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Small and medium enterprise website wants to find one’s own network stone

everyone should remember when Chinese textbook a little fable "crow drink water", the crow is the clever crow, it finally drink the water is piled up by stones slowly, let the water up to the mouth of the bottle to drink, although we may seem silly. However, considering the actual situation, we have to say that the smart crow got. So for small and medium enterprises occupy the network it is to find their own network stone, so that I could solve the plight of thirst? The answer is self-evident, this is a little and share my views today: small and medium-sized enterprise website to find their own network of stone, let the stones their plot to save power, tell these stones to become a cornerstone of corporate profits.

enterprises in the network profit enterprises is the key to the network from the team selection, operation ability, to the network marketing methods, then how much money, these are our small and medium-sized enterprise network stone, we all can be used for the enterprise profit accumulating power.


1, team operation ability training,

a good enterprise website is best equipped with a professional operation team, the ability to operate directly determines the strength of this team for our enterprises to create much profit. Therefore, in choosing the network stone for enterprises, we must pay attention to the training of team operation ability, the training of team operation ability includes many aspects, the following brief introduction.

first of all, we should improve the comprehensive ability of each team member, each member is a small stone, each person’s ability is stronger, can give our enterprise bring more strength. Secondly, attention should be paid to the cohesion of the team culture, team cohesion constitute the competitiveness of the team, whether it is inside the enterprise and outside the enterprise and other team competition or competition is a very good way. Team cohesion is we help each other, and perform their respective duties, solidarity and cooperation, to achieve the purpose of joint efforts. Finally, a team leadership is strong enough to say no to incentives and penalties, but at least do have the best reward, if the leader charisma bulge, strong ability, can help to enhance the ability of the whole team.

2, the choice of network marketing method

many companies like to choose a quick way to make money, that is, to pay for promotion, but pay promotion is the need for a lot of money invested, if a start-up company is not worthwhile. So I have been recommended that you use the free promotion methods, such as SEO, such as soft Wen promotion, these are very good way to promote.

A, Baidu paid promotion: promotion, promotion, Google, Sogou bidding information classification post and so on, each has its own characteristics, have the advantage, like Baidu, Baidu promotion is definitely very awesome, but the price will be very expensive, click

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