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Is it really impossible to save the station after being K

After many webmaster

by K on the site will want to site can not be saved, not really, actually K is a principle, Baidu has included his principle, as long as we follow this principle, it can guarantee you have not been K. I’m going to tell you a true record of K.

I haven’t done before release station sites like at the same time, I have not tried this technology, in April of this year registered the domain name http://www.xktlbb.com, start Denon eight PW release station.

just started very smooth, domain name bought 5 days was Baidu included, it seems that Baidu is very friendly to me, and then I began to optimize, the program used with the Webmaster Station is the same, is also DEDECMS. The system is really good. Optimized for about a month, the site was K. At that time, because I didn’t take this seriously, I didn’t care. I changed the individual pages and gave them to me. The speed was fast.

was second times K, this is K I remember, probably in July, the site also has a certain size, and on the first page of Baidu ranking, one day I found my key is not included in the title, listen to others speak included, so I changed a title. Not for nothing, a change immediately by K, only the beginning of K off site, and later even did not directly search the domain name. This is K, I have no way, had to continue to update the article, continue to publish original, at this time the original efforts to increase some. 5 days later, artifact like was added.

then said last time is K, which is now being K, I IFRAME an advertisement page, the page has a lot of words, I think the search engine grab will catch the words, but who knows no equal to the total catch, word of your site is very small, and keywords Denon eight servers accounted for a large proportion, then take this http://www.seobox.org/keyword_density.htm page query tool, keyword density has reached thirty-seven percent if the iframe can crawl, would not be so high, that the moment is the cause of the K. Keywords density: so immediately change these things, a lot of articles with dragon, eight private servers have changed into "dragon" or "dragon". It hasn’t been collected yet.

I feel that my own company has been doing very well, but also bought a lot of external links, so that every day to update the site should not be so K off. I do not give up, at the same time in the optimization of my heart with a heart, not because K did not have the strength to do things. Really, SEO’s mentality is very important,

I still believe in a word, SEO not only to the search engine to see, but also to the user to see, there is a sentence, SEO not only to the user to see, but also to the search engine to see. These two sentences look at the contradiction, but also do not commit, can show the essence of seo. Hope >

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