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The core of retaining visitors identity and Realization of visitor value


is a visitor to a site is the key to sustainable development factors, and the accumulation of visitors by visitors experience, many webmaster friends will say: loading a site, the page style color, the overall framework, content and advertising layout affects the visitor experience. So many webmaster blindly to these directions to improve visitors experience, however, the development of the site alone visitors experience is not enough. Visitors always have a boring day at a friendly design site, and the real retention of visitors is the value of the site, and how to switch from visitor experience to paying attention to visitor value will become a trend. Today we’re talking about the core issue of retaining visitors: visitor value.

1: why pay attention to visitor value?

a good visitor experience is very important for a site, and it can really attract a lot of visitors. But we also have to pay attention to a problem: long habits can cause visitors to feel numb, especially Internet users, many of them are unable to withstand the extraordinary environment. A few days ago I saw a member of Tucao in a well-known webmaster Forums: "I have been on the forum of senior level, but the senior level have what use?" this question must have occurred in many forum site, have caused us to think deeply about the visitors: a long-term visitor the blend in a site, the value of the site has been drawing many visitors, visitors may feel that this site is not interested in the content, to keep the site visitors heart will be shaken.

two: how do you value visitor value?

pays attention to visitor value in the premise, stationmaster friend should be done first is to agree with the value of the visitor. This, many friends may not really do, in many cases, as a webmaster, we are not we can not find the value of visitors, but ignore, or do not agree with the value of others. With vanity and envy, we may deny the value of others. Everyone has his own advantages Sometimes an inch may prove long. everyone, have their own advantages and disadvantages, we can identify the advantages of others to


when we recognize the value of visitors, we have to give visitors the opportunity to realize their value. It sounds a bit of a tongue twister, but actually it’s not difficult to do. We take a forum mentioned above, the user Tucao, for example, a veteran level visitors, his rich experience, his views, views, and his grade points are value. And our site will be very good to show these values of visitors. So how do we achieve value,


I think we can use points for services, such as integral to a certain extent can exchange for a prize, the prize is things can be the best virtual items, these prizes are correlated with our site. This is the best to do Baidu encyclopedia, we know that Baidu encyclopedia within the same are from visitors, and Baidu encyclopedia in order to enhance visitors

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