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Internet thinking of enterprise management

Internet thinking for enterprise management


from passing

first proposed enterprise management Internet thinking advocates

wrote in preface

– people living in the contemporary world must pay attention to the tremendous changes that have taken place in the Internet, whether individuals or businesses. The rise of the Internet has changed everyone’s way of life, and has changed everyone’s thinking. These will be disruptive changes. Personal change has changed our way of life, the second is our ideas, from the former to the forward thinking, reverse thinking now, and now we are examining before life values, whether the idea is to examine before? Whether it is consistent with our way of life and in business, change? The rights between businesses and consumers, before when we purchase products, usually by businessmen say, and now changed, our consumers dominant position, to experience as the main, to see whether we are willing to buy the product.

the Internet is more than just tools. If we use the Internet as a tool, then our understanding of the Internet is still on the surface. The Internet is really a completely new idea. It looks at the business in a totally different way, looks at the market and treats our users. It’s a totally different idea. And those who can not keep up with the trend of the times, will eventually be eliminated, because every time the arrival of the times, will eliminate a group of people can not advance with the times, but also create a group of lucky people walking in the forefront.

this is an era of the Internet, this is an era of innovation, it is also an era of change.


Internet thinking of enterprise management – text

before we talk about enterprise management thinking of the Internet, we must first understand what is the Internet thinking? If even this is not clear, let alone how to the Internet thinking to the management of enterprises, what is the Internet thinking?

in my opinion, the Internet thinking is: open, experience, focus; Jane and Yi, that is, link all the resources in the world as possible as possible to integrate, to achieve maximum link and opening.

enterprise management, one of Internet thinking "open"

we first from the "open" about opening up is the core Internet thinking, Internet resources are all free, you only need this free online search can find what you want, but also save us a lot of time. The ultimate goal of Internet opening is to effectively integrate resources, create a good network environment, and maximize the opening of the internet.

then, to the enterprise, opening is also an enterprise docking the external window. In the traditional business model, companies have their own business secrets and have their own

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