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Personal webmaster grim situation is optimistic or pessimistic to masquerade

yesterday wrote an article "fengshengheli after the individual owners of the spring far no longer a time of national peace and order", this thought will make you some good gray mood, but let me become a lot of people in the eyes of the so-called 5 party a little hair! Laugh, also have a little taste, just a personal analysis the article, would cause so much anger, it seems really touched a lot of people sensitive nerve. This time the rectification let all the webmaster of high tension, any wind sways grass will make their internal, remind, including myself, afraid that one day will appear such situation, leading to their hard cast to waste! Since so many people are opposed to it is necessary to write a continuation. For your reply to do some simple explanation:

1: about cyber infringement

this stationmaster analysis is very correct, individual stationmaster is the real content producer of Internet mostly, but copyright is ignored repeatedly however. But you seem too impatient, but not Jingxiaxinlai read the article quickly wrote a comment! This part was to blame me, good finally removed, because I believe everyone will understand! So here it is necessary to mention: the improvement of any laws and regulations require time and push force

!Part I is about to delete the

document before before a site English story, when a English catalogue of my station, because others reproduced article and delete the copyright, later found by others, the first is the original author write to inform you that I need that copyright, then quickly issued a notice of copyright management organization, and is the space business, are sent to the EMAIL warning this article copyright, really surprised and speed to deal with them, are feeling! In China because of various reasons, this treatment can not happen now! But the downtown Miami’s video website copyright slobber war, but no doubt to the domestic construction of copyright system add a fresh.

maybe a lot of people will like me, the reaction mechanism of the legal system abroad has been the rapid improvement of envy, but few people seem to notice: the United States has in the past 200 years, and in the China? So I made a reservation at the time and need long-term analysis on these words, perhaps the article is too long, the the word is that many people ignore the


2: about the innocent websites that have been corrected

sorry, the author did not have the capability to swamp moon bear the responsibility, but your comments in the end is a bit dumbfounding! In fact, at home, shouting slogans, across the board work, already not what happens, easy! I like the brother, many sites have been ruthless off the wheel of history under the ghost! But it seems that need time.

why don’t respond to your questions for the innocent website, it is because of you and my article seems to Never mind too much! I am in the analysis of future possible development direction and the final result, but you only now entangled in heavy losses.

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