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Seek your own path in the network, rookie upgrade to IDC webmaster experience

may be many reasons, from 05 years before I began to pick up the network, see the website of others, they want to do, so he in the network to find information, ask friends, in retrospect, that’s funny.

originally can only do some simple "what, also will not publish it to the network side, afterwards just know the name of the" space "is what website must have, ah, where to get? At first did not come to class to learn what money, they find the site in the article on the network remember, a netizen told me a free space site, or pure static 100M, but ah, not FTP, relying on their own curiosity and patience that I began to do stand experience, to understand web, then just found called information technology school books on it the introduction, then pick up the book is a look at a few hours, finally will do some simple web pages, and then found the word to use almost well, gradually rising confidence, happy to do the site, Oh, every day holding their own free space to do the site, or two level domain name to show off everywhere.

until a few years ago, found that the network can make money, then that is very simple, as long as the site will be able to make money, holding the two level domain name everywhere alliance registration number, to know the two level domain name can’t do some shows, click like advertising, it turns out that there is an advertisement on promotion results to pay, was very happy, holding a free space to do a video chat room CPS, the screen to do too exaggerated, second days, the site was closed, what is the reason of bad information, that space is also restricted content. Hey…

eventually rely on their own patience finally made a pot of gold, learn other things or on its own, it was used to do a VB plug-in, in fact, can not be called plug-in, only external appearance, top up union registered advertising, said to be registered will be able to use, what game do fire what game game player was false – a lot, relying on their own fake plug-in, finally achieve a minimum amount of CPA 100 dollars, was really pleased with the game player’s ability to identify and improve some of the game’s back plug mature, do not believe in game player can be used, this method is also soon will not earn money, then took the money to buy a 100M space, take a nice name, Astor cinema, for www.aistt.com, the start of the movie website, the website is there, How do the publicity? At first said to the students, said to a friend, with the writing on the wall advertising, message board hair…… In short, can use, and finally some people know, every day about a few people visit it.

at that time, I got up every day to do the first thing is to see the flow of their own web site, every day watching those people into, it is really uncomfortable. Later, listen to the views of users, a netizen said good, "do it, do it, do not make money for yourself, you want to think of other people to serve."

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