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Webmaster voice e-commerce era, let us be more pragmatic

, I’m not a webmaster, I don’t understand the program, and I haven’t done any websites. Know Admin5 or the introduction of a good friend just know, gathered here most of the domestic site friends. Read a lot of articles, but also with some of my ideas written out of the impulse.

I was in the Taobao

shop, selling Adult supplies, business in general, now at Taobao had relatively high credit level basically is difficult to survive, but in this industry, the proliferation of counterfeit goods, a cost of fifty or sixty dollars of goods, some people sell Oh in more than ten yuan, every time visitors don’t ask how much talent how much money and so on, make people feel helpless, but also do not want to slander others, smart consumers can buy genuine goods at a fair price of goods.

again, even if one day credit up, once Taobao policy changes, will also come to naught, heart there is not a sense of security, so long ago, I asked a good friend to build an independent mall, and the mall based, supplemented by Taobao store.

independent store must first have a good name, I repeated selection, the final set: I will Adult supplies mall with -www.591sex.org, digital Chinese homophonic, with similar semantic sex Adult supplies, so for the visitors or better remember.

followed by the design, my request is simple and practical. Now this looks also reached, the entire site is very concise and give visitors the feeling of a glance, not dragging its feet.

is interactive at last. I personally, do e-commerce, and visitors interaction is very, very important. So we set up a forum and call to the front page, and also call the visitor’s questions to the front page, which can give guests a "living" feeling and enhance the degree of trust.

as for the supply of goods, belonging to the line under the problem, it depends on your resources enough, tough, and here is not discussed. However, it is recommended that every friend who wants to engage in e-commerce should do your best and the most powerful one. Don’t take it for granted.

is known as Adult supplies industry competition is fierce, look at the price of Baidu know, so for all related long tail keywords for is very tragic, on the one hand, we are also thinking about how to get more effective target flow.


is currently being collected by Baidu, so flow basically still rely on manual promotion and guidance, now every day around 150ip, a daily average of 2 list, after deducting the cost, basically every net more than 100 blocks, for starters can achieve this effect, we are still quite satisfactory, but for the future of our big difficulties estimate is still a bit not the end, after all, this industry is too fierce for flow.

summary, e-commerce is a webmaster can consider the direction, the future prospects are also optimistic about, and the key is only two points: simple and pragmatic.

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