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In A5 hair soft text, get high reprint skills

                A5 text size ten articles, and draws some soft high reprint rate experience to write soft to you webmaster friends, there may be some deviation, but for most of the articles. Here do not consider the quality of the article, only to consider through the normal way in the home page to show the article.


         ;     column

        A5;       here I wrote the middle column of the home page for the experience column, SEO column, news column, entertainment column. Found a very strange phenomenon, most people will think of the effect is: SEO > > experience column column news, entertainment section, but I draw the effect is: experience > > SEO column entertainment column column > news column, directly affect the level of the article is reproduced the length of time in the home show every day, SEO column and the Internet column hair articles are full, so we should try to write some valuable articles for experience and entertainment column column.


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