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The unexpected trouble down right Is the advertisement to blame


!The main page advertising


, the number of ads,The

but such links are often "confusion" false link hiding real download, this information is divided into software download site, and the real information is always hidden in the most inconspicuous location! This is the so-called "confusion page subject", causing the user false advertising. There are many similar sites, such as some of the column page "first few data" to the title of the article in the form of a list of pages, to confuse this is not advertising, but the real article, cheat the user clicks.

color, price induced types of advertising

is another hit "the price of the product, you believe 1000 dollars can buy iphone7? You don’t believe it, but there are always people who would believe it! And even cheated also may not know, because he does not know. That there are a large number of advertising from first to last, not careful, you will become a liar accomplice, even legal liability.


"advertising right down" the earliest algorithm starting from the first batch of advertising, when the sites are doing too many to count "pop", income is very impressive, a site originally good soon duandiao. But then the algorithm, can only be said to be the most basic, binding or too weak. Now the advertising "algorithm" is the realization of the PC+ mobile coverage, demanding standards make the site cannot go beyond the bottom line half step.

pop-up window

Ice bucket algorithm

no matter how progressive society development of color, is an eternal topic, so the mass of the site will try to do advertising, although the advertising itself is not illegal, but it is still a gray area. Click on the ads into such as "white-collar KTV", "informal impotence" etc..


as everyone knows, the specific use in practice, the need to pay attention to how much? There are still a large number of enterprises so unknown. Today this article is at the end of 2016 a share, believe that if the unknown so you will get a good harvest! If you love it, is reproduced to the circle of friends

Various forms of

website advertising.

a few years ago, pop ads still remember? Now the website is not made, but replaced the "station" pop-up ads. When the user refreshes a page (usually home), will immediately appear in front of you, some even can not click Cancel, need to look at a few seconds.

when we find a message, such as "micro business magic Library (micro business essential beauties artifact)" after the discovery of a page, wow, look forward to finally find:

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