management and supervision at the same time, according to more than 20% of the proportion of quality review during the visit.


Summer 119 the Xining fire department to carry out fire drill the night

22:50 on January 4th, Xining city fire brigade command center received the alarm, "fire underground commercial street is located in the grand cross". Command center immediately mobilized the detachment of 6 squadron duty, 20 heavy fire engines, rushed to the scene of the 130 officers and men. While coordinating the city traffic police, 110 and other multi sectoral coordination. This is the Xining city fire brigade to carry out training activities, improve the first win winning ability, regulate the military fire rescue command procedures, as far as possible to reduce property losses and casualties caused by the fire at night to carry out large-scale fire rescue emergency fire drill.

after the fire, commercial street fire safety leadership team quickly launched the fire accident disposal plan, the organization of the voluntary fire brigade to help themselves, and promptly to the Xining fire command center. Xining city fire brigade command center quickly mobilized East squadron rushed to the scene of the fire. At the same time, the rapid mobilization of special service Squadron, Dongchuan Squadron, West Squadron, a squadron north of the city, the second squadron of five duty squadron reinforcements and the front of the detachment of the commanding officers rushed to the scene". Attendance headquarters detachment arrived at the scene, the chief commander in key units issued decisive combat mission plan. City Brigade occupy the fire control room, start the smoke exhaust equipment and fire linkage facilities, the use of fire emergency radio guide orderly evacuation. The first arrived at the scene of the East squadron sent two investigation teams to investigate and search for trapped people, and the nearest place to occupy the indoor fire hydrant control the spread of fire. 5 minutes later, the reinforcements have arrived. Investigation team, search and rescue team, the demolition team, gas lighting group, water supply group and the fire brigade 16 gun positions in accordance with the instructions to fight. Fire was controlled within 80 square meters, did not cause a large area of combustion, after 25 minutes, the fire was completely extinguished.

during the exercise, to guide the drill work attendance Corps detachment, set different fire scene inspection officers to, and cut off all the power in complete darkness under the condition of exercise soldiers in complex conditions of disposal capacity. Through the night fire drill, training troops quick response ability, improve the efficiency of fire fighting and rescue officers and soldiers disposal under complicated conditions, a number of departments of the joint rescue coordination and orderly development, effectively enhance the xiadou iron fire fighting force.


Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection asked 5 county leaders

in November last year, Huangzhong County, West District, Xining city development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of forestry, housing and Real Estate Management Bureau in five regions and unit leaders report a pair of work. Over the past year, the report talked about the lack of opinions and suggestions on behalf of the report to listen to the recommendations of the implementation of the rectification, Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection from September 10th onwards, the five leaders to ask questions.

from the beginning of September 10th, according to the municipal county Party organization "on the" number one "to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Report of the Standing Committee to perform a pair of" the Interim Measures ", the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of last year’s report of a pair of working conditions of Huangzhong County, West District, city development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the city housing security and Housing Authority five area and unit leaders within a year, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, members and representatives from all walks of life put forward last briefing the problems and suggestions to implement the rectification of track inspection.


inspection will be in four days, listening to the work report of each unit in each area, and refer to corrective measures, inspect the rectification effect, thereby further strengthening of each area and each unit "a" sense of responsibility, a strong impetus to the leading cadres at all levels to actively carry out the clean government of a pair of job responsibilities. (author: Xu Shunkai)

WeChat sells beef noodles to a monthly income of 50 thousand

a monthly income of 50 thousand, or through the WeChat sale, does not feel very unbelievable? However, this is a real case of entrepreneurship, it has achieved a 80 hot mom, but also became the envy of many investors have entrepreneurial objects. So, let Xiaobian to introduce for everybody, look at WeChat selling beef noodles is how a monthly income of 50 thousand.

in Hefei and the small volume of beef noodles sold private takeaway for nearly a year, according to his former colleague Chen: "in the beginning, we are colleagues. But now, she has become my boss." Minimum monthly net income easily break 50 thousand yuan.

for a 80 after the hot mom, housewives. Such income, has shocked many people, and his colleagues are envious.


, we grilled a steak roll earning 50 thousand story.

brave: resign, do what you like to do

Chen know little volume is in the beginning of 15. At that time, together with a small volume in a fruit O2O electricity supplier company. Small volume is responsible for innovation division, that is the innovation of product development. For example, fruit nutrition lunch, fruit salad, all kinds of fresh fruit juice, etc.. All kinds of fruit to eat, it seems in fact very hard Shuangwai. To continue to toss, continuous research and development, not only to ensure the taste, but also to ensure that the color of the product. Perhaps it is precisely because of her dedication, like tossing and turning, the achievements of today is not the same small volume.

even more unexpected, she left after half a month! Only from the perspective of working conditions, department heads, a monthly salary of 8 thousand plus performance royalty, in the city of Hefei, this work is very good, but the boss loves her, because the subsequent explosion of products, all expect her to. However, she still resolutely resigned.

