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Personal network development thinking

network development today, it is a hundred flowers bloom, variety, a variety of sites abound. Among them, personal website in the "vast station sea" can be described as "half of the country.". In this, many will come and go, but is often a sea station personnel, when there is a new station to be eliminated! So, as personal webmaster, development should have the mentality of how to keep the site, how to make money? How to operate the


, I think, as a webmaster especially personal Adsense in at the beginning of the site must ensure that the cautious attitude, must not be too optimistic, do not want to earn much money, want to look a little further, estimated to be some bad situation. Because the site from the promotion to the flow, to produce influence, and then to make money, need a natural cycle, so as not to let you disappointed ahead of schedule, thus ending in advance. I have a net friend to see other people build a website (local door), oneself also resigned, made one. In the initial operation within 2 months I played N telephone, asking why again and again, why flow, why not as good as others, although I also N once told him to have patience, patience, anything is not easy, but he is still worried as the same everywhere doctor. But in the third months, I didn’t receive his phone call, and finally QQ also closed, so he was too disappointed, he closed the site, and that is the result. I personally think that to do the station is popular, but not necessarily for anyone, but can not rashly without the economic basis, action, if you want to do can do part-time, so that both the economic source, and can engage in part-time network running flow, it is slowly. When the time is ripe, concentrate on doing better.

secondly, I always think that the economic value of the website itself is limited, especially the local gateway. The main income, the biggest is advertising costs, registered membership fees, site or join the online shop, etc., but these revenues are very small, and the competition is very fierce, it is not worth us to Bo, to pay. If we want to make money, we must rely on other industries bundled sites, at least the site is our propaganda positions, is the platform, with publicity positions, with a platform, I still worry about what?

furthermore, I suggest that personal websites be added to websites for identification or authentication (such as web security, thousand degrees, etc.). These certificates are easy to pass, basically register one into one, and also issue certificates and signs. Why do so, the purpose is nothing more than one, that is, to increase the influence of the site. Because the Internet users really understand its significance is not many, as long as the certificate, certification, feel good, but also to the website increased a sense of trust and a sense of accomplishment. To put it plainly, I can’t understand, but at least I can’t understand it. After all, the Internet users really understand the absolute minority,


above is a personal part-time site 1 years of experience, and I hope to share with you.

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