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Built on the first day of Bo was Baidu, Google included experience


before the establishment of network topics: http://flydancy.blogbus.com/, Liang’s blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/flydancy, network http://flydancy1.blog.sohu.com/, three new observation: the first day was Google, baidu included, brief experience.

1, the title should be different, the title contains keywords is ideal, for example: this blog is "on the network", in order to make a better ranking "on Baidu keyword network", can join the keyword in the title.

2, increase the original text, appropriate around keyword optimization, strongly recommended in title also added. The original here is not to say that their own writing is finished, and you have to search for other people have written similar, if you are advised, or change the topic of conversation.

3 and the content of the article, you may think that blogging is usually about people and things about yourself, and I’ll tell you that you’re wrong about that. Why? Did you do this blog for yourself? There’s nothing to say. No, pay attention to the user you are facing. You are for everyone, not for anyone, so your article should be popularized / popularized. Don’t limit yourself to your own sky. Of course, it’s also possible to talk about your life and trivia. There is in the content of the article, it is best to include keywords, but the density should be moderate, keyword to use bold or different colors to indicate, if coupled with links will achieve better results. It’s also important to keep it updated every day.

4, in Baidu weight high, update quickly place, around the keyword related content information and your blog links, let Baidu spider can from a variety of places to your blog up. I used to have Baidu, Post Bar and major bookmarking, forum and so on.

5, around this keyword for promotion, release a large number of chains, so that the results of positioning to your blog.

of course now I do on the blog network, Liang blog network keywords are not observed, nor what to say, I’m doing this work, we do not know of no use. Wrong place, I hope you correct criticism.

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