Entrepreneurship: creating a small volume of cattle and sheep, hot Hefei circle of friends

said that only beauty and food can not live up to. Shortly after leaving the small volume, began to venture. In fact, at the beginning, she did not sell beef noodles this thing, positioned as a business so high force grid. Just like the other girls, love in the circle of friends to show off their chowhound spirit. However, the chance of this thing sometimes really do not understand. Suddenly one day, a show show there is an active solicitation, threw one hundred yuan WeChat red, want to let her do a bowl of beef noodles. Later, with everyone’s mouth, more and more orders. She was so sensitive to find business opportunities. To create their own brand, do their own food.

and small volume the main delicacy currently recommended

Six state students can go to Xining by driving A

because our province six states (Hainan, Huangnan, Haixi and Haibei, Yushu, Golog) driving a driving license are no training qualifications, no exam venue and examination of vehicles. To solve this problem, the first half of this year, the province will take measures to make the DMV, six states require a driving license Zengjia students to Xining City, the training of qualified materials, Huaxin, Qingyun, province, city driving operation will participate in the training school in Xining City, to take the test vehicle, driver’s license related materials stay in Xining, but also the reversal of origin. Later, have a driving license training license, in the training venue after the transformation, in line with the 16 test requirements, to the Provincial Transportation Bureau, announced to the public, can recruit training, training hours can be reached, in Xining city vehicle administration of subjects, two subjects, three test subjects, according to the

Provincial Science and Technology Agency 368 million yuan push poverty alleviation

Precision poverty alleviation, leading technology. Science and Technology Department of Qinghai province science and technology demonstration and give full play a supporting role in overall planning technology poverty alleviation and development work, the establishment of precise poverty alleviation work leading group, preparation of "Qinghai province poverty alleviation special action plan", to lead the economic and social development in poor areas, driven by the local people out of poverty.

it is understood that the "13th Five-Year" period, the department intends to invest 368 million yuan, the establishment of Qinghai province poverty alleviation precise information service platform, to carry out active pushing service in 600 villages, 100 village construction business service station; every year selected 1000 scientific and technical personnel development in poor areas in-depth technical services; the implementation of 50 industrial poverty alleviation demonstration the establishment of 50 projects, the industrialization of agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology demonstration bases, the construction of 20 plateau modern ecological science and technology park; to create a precise poverty science and technology demonstration county.

is the science and technology to promote the implementation of poverty alleviation, the day before the implementation of the "office held in Minhe county science and technology demonstration county to promote accurate poverty", the mobilization of scientific research institutes in the province and technical personnel to join the power of poverty alleviation, and the organization of science and technology personnel into the 10 poor villages in Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County gorge Town, Gu Shan Zhen, Xi Gou Xiang and Xin Min Xiang development research, to help the poor village manage ideas, planning, selection of industrial transfer technology, delivery service.

up to now, the office has arranged in the first batch of provincial science and technology plan in this year, the industrialization of science and technology poverty alleviation projects 8, arrangements for funding of 30 million 500 thousand yuan. Implementation of the 2016 year, the "district" talent support program for science and technology personnel special funds of 20 million yuan, will be sent to the depth of the 1000 science and technology personnel to carry out scientific and technological services in poor counties in 42. At the same time, 3S technology in Qinghai province poverty alleviation precise information service platform has accurate identification, precise helping, precise and accurate assessment of the management function based on 1+3 and finds out the precise poverty information service model, carry out a demonstration application in Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Haidong city.


Shenyang land shows business situation

venture this word, in 2015 has been mentioned by many people, whether it is to start a business or do not want to start a business, can not avoid the high exposure of the word. Entrepreneurial boom throughout the country continued to surge, entrepreneurial trends show new changes. Here, we take a look at the new situation of the earth gem liaoning.

31 of the Shenyang youth Sun Xiaoxi, 2014 authorized operation of Taobao university project, a year training network of 2000 people, 1000 people of urban and rural youth entrepreneurship. "You will find that everyone has a dream of entrepreneurship after contact with young people."

Survey of

in the business environment, Small and micro businesses registered more convenient. In Shenyang Hunnan national e-commerce demonstration base, the reporter saw a large platform between the uniform grid. A lattice of a small business, a few hundred dollars a year service fees, office facilities, industrial and commercial tax services, all agents." Person in charge. A multi site to let more than and 200 small and micro enterprises in the base of birth.

in the new venture industry, a number of new "Internet plus" project is to enlarge the advantages of traditional industries in Liaoning. Shenyang blue platform Agel Ecommerce Ltd is an Internet car sales company, only 30 employees. Do not look small, the company has access to venture capital 30 million yuan." Zhang Xiaohan, executive director of the company is full of confidence, is different from the traditional 4S store sales model, the company directly through the network platform for car buyers and car prices face."

