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It’s so simple to let your site link appear on the Admin5 page

long time ago, I heard a webmaster friend said, A5 is the webmaster of the holy land, and now they have done webmaster, later is deeply appreciate this. In addition to learning something, the more important thing is the high weight of A5 and its selflessness. On top of A5, even if it is strictly according to its requirements, there are many places to leave a link to your website. In effect, it is no doubt that, A5 posts on Baidu is usually included in the day. A new station of the author, has never been to any search engine submission after landing in the construction of the first request, when Shouyang made a post with a link on the A5, the results of the second day were found including Google, Baidu, Bing, a large number of search engines such as YAHOO, Sogou all grab, then the author of this station due to frequent changes in the process of construction, leading to dial hair, also can not blame others.

The Google link

as everyone knows, the website links in general requirements are very strict, article one thousand the chain must not have ten link results, but on the A5 outside of the chain, the Google link can easily appear on their website, which is entirely due to the high weight of a5.

if you want to ask, want to put your site link in A5 where, I believe you webmaster will say in unison, of course, the more close to the front page, the better. This station A5 how can we put the links on the home page near? Money advertising? This is certainly the best the most convenient way, I also want to do. But I believe that many owners with the author, shy, powerless.

on the A5 website submission, after examination, the rate of organic make their soft on the home page to A5, so that their own in soft remains at the bottom of the link under the increase of more exposure, will also be other sites with more chances of being a variety of acquisition, the spider climb over to have a greater. This is believed that many people know that when I have time, I will also put some articles on the a5. But the A5 editor is a bunch of veterans, not just to make the article will pass. We have many webmaster friends are born in science, although the skills are rich, but the writing level is really lack of heat, leading to the article can not audit through. Contribution way to most stationmaster, it is very difficult to achieve.

there is no other way? If some people say that not only can be easily linked to my site in A5 home near A5, but also reversed the post money to him, do you believe? Many people may not believe, but I do often use their website links on the A5 home near A5 management the money to the author. The author here introduces a very simple method, can let own website easily to the A5 home page part. A5 believe that many people go to the forum, but the forum A5 has a high gold content of the forum, called "not much study | website comments" people may know. There are several advantages to participating in interaction:

one, which allows you to leave up to two links in the format when most posts reply to the theme, >

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