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Liu Qiangdong do more cross-border electricity supplier for Jingdong is a good thing

Liu Qiangdong: do more cross-border electricity supplier for Jingdong is a good thing

[TechWeb] July 7th news reports, recently, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong "in the face of many competitors, how to develop the global purchase of Jingdong", said in an interview, "at this stage there are so many companies to enter the field of cross-border electricity supplier, the Jingdong is a good thing."

at present, brings together a number of cross-border electricity supplier in the field of business enterprise, the Jingdong how to look at the competition, get breakthrough? In the face of this problem, Liu Qiangdong said, "I think the business competition must be the competition of the user experience, so although our global purchase business with friends, may start late, but as long as we can to give consumers a better user experience, believe that finally was able to win the consumers." read more

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Easy to help CEO Wen Chunlin how to expand 5000 stores within 5 years

sina science and technology news August 8th afternoon news, in 2014 the seventh China high growth enterprise CEO summit held in Beijing this week. At this meeting, Yi Gang founder, CEO Wen Chunlin accepted the interview with sina technology.

easy to help is a 3C community electricity supplier and service platform, founded in 2009, formerly known as the all day IT chain, 5 years of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to open a store. As of June 2014, easy to help practitioners within the system of more than 1.3 people. read more

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Gome online small United States and Japan, the highest cost of today’s debut group 40 thousand

core tip: Recently, the United States online "autumn peak moment" to promote activities like a raging fire, and the event will continue until September 21st, million items super low heat pro. Even more striking is that the United States online heavy build small United States and Japan formally launched today, 6 explosive goods limited flash group, only the same day. In addition, the "small Japan" concert in FMCG department stores, home improvement, Home Furnishing clothing shoes bags and other categories are substantially none other activities. read more

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Recommended several safe domain name trading

domain name transaction, and not get paid to the domain name or domain name is finally receiving no money situation is already in his many years It is often seen., domain name transaction process also summed up some experience, to provide for your reference, you can choose the intermediary service providers according to the actual the situation of their own, their fees are ranging from 0-15%, but they all have advantages and disadvantages.

1, Escrow.com: international trading platform for the third party, if you are trading with overseas companies or individuals domain name, then this is a good choice. Escrow.com is a relatively large intermediary Guarantee Corporation, through its intermediary trading platform can many, large aircraft, small to the domain name, the fee is charged by the gradient, a minimum of $25, $5000 less than the fee is 6.3%, and the service is divided into levels, there are two kinds of standard and advanced. If you are a seller, apply for withdrawal time also need to pay extra $40 transfer fee, transfer to our domestic banks, will be deducted $15 fee (I still did not understand this is what cost, but every time is to be deducted), large trade can be used. read more

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Zhonglian vision from the perspective of the electricity supplier to improve the efficiency of the s

in December 5, 2015 with the Hunan sugar and wine exchange ended, in this fair exchange Zhonglian horizon will harvest. More than one hundred suppliers and many franchisees and platform to achieve cooperation intentions. In 2015 the investment horizon of all the work done on the perfect end at the same time, has also done the preparatory work for the work in 2016.


for Zhonglian horizon operations director Liang Hongfu introduced a one-stop purchase service Zhonglian horizon platform

in Chinese, supermarket started late, slow development, the efficiency of the work of all aspects of the purchase in the supermarket was low and serious waste of resources, in addition to the traffic conditions and geographical constraints, the relative occlusion of the information, did not form a complete and mature stock chain, and the supplier in order to save logistics cost, timeliness of delivery was forced to sacrifice. As a result, suppliers, supermarkets, logistics form a vicious circle, it is difficult to survive, B2B industry, the electricity supplier platform for small and medium supermarkets provide a solution. read more

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5 forces needed to build an independent brand CPS Alliance

today to discuss the limit in the field of electronic commerce, other traditional enterprises or join in the fun.

first talk about why e-commerce companies want to build their own CPS alliance?

e-commerce brand to do CPS alliance this is the next step in the development of advertising alliance. Brand Company is an important brand of e-commerce, e-commerce operations. But because of the lack of a company’s influence is not enough, so I hope to integrate other cyber source, such as personal website as to promote their own brand, also is the emergence of electronic commerce of our Brand Company set up their own CPS read more

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Only fast not broken the local network of retail bitter business

in a row for nearly 8 years after the professional manager, Cai Ziliang decided to return to the beginning of their own business to do a local life service electricity supplier website. 12 years ago, or a freshman he made one for the campus e-commerce site, even though the target group and the entire business environment and today is different, but the positioning to provide logistics services to life and dreams from the seeds.