Xining dust pollution prevention and management measures (Draft) announced the award has been severe

Xining City drafted the "Xining dust pollution prevention and control measures (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), and in January 26th published the full text, consult the views of the community. If you have any comments or suggestions, please in February 20th before the fed back to the

it is reported that the drafting of the "measures" a total of thirty-five, in addition to detailed, clear division of labor and duties of each department, make more strict control to prevent dust pollution caused by units and departments, the fineness of the hitherto unknown.

It is worth mentioning that the proposed approach, the environmental protection administrative departments at all levels in in the future and the relevant administrative departments should set up hotlines to accept the public to report and complaints of dust pollution in Xining. After receiving reports and complaints of dust pollution, the municipal, district (county) environmental protection administrative department or the relevant administrative departments shall promptly rushed to the scene to check, and the results of the treatment to inform the whistleblower or complainant. Reward to meet the reward. Rewards and punishments are clear, is another feature of the "measures". If one of the provisions of the violation, the construction unit will be a minimum of 1000 yuan, a maximum fine of $30000, and to be a deadline for rectification.


Spirit of the party’s provincial Party committee preaching mission focused on the sixth Plenary Sess

for the in-depth study and implement the party’s spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee November 23rd, according to the central and provincial requirements, carry out the spirit of the plenary session focused on propaganda, the provincial CPPCC provincial delegation were deeply, Western Mining Group Co., Ltd. and Xining steel Refco Group Ltd developed 3 centralized propaganda report. Provincial CPPCC organs and the Democratic Party, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce organs all cadres, cadres and workers, party workers more than 600 people to listen to the report.

in the CPPCC organs, provincial propaganda team members, the provincial CPPCC Secretary General Wang Jin, the significance of the six plenary session of the party strictly, unswervingly promote all-round comprehensive strengthen and standardize the political life of the party, to fully implement the party supervision regulations, give prominence to the leading cadres and especially senior cadres, closely linked to the actual work of the CPPCC plenary session of the spirit, the comprehensive interpretation of accurate and simple.

in the Western Mining Group Co., Ltd. and Xining steel Refco Group Ltd, provincial propaganda team members, the provincial SASAC deputy director Chen Zhizhong from the basic situation of the six plenary session of the Central Committee, conscientiously study and grasp, in-depth understanding the spirit of the plenary session, and to fully implement the spirit of the plenary session, etc., the new requirements of new ideas and new ideas, on the six plenary session of the detailed interpretation.

it is understood, according to the provincial arrangements, from November 24th to December 1st, the provincial propaganda team in 73 States, the city of the province’s provincial organs, people’s organizations, large state-owned enterprises, provincial universities and grass-roots units, carry out the 56 plenary session of the spirit of concentrated propaganda report.


Xining city housing security and housing authority to carry out the 71 and ability to expand trainin

To celebrate the 91 anniversary of the founding, to further promote chuangxianzhengyou activities, to further improve the Party cadres mission consciousness, strengthen cadres of workers teamwork and organizational skills, branch of Xining city housing security and Property Management Bureau carried out to celebrate "71" and the ability to expand training activities

to celebrate the 91 anniversary of the founding, to further promote chuangxianzhengyou activities, to further improve the Party cadres mission consciousness, strengthen cadres of workers teamwork and organizational skills, branch of Xining city housing security and Property Management Bureau carried out to celebrate "71" and the ability to expand training activities.

, deputy secretary of the Bureau, Secretary of the Party committee under the leadership of the party organs face the flag to relive the party oath, Chinese reviewed 91 years of glorious history through the Communist party. Through the oath, the party members thought sublimation again, more of the firm belief in communism, enhanced support the leadership of the party’s confidence and determination, to better practice in the work of Scientific Outlook on Development, has laid a solid ideological foundation chuangxianzhengyou.

After the end of the

oath, cadres and workers in the ability to expand the base for capacity expansion training. Training projects, including the rapid 60 seconds, through the power grid, high bridge, innovative thinking and other content of the four.

training, instructors so that each party members and cadres into a high school age and no position, and was randomly composed of three teams. Each team is democratically elected captain, vice captain, security officer, medic, clerk, propagandists and flag duties, and determined the team spirit, team slogan songs, team logo and PK matrix model. In the highly competitive activities, instructor

binding activity project guide, explain, Party members and cadres are actively involved in the training, to become excellent students, striving for excellent team, remarkable performance. Each activity is completed, the instructor combined with the activities of the scene in the comments, so that we are inspired. In the face of difficulties, the team gave everyone the courage to go forward, every cadre and staff have personally experienced the cohesion of the team and the true meaning of the implementation and meaning.

this open up a fresh outlook to celebrate "71" and the ability to expand the training activities, so that each party cadres spirit passion return, heart and take on an altogether new aspect, a purification, thought to be a sublimation, the team got a melting. More than and 40 party members and cadres to experience success and failure, challenge and excitement, trust and cooperation, joy and honor, to know yourself, to know colleagues, and reflect the reality of life and work problems. At the end of the speech, everybody could not restrain excitement, said they want to feel this to celebrate "71" activities of the new experience, back to work, perform their duties responsibly in their own work, play a good exemplary role, chuangxianzhengyou, take practical action to meet the party’s eighteen.



