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Analysis of Shanghai love chain tools experience report

is the first overall layout of the station is relatively clear, easy to use, but the lack of function and quality. Which is a relatively good accuracy of the chain and extensive or better. The following figure shows such as the chain of Shanghai dragon Zac blog 54000, and can directly search the specified keywords to page data.

come to see from his source of the chain we found sina net source of one of the more than 1700 including anchor text and URL, Shanghai love chain analysis tools can directly click to see which pages of sina nets to Shanghai dragon Zac blog link source. As shown in figure


the above description is love Shanghai chain analysis tool, there are many detailed features due to reasons of space have detailed one by one, such as check their website can also bring traffic to the site which query words and page etc.. If you feel you haven’t seen enough, can go to Shanghai Webmaster Platform to understand love.

last week I love Shanghai Webmaster Platform honored to be invited to the chain of the upgraded version of beta qualifications, but fortunately this week love Shanghai Webmaster Platform upgraded version was officially launched, but fortunately the chain analysis tools such as an upgraded version of the 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/dashboard/index launch, I immediately enter the experience.

are the webmaster, above several data map can be found outside the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform analysis tools are not 100% perfect, 100% of the total, but.





look more carefully below

and the source URL can also directly click to view the page directly to understand what these sources of Shanghai dragon Zac blog with anchor text pointing to the corresponding, or by the general view of Shanghai dragon Zac to which pages the blog the chain.

can not only see the source of the chain very accurate keywords to Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon and Phoenix Zac blog page, can also download all data found, this is undoubtedly of great help to the webmaster.


search function is very good, for example, if you know the source of the chain chain competition range and specific keywords. For example, blog core keywords Shanghai Longfeng Zac Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon search here after the chain source as shown in figure


here is the feeling and experience of the author after the evaluation.

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