May 2012, after several months of preparation, Cai Ziliang’s entrepreneurial project more than two million test version on-line. As a local electricity supplier website in Hangzhou, more than more than 200 meters for local network convenience stores, mainly for white-collar workers to provide leisure food, fruits, afternoon tea, including related commodities. Local users can buy goods on the site, more than 40 meters in the next half an hour to send orders. read more

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From the perspective of product operation analysis of eleven double booking gold play

into the fall, November is destined to be an extraordinary season. With the double eleven is getting closer, the major electricity supplier is also working, whether it is the station terminal, or network television, filled with the breath of panic buying electricity. In the face of double eleven, the electricity supplier who can be described as a variety of promotional activities, variety, and there are some common but not commonly used to play, such as booking sales promotion.


first in recent days a fine start for the major electricity supplier promotional ", that is to learn about the second way to see what the eyes of the consumer goods is in line with my heart. Through observation, this year, some of the major electricity supplier, such as Jingdong, Tmall began to introduce a way to promote the appointment of gold. Although the appointment of gold is very common, but the introduction of double eleven promotion, I was the first time to see. So what are the benefits of an advance promotion? Today with your head MR analysis from product operation angle. read more

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Burning youth at that time Suning how to borrow fever Festival to electric

2016 summer is a bit unusual, heavy rains have invaded the north and south, the author of the city of Wuhan is one of the hardest hit. Even so, when I received Suning 818 fever Festival invitation, is still willing to accept. Why? After the text that table.

how suning.com

have a fever?

early in July 27th, drove to the WuHan Railway Station, take the high-speed rail to Nanjing, rushed to the suning.com headquarters. Fortunately, everything is smooth, arrive at the suning.com headquarters after a rest, quickly to the event. The whole activity lasted more than 2 hours, realistically speaking, the active site of the speech is not so wonderful, even some dull, after all, not to speak for long Suning person. read more

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COO Xiaoyao electricity supplier industry and Alibaba, these eight changes are taking place

note: yesterday (January 21st), Alibaba held in Hangzhou 2015 Ali service providers annual meeting. The so-called Ali service provider, is around Ali platform for the various third party support services company, from the shop decoration, to the photography contest, from operation service, customer relationship management, data consulting, installation and distribution services, home to the warehouse logistics…… According to the disclosure, Ali 2014 service overall transaction volume grew 72%, 64% growth in the current service quotient, third party services and operators in the market has reached the scale of billions of rmb. read more

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Internet plus traditional enterprise development pattern fruitful first carpet vertical platform bla

April 7th, the first domestic carpet vertical business platform – blanket Cheng network brand strategy conference in Wuqing Cui Huang Kou Zhen Hou Xiang, Hantec carpet factory was held. The Ministry of Commerce in Tianjin correspondent office investigator Jia Jinyi, Gao Yusheng; the Tianjin Municipal Commission of commerce business director Liu Haidong, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to promote economic cooperation bureau deputy director Wang Qiang, deputy secretary general Lu Jiating of Wuqing Electronic Commerce Association; vice mayor Liu Donghai, the business secretary Xiao Qingdong, deputy director of Industrial Economic Commission Director Ma Guixin, Ren Huang Ligong; Cui town party secretary and director of Tianjin Beijing E-Commerce Industrial Park Management Committee Hu Zhaoyang, mayor Zhou Jianxiang, Tianjin Beijing E-Commerce Industrial Park general manager Yang Dongfang; Pegasus textile chairman Liu Fuli, Cheng blanket network general manager Liu Mingjun, a general manager of Li Pingyi, a guest Center for Liang Changna, cloud power general manager Wang Xiaowei and other leaders the conference. read more

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Taobao’s golden age is coming to an end

Abstract: if a brand bigger, its business on Tmall, the cost is too high, businesses will migrate to the mobile Internet business platform APP, not only low cost, but also through the APP can understand the user consumption habits and preferences, collect a lot of valuable data, help manufacturers understand the customer, the customer needs to develop more product.