This week Xining will welcome the first snow of winter

October 21st, the author learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, 23 to 25 days, the Xining urban area will appear rainfall process, may occur during the rain sleet weather.

it is understood that the 21 day, affected by cold air in Xining area 4-5 southeast wind, the highest temperature during the day the previous day fell more than 4 degrees, east area decreased significantly, compared with the previous day fell 10 degrees. In addition, 23 to 25, under the influence of the upper trough, the temperature in Xining is low, accompanied by rain snow. During the Xining city may usher in the first snow this winter.

in addition, the next three days, the city’s lowest temperature has risen above zero, the maximum temperature will continue at around 10 degrees. Meteorological departments to remind the public to warm and cold, pay attention to prevent colds. (author: Jin ran Yu Xueying)




Xining on 33 cases of illegal land handling supervision

recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of land and resources law enforcement and supervision department, the provincial land and resources law enforcement detachment of Xining inspection group, handle the situation of Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three counties a total of 33 pieces of illegal land cases carried out supervision and inspection. Currently, these 33 cases of illegal land has been closed up there are 3 cases.


Huangzhong voted 580 million to build two rooms and 6800 households

In November 3rd, a reporter from the Huangzhong county government office learned that this year, the county in order to improve rural living conditions as the goal, through government subsidies, farmers, policy support and other measures, 580 million yuan investment in the implementation of rural housing construction 6800 households (including renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural 3000, reward housing 3800 households). Up to now, the two rooms construction objectives and tasks have been completed, the completion rate of 100%, and reached the occupancy conditions. It is understood that the "two rooms" to complete the construction of the objectives and tasks for the protection of Huangzhong county set up headed by chief magistrate, county civil affairs, housing and construction, farming and poverty alleviation and development, finance and other departments and the main person in charge of each Township township as a member of the rural housing construction work leading group, the township and the relevant the Department has also set up a corresponding mechanism, formulated and issued the "implementation of rural housing construction in Huangzhong County in 2014 plan", the full implementation of the tasks of rural housing construction, to ensure the effectiveness of rural housing construction. At the same time, do a good job of file management and information entry, the completion of the investigation of 13126 households in rural households, the input of the network of records of the 2995 farmers, so that the information is complete, management norms. Organize rural construction craftsmen training 3, 290 passengers, effectively improve the rural construction craftsmen skills; in strict accordance with the "management measures" with the difficulties of the masses rebuilding and reward special funds for housing construction in rural areas of Huangzhong County, established the project construction funds centralized account management, separate accounting system, to ensure that the project funds are not interception, misuse and misappropriation; strictly implement the responsibility system of project quality, the quality of housing is not up to the required standard, there are security risks and promptly rectification, ensure the engineering quality and the satisfaction of the masses.  

Operating personalized jewelry so do make money

now, investment jewelry shop is a lot of small entrepreneurs have favored choice. Indeed, the pursuit of personalized 2014, rich exotic folk custom jewelry popular market. Shrewd businessmen have long been aimed at the folk custom of this big business opportunities, the operation of personalized jewelry has become a lot of people choose to shop.

An overview of


two, the investment budget (with the market prices or volatility)

: initial investment of about 20000 yuan

three, benefit analysis

1. from Qinghai or Zangnan to buy copper bracelet, silver bracelet, silver plated back half gem inlaid jewelry, priced at 12 to 40 yuan, the mainland sales, do not do any changes can double the price; if you are the one who read more jewelry, packaging design books, will purchase the raw material reorganization, profit can be as high as 200%, because the sale is designed.

2. the spring and autumn season is three accessories shop sales season, such as seize the opportunity, a 10 square metre shop, the second half is expected to recover the full investment.

business advice

1. sites should be selected in the university area, especially near the arts and normal colleges, teachers and students often have the profound humanistic complex, is the main consumer of folk custom jewelry. It can also be used as a tourist business in the vicinity of the art museum or museum, or in the vicinity of the folklore tourism area.


2. Festival, holiday sales promotion strategy can be used to buy a gift, a gift shop owner handmade corded and mobile phone sets, and the out of print "commemorative silver spoon" like small items; but also with the local media are linked, to provide free model photography accessories (free advertising); also can be linked and the women’s club, free Professor jewelry design methods, teach DIY, cultivate a large number of potential consumers interested in folk custom accessories.


Improve the urban entrepreneurial ecosystem Atlanta start female entrepreneurs program

to create a healthy entrepreneurial environment, can not only focus on a certain group, for which the mayor of Atlanta launched the female entrepreneurs program, I believe that the improvement of the urban entrepreneurial ecosystem has a great help!

