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Good site planning allows you to build a multiplier (two)

last time by the "happy studio" written about website planning article, get a lot of friends support. This time will continue to explain the next half of the site planning. Review: I will be divided into several parts of the site planning – market analysis, the site itself, the site’s service object, website construction, website promotion, website profit way.

this time will emphasize website, website promotion, website profit means.

Content construction of


after market research and market analysis and positioning of the website, the infrastructure we need to do is site construction, it includes web front page design and web programming background, but also for the site test and upload the site after the work all done.

website design is mainly for the website front page production. The so-called front desk design, popular point of view, that is, visitors can see that part, that is, the web page. For different types of Web sites, the design of the front desk may vary slightly.

web programming is the basis of network security, a good program can be hacked and the adverse consequences of the problem is greatly reduced, the website into need professional programming technology, general website popular programming languages are the following: JSP, ASP,.NET, PHP and so on.

site construction programming language is a choice, to choose what language with the function of the program is the basic web site. Typically, websites have these basic systems: news publishing systems (information publishing systems), product distribution systems, membership management systems, advertising management systems, traffic statistics and analysis systems, and so on. The specific role of each system will be described later.

do not know if you have not remember, I was sent an article on the < station; weapon –cms content management system. In this paper > I mentioned a lot of CMS can facilitate the management system of the webmaster reference. To fully understand the CMS content management system, on your site is definitely at twice the result with half.

After the design and programming of the

website are completed, we will test and upload the website. First of all, we should upload the website to the website space, then test the website, and also test the website space. In general, the website be tested is web page integrity, complexity and integrity of the web programming code, web space link speed and site space compression test tolerance.

I’ve said many times that web sites are for content services. The content is for the user. The website has enough content to be one of the basic requirements of the line,.

web site test is finished, finished, so we can immediately carry out promotion? The answer is "no!" website has just completed, no content, how to promote, who would? So the next step is to test.

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