Chat with

today and a few young people, almost half of the 90 are not in Taobao to buy things, I am very surprised after questioning, found that the main reason is their pursuit of product quality, high cost, other major electricity supplier can meet the shopping needs. So I took a look at their past Taobao shopping records and other electricity supplier shopping records, check some information, and suddenly discovered that the golden age of Taobao is coming to an end. read more

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Unsolved problem years of transaction taxes for online stores can be exempted from 50 thousand yuan

experts suggest that the annual turnover of 50 thousand yuan can be no matter, the annual turnover of more than 200 thousand should be the real name of tax, despite the current state of the shop whether the tax is clearly defined, but recently Wuhan Municipal Bureau of the city or to shop "my one percent" out of a $4 million 307 thousand and 900 tax bill.

the protagonist of the tax event, my one percent shop last year, Taobao women’s clothing sales champion, the credit rating of 3 gold crown, which means that the store has a total of more than 2 million transactions. However, this is not a personal shop, the store staff told reporters that the shop is behind a company called Wuhan one hundred e-commerce Limited liability company. In addition to operating the company Taobao C2C shop, but also in the operation of a Taobao store called 100f1 shop. read more

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.Asia entered the public pre registration nets half enclosure

days ago, reporters from the Chinese civilink was informed, originally scheduled for the end of January 15th.Asia trademark registration period until January 31st, before the.A-sia domain name registration business registration will win more time, but this does not prevent the majority of Internet users and the "corn worm" to the.Asia domain name registration.

network according to the relevant responsible person said that the public has launched the.Asia domain name from January 8th (personal) pre registration activities, to the evening of February 20th at the end of. The public (individuals) from January 8th to China million net zero official website (www.net.cn) to pre register and enjoy the registration fee of 160 yuan /2. It is understood that the price is not only more than 1400 yuan in the.Asia trademark registration period of /2 years a lot of concessions, but also the pre registration period after the end of the normal registration price of $320 /2 half. read more

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Electricity supplier giant cross border 1 sea Amoy SKU nearly 6000 kinds

has 11 double ended, there were as many as 217 countries and regions to achieve the commodity trading on this platform, the Alibaba in the park live data on the big screen "light the world" link, make the concept of cross-border electricity supplier in the autumn and winter raging struck.

Tmall international and aliexpress deep into (import) a (export), import overseas direct mail to the Amazon FTA, the Jingdong launched overseas purchase, Suning to "self + investment" model for imported goods on-line channels, eBay teamed up with million Yi outside warehouse export manufacturing China Tonghai force, shop No. 1 on line 1 sea purchase, in addition to ocean terminal to do a platform for cross-border electricity supplier, the appliance providers around the sea Amoy layout this year 2014 is regarded as the first year of cross-border electricity supplier. read more

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No WeChat Wang Jianlin how to play O2O

O2O historic opportunity is at hand, if Wanda did not seize the equivalent of failure. Even WeChat do not have to participate in a variety of Internet Conference by Wang Jianlin, grafting their business experience to determine the prospects of Wanda O2O. After more than two years of exploration Wang Jianlin’s understanding of O2O is: the use of Internet tools to upgrade our existing traditional industries, closer to the young people’s preferences.

text / goods transit network read more

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GoDaddy domain name registration

1 into the GoDaddy main station inquires the domain name

2 choose to register the domain name to go to the next step, GoDaddy will give a lot of their recommended domain name, if you do not need, do not choose, the following point of continue into the next step

3 years of life, up to a choice of up to 10 years, the following can also choose to add their host program, etc., do not need to be in accordance with the default.