A team of experts in this field:

as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, CNN, UPS etc. many of the world’s top 500 enterprises headquarters are located in Atlanta, the strong economy has become the economic center of the south, but in recent years, Atlanta is the transition from the traditional commercial hub, with many offices and start-up companies went up, the "female entrepreneurs plan" is the Atlanta in order to attract and retain a pilot program for outstanding innovative talents introduction.



related recommendations

Heavy compression overcapacity this year

current, electrolytic aluminum, cement, steel, photovoltaic manufacturing has become the main industry of our province overcapacity, in order to promote the development of green, environmental protection, low carbon, from the beginning of this year, the provincial Economic Commission will join the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau and other departments will strictly eliminate backward production capacity is still not up to standard process equipment, product quality, energy consumption and emissions of enterprises for elimination, formation forced mechanism, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industry.

it is understood that this year, those who do not meet the industrial policy, access standards, environmental requirements of the project will not be stopped construction. The provincial Economic Commission will be a comprehensive clean-up projects under construction, the elimination of Nissan 1000 tons of cement rotary kiln and does not meet the JT requirements; in electrolytic aluminum, cement, iron alloy industry basis to improve the environmental protection, energy consumption, material consumption and other standards, the implementation of the technological transformation of industry, technology and equipment, product quality, energy consumption and emissions still the deadline for the elimination of non-compliance of the enterprise.

is expected by the end of 2015, the province to resolve overcapacity contradiction will make substantial progress:

– production scale: reasonable electrolytic aluminum, cement, steel and glass industries such as photovoltaic manufacturing capacity to adapt to our province resources and environment carrying capacity, capacity utilization reached a reasonable level;

– industrial concentration increased significantly: accelerate the merger and reorganization of enterprises, promote the integration of upstream and downstream industry development, industrial layout and regional economic development coordination;

– the economic and technical indicators of the industry reached the advanced level: industry material consumption, energy consumption, water consumption, pollutant emissions and other indicators to achieve or better than the national standard;

] further optimize the industrial structure: the use of advanced technology, technology and equipment, the development of a number of industries in the development of high technological content, and constantly optimize the product structure of the industry, the company’s core competitiveness significantly enhanced;

according to the existing industrial base in our province: regional market demand and comparative advantage, control the total amount of electrolytic aluminum, cement, steel, polysilicon and glass production capacity.


Huangyuan, Xining City, the ancient city of Ming Qing reproduction of prosperity


national network media reporter visited the ancient city of Huangyuan county (Ben reporter Chen Yue photo)


Qinghai News Network (the network reporter Chen Yue photo coverage) the rhythm of the rain the next stop, but also can not stop journalists into the city in the footsteps of Dan junggar. July 26th, the national network media Qinghai reporters and his party gathered in Xining City, Huangyuan, ancient city, together with the mysterious old street.

stepping on the road paved with bluestone paved in the ancient city of Beijing, seems to be able to feel the old tea horse vendors, small in the prosperity of the scene. The road on both sides of classical style "jade predestination chamber" and "Ling Gallery" and other shops, showing Huangyuan paper cutting, embroidery and other folk crafts, many folk culture are preserved and updated, the ancient Dan in ancient city full of new vitality, showing its hidden charm.

  Huangyuan ancient town

According to

, "Dan Gar", meaning "white conch", Dan in the ancient city is located in the north shore of the Yellow River, west coast, Huangshui River source, 40 km away from Xining City, built during the Hongwu years, dating back 600 years of history. The Tibetan Plateau and the Loess Plateau here with grassland farming culture and culture here intersect, Tangfangudao and the Silk Road through here, many people gather here, known as "sea throat", "tea horse dealers", "small Beijing" reputation.

city repair buildings, towers, turrets, waist things gates, doors and street, nine street, North Street, South Street, Temple Lane, floor lamp, mountain Street Temple Lane, West moat, roadway, Nancheng trench street, and Dan Gar hall department, Zhenhai co Ying Department, military governor department, Department, Department, the thousands of Wuchang and play the Jade Emperor, Confucius, Guan Di, fire fathers, the God of wealth, Cheng Huang, Dragon King Temple, and semantics, social position, church and ancestral halls. Reporters saw in the ancient city, the entire building, the layout of rigorous, unique structure, style is different; street pattern, latitude and weaving, well-organized, primary and secondary.

