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Advantage analysis of service providers based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

the current electronic commerce competition, business model innovation, innovation of new technology, need on the site during the operation, combined with external business software and operation station system more, this modification requires system front end and the rear end of the system synchronization platform changes, e-commerce station upgrade and improvement should be taken into account compatible and minimize stop running time. In view of the above e-commerce development situation, the webmaster needs to have a better architecture consciousness, to construct and manage the website. Based on my own experience of building a website, I’d like to talk about the advantages of an e-commerce station built on the service oriented architecture (SOA).

usually refers to the electricity supplier is engaged in B2C e-commerce business, there is a certain hardware and software foundation, with different sizes, but relatively complete information systems.

one, first to point by point analysis, the trend of e-commerce just mentioned, to bring confusion to the webmaster.

1, business model innovation,

this background, electricity providers need to re structure the system to adapt to changing business models, such as the establishment of the website I just launched this business group purchase rebate mode is in the electronic commerce mode of original B2C e-commerce under the European expansion of B2B, e-commerce expansion station needs internal architecture to support business.

2, new technology,

electronic commerce and electronic closer integration, technology innovation, for example, I built the site of Taobao sales rebate, change of electronic means of payment, and the change of the electronic platform rebate, electronic commerce needs from the original simple mode of payment for payment after also improved model, namely the process to complete the payment by to pay back now to complete the change, process model also requires internal architecture to support, otherwise you have to throw out all constructs.

3, more external business software and station system for organic combination, running

established the site, will be compiled using the system most of the source code, because there are some defects in the system inevitably preliminarily developed, hence the need for consolidation for some external software integration and external software system within the framework still needs good coupling.

4, the front end of the system changes at the same time, upgrade, reduce downtime,


electronic commerce website construction is commonly used in front-end background closely coupled, need to modify the result if the need to modify the front and backstage, otherwise there will be a runtime error leads to web sites to visit and business. This has decided the website must stop the work to carry on the promotion and the improvement, has not only increased the website system revision risk, but also affected the website to run normally.

two, the following to compare, based on the service oriented architecture (SOA) of the electricity supplier system architecture example analysis is different.

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