4 in this step you can choose to enter the discount code read more

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Liu Yu contains how to meet the needs of enterprise website users

enterprise website to see who? How to meet their needs? When many enterprises in the construction site did not think too much, just need a website, because other companies have, then we also have, just blindly follow the trend. This Liu Yuhan think based on the enterprise website mainly to the three kinds of users: the first is the search engine (Baidu), second is the customer, the third is the enterprise itself. Why do you say so? Let Yu explained to everyone.

first search engine, search engine can not be regarded as a real user. But the search engine can bring you a large number of users, because the customer is through the search engine to find your site, rarely enter the exact URL of the website to the search engine’s ranking is a hotly contested spot business (e.g. Baidu home page), then meet the needs of the search engine has become a task. An indispensable. The second is the customer, we have to look at the construction site to the customer’s mind, if you are a customer will love what enterprise website? Enterprise website open speed too quickly? Whether the column arrangement is reasonable? Whether online consultants…… And so on, if the site can not meet some of the needs of customers, then ranked first in Baidu and how to do? There is no income flow site is just a good display. Finally, we talk about our own business, many enterprises built website will not use, light is good-looking but can not start, there are many enterprises that website maintenance is not essential, as long as the site can, indeed, a lot of companies to complete the site after the site out of the tube, the rest is your own thing. read more

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Double eleven Ali wrapped up to a large amount of billions of dollars a year to go to the north of H

[TechWeb] November 11th news, according to the data obtained from the eleven double Ali conference site, as of 15:11 pm on the afternoon of 11 points, Ali’s volume exceeded the one hundred million single mark.

2012 Ali double 11 package total of 80 million single. Ali Tmall President Zhang Jianfeng said that this year is expected to reach 200 million single parcel.

previous news shows, as of November 11th 13 in the afternoon, a total of 11 parcels shipped double orders up to 18 million, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou city won the top parcel number. Rookie network logistics radar early warning platform forecast, within 24 hours of delivery of the package will have a total of 6 million places in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities. Among them, as early as 11, as early as the end of 8, there have been all over the country buyers signed a package of more than 8 thousand. read more

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Buy a stable market to increase profits for the dark high-quality businesses won the 72% Market

in the monthly sales of 1 billion yuan, the interval of a year and a half of the group purchase industry, March turnover reached 2 billion 340 million yuan higher. According to the group purchase navigation site 800 data show that the group purchase monthly sales for 4 consecutive months of more than 2 billion yuan, the price of group purchase with the size of the market stabilized dark rose nearly 20%, the industry into the healthy development of the pursuit of reasonable margin.

turnover down the possibility of low read more

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The Taobao business shop to teach you how to fun in store marketing

In order to meet the needs of the majority owner of

, for some friends in the online business process some confused promotion, calm to a way of marketing marketing in absolute quantity shop, in store promotion (the best way to increase sales) to do a detailed analysis and put forward suggestions for example. Hope to be helpful to the novice, veteran who please exhibitions.

I just

three point nine to a detailed analysis of online marketing scheme to realize! Shop marketing analysis: let more people to let people buy, buy to let people buy more, let the people who bought again. read more

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This double eleven, the Carnival Party fight fight price change shopping day, the electricity suppli

Spacey, the guest of honor at the

party, played in the house of cards, the president of the Kevin ·.

Xie Yao (statistics as of 00:40 a.m.)

double 11 approaching, a variety of electricity providers have begun to spread the overwhelming advertising, mobile phones, elevators, roadside…… A variety of low-cost discount information, dazzling. In November 11th, the lonely because there are four "1" by netizens dubbed the singles day, and with the electricity supplier war seems to have become a "shopping day" or "netizens shopping carnival". Compared to the past, this year’s "double 11" is particularly interesting, in addition to the electricity supplier who really fancy promotional, arena scores a dramatic also become netizens gossip talk at leisure. In addition, Tmall and Jingdong of party competition will be a major part of the war. read more

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Shop free shipping on behalf of a beautiful legend

in the past two years, the network has emerged a new retail model – on behalf of the delivery. In brief, Party A authorizes Party B to sell the products of Party A, Party B shall be responsible for the sales and service. Consignment consignment on behalf of the business can provide a good platform for the majority of the shortage of funds, a lot of online store owner did not supply early, looking for suppliers to deliver the greatest degree of cost savings to reduce risk.