With the transfer of

years passed and the development of the times and trade centre of the ancient city of Dan Gar increasingly depressed, like a lot of the elderly, receding the original appearance. In order to restore the ancient city scene, embodies the city cultural context, to promote the development of cultural tourism, Huangyuan county Party committee, county government started the protective development and construction of the ancient city of Junggar Dan from July 2006, aims to create a set of ancient Dan in folklore, diet, commercial, military, religious culture and unique architectural culture of the ancient capital as a whole, show the grassland farming culture and cultural integration scene platform, the ancient city of Junggar Dan became a breakthrough in the development of cultural tourism industry in Huangyuan and the new economic growth point.

people say that the love of a city, a feeling of love, and now, "small Beijing" and the prosperity of the recurrence of the world, it is using another;

Improve the bus reform supporting measures to actively provide services for the units involved in th


rate of the province’s first provincial authorities to carry out the reform of public service vehicles, the attention of the provincial government, provincial organs Authority to build office in accordance with the unified arrangements of the provincial leading group for the reform and actively promote the preparatory work arrangements, and pay attention to play a functional role, establish and improve the bus reform measures, to do the car after the change the job of the security services.

orientation to protect official travel. Set up bus service center, from more than 1 thousand and 200 units to change the vehicle involved in selection of 30 cars, from the change units involved in transferring our service personnel to Xining hotel for parking, for leading cadres at the provincial level of inter regional travel, countryside research and other official activities to provide fixed directional service. April 1st, bus service center has started running.

intensive protection official travel. Follow a centralized and unified, resource sharing, support, frugal, efficient and pragmatic, open and transparent principles, to build a comprehensive platform for law enforcement duty vehicles, the provincial authorities Authority to implement a unified scheduling, inter departmental security and dynamic supervision of 80 comprehensive law enforcement duty vehicles through the platform, the provincial law enforcement duty for 17 units through the application platform car.

market to protect official travel. Provincial organs Authority to build office work actively in accordance with the market-oriented society, signed the relevant safeguards agreement with the Qinghai Automobile Transportation Group Co. Ltd., the Group official car service Co. Ltd. as the change units involved to provide car service, the use of units or individuals to purchase services through payment.


Jointly organized Seminar on environmental issues

for the further popularization of the concept of environmental protection, environmental awareness, the concept of green and sustainable development view, promote and intensify the work to create a national environmental protection model city, deepen the understanding of the construction of "livable landscape area", how do the United North Chong City, the science association invited the Tsinghua University Department of Environmental Engineering Professor, former director of the afternoon of July 5th to carry out environmental problems and Countermeasures of the theme of the lecture China.


China Health and Family Planning Commission in the leadership of the democratic life meeting stresse

1 22, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission held a leading Democratic life. Vice governor Gao Hua attended the meeting, informed the provincial government party democratic life situation, and guide the relevant work.

after listening to the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission inspection team in control and team members self analysis, criticism and mutual criticism, Gao Hua pointed out that the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission leadership of democratic life would be prepared to work fully, a prominent theme, distinctive criticism, candid analysis of deep reflection, out of the good atmosphere and good effect. Practice is a serious, active and healthy political life within the party.

Gao Hua stressed that the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission and team members in the democratic life as a new starting point, continue to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, further strengthen the "Four Consciousness" consciousness, especially the core line of consciousness, always be politically firm, firm belief, stand firm. To fulfill a pair of responsibility to honest honest construction work and business work together to plan the deployment, to promote the comprehensive supervision and inspection, strictly implement all tasks, and strive to create a delicate gas is a good atmosphere of entrepreneurship. To focus on four major solid "requirements, grasp the" four change "green governance governance new ideas, with a more serious working attitude, strong responsibility, and promoting the health of Qinghai construction, continue to deepen the medical and health system, to show the new construction in the rich as a harmonious and beautiful new Qinghai.


Farmers in the first half of the county’s rapid growth in cash income

this year, Datong County farmers to maintain a rapid growth in cash income, farmers’ quality of life steadily. In the first half, the county’s per capita cash income of farmers 3500.82 yuan, an increase of $538.13 over the previous year, an increase of 18.16%.

one is the labor oriented wage income growth faster. In the first half, the per capita wage income of rural residents was 1999.78 yuan, an increase of $436.31 over the previous year, an increase of 27.91%, accounting for cash income of $57.12%. Due to a large number of surplus rural labor force from the field of basic industries to the rapid transfer of non-agricultural industries, wage income has become an important source of income for the county farmers.

two is a family operating cash income to maintain rapid growth. In the first half of this year, the per capita household income of rural households was 1331.98 yuan, an increase of $164.90 over the previous year, an increase of $14.13%, or about $37.51% in cash income, of which the cash income of the third industry was $595.78, an increase of $19.45%. Mainly with the rapid development of social economy, the rapid development of rural transportation, wholesale and retail trade, social services and other industries, more and more farmers engaged in the third industry, a substantial increase in revenue.

