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6 weeks from the site, included, the PR value of =3 tell the truth

Senior high school entrance examination enrollment information

Station – Hebei caught network is committed to the spread of North China, with "service candidates, education services, social services" for the purpose! I stand from May 11, 2009 to June 23rd officially opened operations for 6 weeks, has been the major search engines and search keywords caught, Hebei caught and Hebei senior high school entrance examination "in Baidu, Google and other search engines are on the front page, and the top 3 home page.

one, station

I and other webmaster like, the station is very confused, I do not know from which side to start for good. I think the initial stage of the site should first determine the development direction of the site, that is, determine the content of the site, the site belongs to the industry; and then is determined to do the site down. We early in the site will encounter such problems: (1) the site content I chose the other site already exists, I also want to do the site; (2) choose the service provider space and domain name service provider, it is necessary to consider the cost of both performance.

for the above two questions, I would like to talk about their views: (1) content: I am taking small start. Some comprehensive web site more, but not necessarily all the sections are doing very well, and I first analyze the weakness of those sites, and put their weaknesses into their own direction of development. (2) space service providers and domain name service providers: the stability of space is in priority. Second, considering the cost, they must shop over three, and talk to their customers deeply, and observe the attitude of customer service. Domain name service providers to choose the core domain name service providers (such as new network) gold agent, so in our choice of service providers is good, and our domain name usage fees also dropped much.

two, the content should be more practical,

content is very important, but it is also the most serious problem facing the new station. The originality of the content is not enough, and most of the information is collected online. I think the initial content collection can come from the network, but don’t leave the Ctrl+V intact. Make a little change before Ctrl+V. This is very important. Pay attention to accessing the customer’s access preferences. Content is what you need to see to your customers.

three, links

site early, each site will choose to choose some links to promote their site. After I stood trying to develop, there are the following experience:

(1) there are a lot of Links exchange site, but the site did not bring to your site visits, this I have experience greatly, suggest that you don’t waste your time looking for Links exchange site up.

(2) building Baidu space and paste it very important. For example, I stand name "Hebei in the net", I first in the Baidu stick to establish a "Hebei in the net", so that Baidu will soon put you as reverse link included.

(3) when you’re not yet

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