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What the Internet lacks is a more effective advertising profit modelBig business VS workshop are you


recently NOKIA Beijing Microsoft employees protest layoffs that got a raise a Babel of criticism of to grab headlines, posture, reason is to give the employees compensation scheme to cut a lot of dissatisfaction with the staff hot crouched there protest, crying out to increase compensation, this let us these grass root envy, want to when we are laid off when not put a fart, second days to pack up and be kicked out! Is that Microsoft employees will be able to enjoy the "most favored nation"? To know the compensation scheme given by Microsoft has been higher than the national standard, do not violate the labor law. There are two reasons for the protest: 1, less compensation, less than expected. 2, he is not ready, laid-off, do not know what to do,


actually some trouble for foreign employees not all! To scold me too. with the migang hamster almost, enjoy the luxury high salary treatment, forget what to do. If one day the rice is gone and we can not jump out, this time is the most frightening, we are very much


go back to the topic, the staff of large enterprises than small workshops in the end how badly it is not good! The bell, after graduating from the largest companies have spent thousands of people, after 10 years, finally had a stock code, but this bell know no other goods, "nouveau riche points the field cut off, the other is to keep a small workshop, a group of artisans from early to late in the fight! Wife different, a member of one of the world’s largest Internet Co, somehow also seen anything yet. So the debate down, apparently her conclusion prevailed: and the people are not large enterprises small workshops of the difference, but the difference of location and resources, each person has its value of existence in a specific location, if the foreign big company people in small companies, the accumulation of bedding more resources and advanced perhaps nothing can’t do. Small companies often require more talent, a person do a few people’s lives, everything, large companies are screws, leaving this post is nothing. Think of many times, new friends know themselves, like to say: "I am Tencent."… I’m ali… Today, I would like to remind you: the next time you introduce, please change the attribute, maybe change a label, the other party will remember you more!

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do not know what time to start, the pursuit of advertising profit model by everyone agreed, and in advertising for profit model has been disdain. But we have to see that even the most powerful companies like shlf1314, the most important source of earnings, are advertising. Where does this disdain for advertising profit come from? Is the advertising market red sea now? In fact, the Internet advertising market has not entered the sunset state, but it has just begun. The point is that what we need is not the same as traditional media releases, but the use of the unique advantages of the Internet to deliver more effective advertising.   the selection of keywords, text advertising is just the beginning.

the Internet Co is mainly divided into two types:

second channels. Utilizing the good interactivity of the Internet, it integrates resources, sells traditional products and services to the end users and provides them to the end customers for free. Ctrip, for example, is the ticket, booking channels, Sina content channels, the property is from the housing channel.The

Second: the content of advertising. Like the shlf1314 sh419 ads, often see advertising, and the new text advertising.

the current text advertising, interactive products and users and can be extended to the United alliance website in a wider range. After all, a website is unlikely to do all the industry, and the demand for advertising in every industry is.

last night and my wife loudly "argument" for a long time, the question is the staff of large enterprises than small workshops in the end how badly! This is a very interesting topic, especially in our love to their country, "happiness" of the same starting line, one year after graduation, there is a difference, three this year the gap, five years seven years not to open the gap by two of the world’s people meet, did not dare to say hello, we also often lamented that kid a and I also get a bowl of instant noodles, Benz and so on now! Sigh built on the same line: he TM no better than me, why so unkind fate!

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