three is to further improve the structure of farmers’ living consumption. In the first half, farmers per capita cash expenditure of 2806.39 yuan, an increase of $194.41, an increase of 7.44%. Which consumer spending was 1772.22 yuan, an increase of $10.73, an increase of 0.61%. Living expenses (including eight expenditure) is becoming more rational, the food consumption of 557.70 yuan, an increase of 8.79%, including meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products and aquatic products the largest increase; clothing consumption is 196.62 yuan, down 2.99%; residential consumption of 35782 yuan, down 15.27%; transportation and communications consumption of 141.06 yuan, down 11.85% entertainment products and services; consumer culture education, 161.62 yuan, an increase of 7.5%; health care consumption of 194.36 yuan, down 12%; the other 28.17 yuan, down 8%. (author: A Guiren)

Large data center to boost Qinghai’s social and economic development

September 2013 and in October, China has proposed to build a Silk Road Economic Belt and the maritime Silk Road in the year of the major initiatives, the international community has been highly concerned and recognized in succession in the world, and in the end of the year, in order to build a "Silk Road Economic Zone", "the Silk Road in the sea" in the year of. "The Belt and Road" has become to promote common development and achieve win-win cooperation and common prosperity of the road, is to strengthen mutual understanding and trust, strengthen all-round communication of peace and friendship road, along the countries and regions to uphold peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning and mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win concept, to promote all-round pragmatic cooperation, build political trust economic, cultural integration, inclusive of the interests of the community, the fate of the community and community responsibility. Qinghai, was included in the scope of the Silk Road Economic Zone, located in the formation of Central Asia, South Asia, West Asian countries, trade and logistics hub, important industries and cultural exchange base. Today’s Silk Road, is not only a physical path, but also a way of information, big data industry should be born. In August 31, 2015 the State Council issued the "outline to promote the development of big data action" (the [2015]50), put forward the "big data has become the new impetus of economic growth, vigorously promote the government information systems and public data open Internet sharing, accelerate the integration of government information platform, eliminating information silos, promote data resources open to the public". Qinghai province attaches great importance to "landing The Belt and Road" strategy, committed to build Qinghai into a national important node "The Belt and Road" strategy, an important platform to support the connection of things, the radiation surrounding. In August 10, 2015, Qinghai Province issued "on promoting the development of our province cloud cultivate large data industry views the implementation of the calculation of" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the implementation of the views put forward "gradually in our province to build a Silk Road Economic Belt on regional data center support and northwest center important data base".

plateau large data center came into being

"The Belt and Road lead, big data industry raging like a storm. China Mobile, Qinghai mobile attention "The Belt and Road" forward, go all out to provide information services for the Belt and Road Initiative "plateau large data center construction and operation as the starting point, build information" The Belt and Road "project. At the same time, Qinghai is the source of Sanjiang, rich in energy structure, electricity, water, solar energy resources, while there is a wealth of lithium resources, in line with the requirements of promoting the construction of ecological civilization big data. In data center operations is not only Qinghai’s mobile business development needs, the network security needs, the need to reserve resources, it is an important measure to enhance the level of information, Qinghai mobile to promote the consumption of information will help to Qinghai social stability, national unity, economic development.

Provincial Commission by letter of all non administrative approval approval

reporter in December 19th from the provincial economic and information technology committee was informed that the provincial Commission by letter in recent years to cancel the administrative approval items 10, cancellation of business registration matters 3, to post approval matters 4, the abolition of all non administrative licensing matters, retain all 3 administrative services and settled in the province of public resources trading center for.

in recent years, the provincial Commission by letter system from the source to build a strong anti-corruption, actively supervise implementation of the reform of administrative examination and approval, further cleanup, cancellation and adjustment of administrative examination and approval. At the same time, the provincial Commission by letter of the 3 involved in intermediary services, are not designated specialized agencies, do not charge any fees, by the applicant’s own choice of ways to expand the autonomy of enterprises, stimulate market vitality. In addition, supervise the clean-up of administrative fees, carry out the activities of the benefits of enterprise burden, standardize charges related enterprises, resolutely banned charges fund establishment, to ensure that the benefits of enterprise policy landing.


To promote military enterprises build a model village full of model village characteristics

7 month 25 days, Liang Jiao Xiang Quan Cun Lian cure point county leader Diao Zhanyuan, in the unit office of county Party committee responsible person Zhang Yuanliang and related personnel accompanied by Liang Jiao Xiang Kamiji Quan Cun inspection military enterprises build a model village to carry out the work. Diao Zhanyuan and his party a detailed view of the governance of the village wall renovation, wall decoration, the replacement of the door, sanitation and other construction projects, and held a forum to sort out the problems, research solutions.

forum, the leadership of the joint requirements: one should attach great importance to the ideological. Zhi Quan Cun as the county government enterprises build demonstration model of village village, is at the very important position in the county to build a work, attention led by the city and county. The treatment of springs in the build work still exist in the remediation along Ning Zhang highway is not enough, the launch is not strong enough, the two levels of rural cadres to lay down the burden of thinking, the right to face pressure to increase efforts to promote the work to build. two to protect the organization. associated units, organizations and leading cadres will actively coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems in the construction work, the township party committee, the government should give tilt in all aspects of organization, capital, policy, the village committee to identify the characteristics, advantages, and fully mobilize the masses participating in the construction work. three to implement the concept of refinement in the operation. in two villages to build joint supervision work in the construction process, in strict accordance with the requirements of building construction, on the premise of ensuring the quality, attention to detail, implement the plan, security funds, to ensure the completion of construction tasks on time. (Li Yuanbao)  


Yiwu commercial city 5 stationery operators suspected of infringement checked

6 month 18 days, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau East Branch of law enforcement personnel according to the clues, raided the Yiwu business city 20 stationery business households, among them, 5 businesses suspected of infringement, the business sector legally withheld merchants merchandise.