first introduced on behalf of the industry is the delivery mode of sports apparel, Adult supplies, digital products, the major supplier of the network agent selection is very strict, must have excellent planning and promotion staff, enthusiastic sales customer service staff, ample liquidity, network agents must ensure that they comply with the strict order of price. In addition to the agent has to pay a certain amount of security and service fee. read more

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The development of online clothing wholesale model

in recent years, the impact of the development of network marketing apparel industry, but in addition to Taobao and a few hit the money B2C clothing outlets, most of them are difficult to sell. Network promotion is a very important issue, but not many families like Vancl can have so much money to invest in advertising, so B2C direct sales model is suitable for clothing enterprises has become a very critical issue.


brand clothing in stores, generally choose the regional agency model, the cost of cumulative sales links, if can through the network wholesale, you can have the advantage in price. However, there are some immature clothing wholesale market needs to overcome, mainly in the following areas: read more

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With a hoe to open shop e-commerce attempt to change the rural landscape China

September 10th, chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of Alibaba group and chief executive officer Ma delivered a keynote speech. Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Zongzhi photo

xinhuanet.com September 11 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yao Wang Zheng) Shandong County of Jiaxiang Province Huang Gai rural villagers Meng Hongwei recently in a large order from Dubai to work. The only seen in the photo on the Lugger Hotel "rural people, to the village of 500 cows, 3000 sheep farms across the sea to Dubai to sell. read more

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WAL-MART’s Jet to $70 million acquisition of footwear business

January 5th, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE:WMT) announced that WAL-MART shoes online retailer Jet.com group through the acquisition of the electricity supplier company acquired last year, the transaction price of $70 million, and this transaction has been completed in December 30, 2016.

according to the Wal-Mart Stores Inc. WAL-MART announced that ShoeBuy sales shoes, clothing, accessories, with 800 brands and more than 1 million SKU, covering men, women, children’s clothing, accessories and other categories. Founded in 1999, ShoeBuy is headquartered in Boston. read more

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Job domain

treasure work network domain name

8610job.cn [Beijing work]

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8656job.cn [China logistics work]

Tel: 13609485667  QQ:770663955

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Electricity supplier website into self built logistics channel logistics has become the lifeblood of

business platform profitability is still underestimated, but behind the huge profits, logistics crisis has imperceptibly into our lives, do not you see, many logistics companies appear when the explosion news once again hit our hearts, the electricity supplier website has been realized, logistics will become the lifeblood of business website development. So the major electricity supplier sites have invested heavily, to start a new round of the logistics activities of


is the most generous to Taobao, will invest 100 billion for the construction of independent warehouse logistics system, then, the Alibaba’s business website of the logistics, to ensure delivery within three days, this greatly improved the purchase rate, can guarantee the safety of goods during transportation and followed,! Dangdang, excellent vancl.com, have plans to build their own logistics system, but the Jingdong also not surprisingly ready to invest ten billion, for the establishment of logistics system under the flag! Why so many famous business platform to build their own logistics system? read more

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Behind the electricity supplier price war and depression Guaixiang doubt

electricity supplier price war behind the depression

price war started, the table on a lively. To look behind, new and old business failures layoffs, loss of burn, capital retreat, a depression scene. Even the success of the domestic electricity supplier industry landed a few big fortune, their common keywords is also a loss".

closed down in the winter and layoffs

the end of the 2012 New Year’s holiday, Shanda’s product clustering network announced "the company liquidation, to suspend the relevant business", which opened in 2012 business closures. read more

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The influence of logistics and payment industry on E-commerce

with the pace of development of the Internet, e-commerce is developing very rapidly, and influence people’s way of life, people’s life already cannot do without the electronic commerce, whether life is eating and entertainment will affect people’s way of life, and last year’s hot industry is the group purchase website, and this industry can be said to be the heat did not dare to touch, but the main reason is the electronic commerce industry capital threshold is more and more high and the logistics industry to keep up with the rapid development of electronic commerce, it is this in part by many e-commerce companies are facing collapse. read more

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