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Registration review is not necessarily a bad thing for the stationmaster

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from the beginning of last year, the Internet campaign vulgarity cleanup campaign, the closure of 140 thousand illegal sites, inspection provinces website record rate reached more than 90%, the accuracy rate of the record information can reach more than 80%. Many of the friends of the site has been varying degrees of impact, some have been closed, and some of the records have been revoked, and my own two non filing sites are also among them. Many webmaster friends just shouted down with intense emotion. But personally, I think it is not a bad thing to increase the censorship of websites. In fact, it is a good thing for many webmasters who want to make their websites bigger and stronger.

: in today’s Chinese, many webmaster for instant success, garbage station, large gathering station, yellow site, site is more than the customers can not be more, Chinese Internet environment has deteriorated to a point. Search engine search a problem, out of the same content, different articles are pseudo original, simply do not understand. Such a website has no help for users and closes it. Search engine search volume is basically so much, these sites are less, do well station webmaster, to the flow also more, good web site will be better and better. Similarly, the garbage station is less, users use search engines to search something more valuable, to save time and energy for the user, the user of the search engine more trust, people will become more and more, owners will benefit from it, this is a virtuous cycle.

two: because there are a lot of meaningless websites filled with them, I hope our network environment can be a little cleaner. Our website advertising alliance click on the unit price of the poor, one click only a few cents, many owners had fought overseas websites, including the Google advertising alliance even on China website particularly demanding requirements, the website is apt to be K. In foreign countries, the advertising alliance has enough revenue to support many sites, and does not have to look for more profit models like we do every day, so we have more energy to maintain the website. The most common profit model for websites is to advertise people, clean up a large number of rubbish websites and purify our network environment. In the long run, it is undoubtedly a good thing for the webmaster to complain.

three: many webmaster from entering the webmaster at the beginning of this industry, contact is to collect, tasted a little sweet, after that is continuous collection, acquisition and collection, a collection station bigger and stronger. Some webmaster in hand with millions of data acquisition, life is just a state of food and clothing, flow all from search engines. Do the early acquisition, it is not a bad thing, but a collection is not long, the collection station, the attention on the other aspects of the profit, to make our webmaster think, these owners grow mature, more creative, more original, better user experience, will own the site as a business to do, ten acquisition station as a boutique website, to provide users with useful information, the user has the price.

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