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Analysis of maternal and child class a way in which the development of the website

allows users to create content


believes it’s parents must be carried a camera, mobile phone for kids, to show the love of children. I have seen a forum held by "Sun treasure map, win the title of" activities, when a friend took part in the activities, everywhere asked people to vote, not only won the first prize, everyone said my baby won the first prize in the activities of the forum so what. This is the magnification of the user display heart, every child is lovely, explore the way very much, in addition to holding activities, you can do some children love the functions, such as listening to the story of this class, it is good for children, and for parents to reduce the burden.

mother class market is very large, we briefly analyze how users to our website. Some people say that is just a link. A link to attractive, this is the key problem. A mother from pregnancy to pregnancy net to parenting such a long process, is the mothers who have trouble trouble. Take the "Parents Network", the daily headlines tend to be "much light on the baby’s eyes?" the mothers are concerned about the problem, now are only children, is afraid of problems, this title is only attractive to mothers, to read carefully. Summary: for the child to think of my mother, and a step by step guide, you will succeed.


all the ads soft

for maternal and child class site road is still long, 2013 Mother Road, the brave! It part-time (贵族宝贝jianzhi8贵族宝贝) on the above, we hope a lot.

understand the maternal and child class

mother was very optimistic about the profitability of domestic sites, and competition is gradually rising, has been very difficult to break. I will talk about how to do the mother site to have a better way out now, people continuously improve the localization, that I will no longer.

amplification, to explore the user’s heart

here, I teach you a method: we can use the identity of the user, the baby is too much.

for some of the grassroots webmaster, "allows users to create content" seems to be a distant thing, in fact. Mothers often have to show off mentality, their children lovely side show to others, or to record the children’s growth, and every baby’s growth is the one and only, don’t worry about not content? Professional knowledge, we are more friendly user knowledge. Whether or not you parents, you could think that every child mother child rearing experience, so should increase communication components, if you are a web portal, can open up a Yubao experience for parents in experience, these experiences often lead to other users in.


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