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Love Shanghai safety risk warning once again to upgrade the webmaster decide on what path to follow

love Shanghai every update, are so so let the webmaster care, including me. The site also has three years, the risk for the upgrade, love Shanghai hitherto unknown initiatives, affecting thousands on thousands of websites. Therefore love Shanghai also tell us the truth, do regular station, services for the people, the site will go farther.

Shanghai is not the love of the site It is without rhyme or reason. intercept hints, love Shanghai security alliance will be a test report, test results: Jinshan illegal content. To see this, the webmaster should understand. Illegal content is the edge we said, including many illegal sites, what, what futures, what fraud website, will be like Shanghai security risk of interception. Such a move deep blow to the illegal site of arrogance, the older generation said, Pianchipianhe you will not go too far.




first open the search for "love Shanghai IELTS to take the test, you will find the top ten sites are basically the red triangle exclamation mark prompt" love Shanghai reminds you: this page may be due to hacking and security risks "as shown in figure

this time love Shanghai big update, injected fresh air to the Internet, our environment is slowly changing. For the recent love in Shanghai and 360 in search of the war, but also played a leading role, who is the most for the sake of the people, who will win the hearts of the people. This is a security risk that love Shanghai is also used the cloud safety inspection report jinshan. Why not for safety testing in 360, I’m not in this introduction, we know very well.

down the site more walk more formal, as the head of the US should also pay attention to take formal way, innovation road will go more long-term. The past is not important, the future is important, so we start from now on, take every practical step! This article content source server security www.sinesafe.cn A5 first welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author. Thank you

why security risk warning? Some owners don’t worry. Click to go after the truth came to light. Click on any site to intercept the risk will be in love with Shanghai, and the emergence of warning: access to the page may be a security risk! Go figure:

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