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Shanghai Longfeng thinking I understand this, do you

2: Shanghai dragon advanced stage

: Shanghai dragon entry stage

in the vigorous development of the Internet today, Shanghai dragon can be said to be a common industry! But Shanghai dragon is also a mysterious industry! Were removed in Shanghai Longfeng industry for many years, although it has not achieved what major success, but also no less detours, while also trying to find some practical Shanghai Dragon skills. Later, through the Murong Xiao Shanghai dragon blog as we continue to share. Some industry Daniel said Shanghai dragon is actually the most important Shanghai dragon thinking, but for some Shanghai Longfeng novice friends, is not what substantive thinking about Shanghai dragon, then today Murong Shaw loy to everyone analysis of how I understand Shanghai dragon thinking:

friends! ?

I understand it is the first among the Shanghai dragon can be divided into three stages, namely: Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon entry stage advanced stage, Shanghai dragon master road. Each stage of the Shanghai dragon Er understanding of Shanghai dragon are not the same, let’s look at what is the specific understanding of the small Shanghai dragon thinking of the three stages of

at this stage of the Shanghai dragon friends, more or less have a more in-depth understanding of Shanghai dragon. Because of the early we experienced personal practice, summarized the Shanghai Longfeng experience, even experienced some problems of K station, right down, and so on, but we did not give up, but aroused our courage more psychological, at this stage we will generally initiation independent Shanghai dragon thinking, we to carefully try to figure out the search engine algorithm, and make a reasonable optimization scheme according to some specific circumstances of your site. On the site of the station optimization and stood outside optimization (do not understand please refer to "Shanghai dragon station optimization scheme") has its own independent thinking optimization. This stage is also open.

at this stage of the Shanghai dragon friends, just beginning to understand Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng and understand the specific meaning, and the huge business opportunities and opportunities to perceive Shanghai dragon hidden inside. So this part of the Shanghai dragon new friends will start and try to operate Shanghai dragon. The novice friend is just getting started, so the Shanghai dragon understanding is relatively limited, this time the friends will follow some older Shanghai dragon tutorial slowly begun to learn and practice. There will be a lot of confusion and frustration, do even more tired, even want to give up………… But these are a normal phenomenon! Some people insist on down, some friends began to choose to give up. This part of most of the friends to give up on Shanghai dragon industry and even to all Internet Wangzhuan industry lost confidence. This part of the friends and persevered will yuecuoyueyong. Enjoy Shanghai dragon combat operations in the process of painful pleasure. Every query keywords ranking, web site, will directly affect the quality of the site

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