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How to often talk about new fast break eleven love Shanghai phenomenon

Although the "

site Links is an important factor related to the weight, in the early development of the website using their own website weight quickly driven by high quality and high weight chain is undoubtedly enhance the shortcut method many webmaster will take. However, with their website weight increase, development and utilization of free and paid way to swap Links it will affect the site.

1. Links there, the two reason is right down

for some means in the acquisition of technology high webmaster, using extremely fast acquisition to enrich and fill the website content, and use the software that comes with the pseudo original tools to process the pseudo original content, some means can get very good effect in the short term, but also included the number every day to lift a big step but then, clever means love Shanghai but ultimately enemy algorithm constantly updated, especially love Shanghai for its "human intervention", for "

2. collection sites need to be careful, means high penalty was

after the discovery of the site suffered eleven phenomenon, the primary task is to check website Links, one is to see if the site is down right by love Shanghai punishment, if there are friends of the chain site included a sharp decline, this is not the first snapshot not update, for a long time, so it is likely that is love is a chain of Shanghai to punish a drag myself, to this kind of rapid removal of links to reduce negative impact; if there is two websites selling links, must pay attention to whether in a short period of time has sold too many links, although love Shanghai for higher weight website to sell link behavior will have a certain the "tolerance", but if the frequency is too high, too much, then it will eventually reach its bottom line, causing eleven phenomena as punishment and investigation.

eleven phenomenon" is a topic but it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, with love Shanghai algorithm does not regularly adjust, cause it’s mechanism is also constantly changing, to clarify the cause of this phenomenon, it is necessary to know some common reasons, new reason and love Shanghai involved in the adjustment algorithm to the eleven phenomenon, it can be targeted to "an antidote against the disease, do more quickly break, let the website ranking back to the first page. With the new algorithm to adjust the current love Shanghai, I will combine the experience analysis of how fast to solve the eleven phenomena from the following aspects.

love Shanghai eleven as a topic of love although not a commonplace talk of an old scholar, Shanghai clear explanation, has been in love in Shanghai ranking rules, let countless hard into the search results between the first page of a website was abandoned to the second page first, although only one page of the poor, but it can give a web traffic brings great difference, especially for some popular keywords, the first page and the second page flow gap is quite substantial! This is not hard to understand why encounter eleven phenomenon why stationmaster very depressed, very nervous, very eager to be able to quickly restore the mood.

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