Yiwu Trade City, many stationery counters are hanging with the Olympic emblem of all kinds of flags, Fuwa stickers and toys. When the law enforcement officers require the operator to provide the "Olympic" logo business license procedures, the operator can not provide the relevant procedures. Law enforcement officers seized 694 sets of allegedly infringing goods worth 4000 yuan. Currently, the case is still under investigation.


Vision thinking ningxinjuli implementation

1 17, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng attended the people’s Liberation Army, Hainan, Haidong, Haibei delegation.

Haidong delegation lianzutaolun the atmosphere active, lively discussion. Speaking on behalf of Niao Chengyun, from the grassroots Xunhua county Party Secretary Ma Rui Cha Han Du Si Xiang, Minhe walnut Township bell village, the former branch secretary Tao Fengying, Chuan Zhen Tang County Mutual high Qiangcun Party branch secretary Zhao Yankai representatives to speak, wangguosheng chipped in to ask questions, on the "food basket" construction, rural education, rural single Chinese marriage, village cadres basic ability, planting structure and everyone exchanges.

wangguosheng fully affirmed the Haidong economic and social development achievements over the past year. He stressed the need to conscientiously implement the requirements of the provincial government, further emancipate the mind, change ideas, broaden their horizons, in order to promote change, give full play to the advantage, active integration in promoting ecological production and life linkage, opening, city development, industrial restructuring and other aspects of national strategy. We should actively explore the country as soon as possible into the Lanxi economic zone development strategy, promote the integration of Xining Haidong Haidong construction, highlighting features, create the portal image, dislocation development, and constantly improve the city planning, construction and management level, to get rid of poverty and improve people’s livelihood. To promote positive energy, cohesion manner, the article points out, to further enrich the carrier of ties with the masses, pay close attention to the implementation of the work in the new starting point, the development idea of "four change" to accelerate the implementation of the practice in the construction of new Qinghai.

in the PLA delegation, Li Songshan, Ma Fang Ming, Wang Qing, China is full, you see, to increase Dorje representatives around the "four change" idea of the publicity interpretation, strengthen national defense and army building and strengthen the protection of military facilities, military and civilian consciousness promote the depth of integration and development made a statement. Wang Guosheng one by one to respond, and we will accelerate the development of civil military integration.

wangguosheng fully affirmed the new progress in the last year in the green force in its own construction and support the development of local economy. He stressed, must resolutely implement the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission and chairman of learning decision-making instructions, firmly establish the "Four Consciousness", to strengthen the "four confidence", leading to the goal of strengthening the military, to study and implement the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spirit reflected in every work. The loyalty to the party to reflect the absolute loyalty to the General Secretary Xi, to reflect on the party’s theory and policy of loyalty, unify thoughts and strength, establish the spirit of benchmarking, and create a good atmosphere for strictly. To strengthen the construction of political culture, vigorously promote the fine tradition of yongjunyoushu, cherishing, to further consolidate the military unity, and strive to create a new situation in the development of civil military integration.

takes a seat in the Hainan delegation, Wang Guosheng, told the delegates, we sit together to examine the work report, listen to the opinions of the process is also hope that we talk about is benefit by mutual discussion, and specific proposals. Zhang Wenkui, Zhang Feng, Chi, Se cable, wow Du Jie, Jieben representatives around the building of Qinghai Lake airport, cultivation of animal husbandry enterprises, promote the development of the tourism industry to speak. When representative;

Xining relief management station quickly rescue more than 150 Rangers home for the new year

during the Spring Festival, Xining city rescue station staff every day took to the streets to persuade relief, take a quick relief, let beggars home in time for the Spring Festival, and to seek assistance to migrant workers, to help buy tickets to return home.

lunar new year, Xining city rescue station staff to see the 14 year old dragons in the vicinity (a pseudonym) in the street. After the staff to understand the situation of the dragons, let him live in rescue management station. Then, quickly get in touch with the local government to know the address of Lijiaxia, dragons of the family, the staff bought a return ticket for the dragons, and escort him to return home for the new year.

Xining city rescue station to increase relief efforts, before the Spring Festival by train, car, four escort vagrants and beggars to return home, a total of more than 150 beggars under the help of the staff to return home in the new year.