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Shanghai dragon can go beyond imitation

bad: the chain resources certainly opponents are good and bad, as the saying goes "to its dregs its essence". So for the opponent standing outside the chain of resources to do select left relatively high quality resources.


benefits: simple, convenient and fast.

benefit: these chain resources can be said to be "second-hand", others can do outside the chain, you can also send in general. Save a lot of time for you.

?I believe that

3, the majority of peer site settings can refer to, or even directly copied. But the best before you consider to choose keywords. No matter what you do in site, the choice of words is the most difficult, the most important step. The wrong behind the work is useless. Keywords should be set according to the actual situation of your own, if you have great strength, so you can challenge the popular words.


: the first to imitate others website what

spent some time in website promotion are relatively clear, but for the novice may not understand some of the details.

2, website structure: of course, if you want to copy others, this is very easy, just click save. This website is the website of others and is carved out of a mold.

network is a popular sentence: "has been imitated, never surpassed it in website optimization can go beyond the opponent, believe that the vast number of Shanghai dragon Er novice to do promotion is starting to imitate others website, the author is no exception. Imitation is not a simple copy, how to imitate the success of others can copy?? the author will share their experience of "imitation".

1, outside the chain of resources: usually imitate others station is the largest chain of plagiarism opponent standing, I often do is to match the chain resources station download, and then take the hair. This way is to directly copy others.

second: imitate others can go beyond their

bad: repeat things spider will not love, certainly a lot of repeated cause included low, serious word is love Shanghai K off. In fact, now do stand mostly with open source procedures, installation and operation are fool. So even if you do not understand web applications can easily site, but many programs in optimization still do but good, recommended I feel good website program. Small portal with dedecms system and the forum class with phpwind or discuz, the blog by Z-BLOG or wordpress. We usually can see more in good standing, they are common analysis station website structure. A er analysis of the site must be Shanghai dragon.

since people can be successful, why I like them but not? Sometimes I was very depressed, for example, one of my sites outside the chain.

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