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If I had insisted four years ago, would I go beyond the king now

first off, this is the first time I write soft, well written also please forgive me Brothers o (a _ U) o… In fact, from the beginning of the 04 year is the beginning of the big one, I have been engaged in the site, and just started when the Falcon network in China to apply for personal home page, but also pay to join the permanent VIP. Now think oneself is really silly, just a simple home a fart ah, might as well go to Sina for a blog! But then again, when Sina had not opened blog! Later joined the school’s Computer Society (I am the design and manufacture of mould made of science gradually understand) some engage in "friends, he also gradually began to explore DW to engage in a static web site, which is then, know what is space, server, FTP and so on. But still feel that such a site update is a big problem, first, the trouble does not say, making every page is too time-consuming.

then finally know the station, station is actually a system of their own, almost all operations can be done in the background, at the same time met PowerEasy procedures, first groping with PowerEasy built his own first so-called station, also designed a the template posted online and brothers sharing (oh the station named 100% perfect, if in the Baidu input 100% perfect PowerEasy templates can also be found several, bbs.powereasy.net/dispbbs.asp? Boardid=28& id=184514 was released this template screenshot, interested can see), was that he is happy. It is also because of this template yourself on the Internet for the first time to know many of the webmaster friends, I am also happy for you to solve the problems encountered in the use of the template.

later made after a period of time to find a person to update the workload is too big, too busy, and one day to IP few (up to now this is normal, the website to get a few days, where the traffic is gradually dry ah), to give up, then they feel get a good forum, forum at least do not own to update every day (when you are in school when the administrator, as long as the forum above) every day up management on the line, so he used network program Daoteng a period of time, then more slowly post a little space after the regular the problem was, alas no way 100M space, sweat, poor students, but do not know how to make money through the network. Rather than get personal blog. At that time, blog Tinghuo, Baidu again under a program He Xin blog, this blog is very famous at the time, had once believed that friends should have known.

was used to get the original domain name of the website, did not think of is to visit the blog is really high ah, soon flow over a hundred, and almost a lot of people are willing to do Links and you, including some famous blog, then you can really work something all right, no matter what >

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