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Hosting server classic issues summary

ADMIN5 to make friends in the better find a good home for their own servers, the better development of their own website, elaborations of the cause, at the beginning of April on the germination of the idea of writing this article, it has been pre finishing before ADMIN5 friends tell me when I talk to other escrow. This good article usually see a good re read it again. Maybe I wrote the following content is similar to the content you see over there, even you told me the situation and experiences in QQ, I think this article is to summarize the experience, rather than technological innovation, but also I am referring to some excellent articles, plus your experience is summarized. It will inevitably have similar contents of friends have seen before. First of all, there may be little agents and hosting providers who don’t want to see the contents of the article, this article is standing on a point of view of the customer choice a good destination for their servers, so there will be some agents do not see the contents of love, hope to get your understanding.

now goes to the point:

1 limiting traffic and limiting bandwidth

there are many hosting providers playing word games, as stated in the contract: unlimited hosting. This looks very good, but the reality is that the flow is not equal to the bandwidth, does not limit the flow does not mean unlimited bandwidth, many say hosting providers unlimited, is actually to do so, you have to put the port restrictions into 10M or 5M, if you have some pictures on the website, limiting the open ports will slow a lot but, if the said limit the flow of local hosting, no limit port, you can run a good high peak, room 100M the shared peak can run 50M-60M, so the speed limit and open the picture when the port is not a concept. In fact, there are a lot of customers of the actual flow rate is not very high, but the speed when open the web site is relatively high, the need for those who do not limit the speed of port hosting providers, rather than looking for a contract that does not limit the flow of the hosting provider. In fact, this problem is like saying that a tap does not limit the flow, but limit the flow rate, the tap only unscrew a thin trace, although not limited traffic, but 10 minutes also put a bucket of water. But if it is placed in the flow restricted place, such as a day you can only put 100 barrels of water, but the speed is very fast, put a bucket of water only 1 minutes, and you actually use of water a day to 50 barrels, You’ll see. that way to you. I have a client in Guangdong on this issue will see more thoroughly, he QQ in the first sentence to ask me if you limit the flow well, this time I actually quite depressed, because the general customer asked this question we should take a turn to explain, but the friend immediately say good, as long as our server traffic is not particularly large, you won’t limit my port speed, back to ask some price and double line, then I spent 2 months in Shanghai hosted the machine "

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