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The purpose of using tag tags is to discuss its function

when have Tag tags have been curled in a dark corner, finally one day, we see in the CMS system and bolg system are added to the Tag label, put some relevant keywords together, this good label also became a lot by the webmaster tools, and many webmaster get the Tag tag to reach the acme of perfection, actually the purpose is very simple, the first is to increase the search engine, the second is to improve the user experience. So why are these two purposes, and how should we write the story of Tag tags,


for the use of Tag tags, mainly from the following points:

How do you write

1 and Tag tags


generally write the Tag tag is relatively free, but do not understand the purpose, should be classified according to their nature of website content angle to write, in general, the Tag tag to control the number of words in 4-6 characters, generally speaking, it is best not to sentence.


2 and Tag tags originate from web services at the site

Tag label is not a gorgeous coat, but a real coat, so we want to label Tag to play a greater role, it has correlation between Tag tag and ensure the entire website content, if www.kzfkw.com is a gynecological disease, the male Tag tag, it will be a big joke will be included and user experience are all blocked.

3, how many Tag tags is appropriate,


although Tag tag is a good strategy in optimization, but if the malicious to make it, it is easy to optimize the excessive things, it will backfire. In general, it’s OK to have at least 3 more articles per Tag tag.

4 and Tag tags are best not used as popular words

a lot of people in order to rank the Tag tag set became very popular keywords, some people have to set the name of the web site set to the Tag label, in fact these hot words with weight high column page or home page optimization is relatively good, for the Tag tag title, and some long tail keywords is good the.

5 and Tag tags are often modified,


actually, Tag tag optimization is a relatively long period of work, if you modify the Tag tag, the search engine is facing new content, also need to search engine to give the weight, so not easy to modify the Tag tag, Tag tag can increase the appropriate content.

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