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520 love Shanghai big update to see how the survival and development of small and medium-sized webma

in the 520 incident, some of the largest swings in commercial terms, especially some small and medium-sized enterprise website, can be said to be very cruel, some small business website is not easy to have a ranking, but can immediately call you disappeared in 200 after. But the keyword of the website in a hundred, most of the time the search engine brings value has very little. Large fluctuations in commercial terms, in fact, the main reason is because the price relationship, this is a reasonable assumption, why commercial terms occur, while the other is a lot of good

we see most of the webmaster is two level domain more and more high weight station, many keywords have occupied Shanghai love before, some of the commercial keywords are the Shanghai love their products figure, whether it is love Shanghai know, love the sea posted, love Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai the four brothers, the library. In fact, from the Google search engine we also found a similar phenomenon, the station is the two level domain general small site is difficult to compete with it, this is a normal phenomenon, because with the continuous increase in the number of sites, similar sites often appear, the same quality website constantly appear, in fact for search engines, they don’t need to like this station, they need only 100 authoritative websites in this field is enough, only a small area in some industries, the search engine will seize the main.

love Shanghai is always so the style of the company, most of the time we can not use our moral standards "

yesterday in May 20th, was originally a very auspicious day, but for many of these websites, but that is not auspicious, most small and medium-sized site keywords off site included, website weight decline, some key words remain in recent years time but could not escape the 520 event, this is how the love of Shanghai many small owners? Think 520 is their death, more people have realized this love is hard enough bloody sea.

Before the ?Since

2. commercial terms the biggest fluctuations, love Shanghai have their own calculations

so this algorithm changes also give us a part of the webmaster a wake up, that is to rely on a lot of long tail keywords weight without website itself it difficult to go through, after all, before the love Shanghai algorithm, rely on a large number of long tail keywords is really good, but it will also have a lot of junk information, this is to destroy the user experience, this is the love of Shanghai’s own server test.

, in fact love Shanghai has seen a similar phenomenon, in this May, some of the site’s ranking appeared to change several times an hour, many webmaster joke this is love Shanghai "period" but the bloodletting is many webmaster did not expect, the 520 love Shanghai big update small webmaster how to survive and develop, it has become Chinese nearly one million small webmaster fabric problem.

1. now face love Shanghai, webmaster how to optimize your web site

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