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Why millet will be successful, the current most popular experiential marketing

talk about the rise of millet, many judgments, whether it is to catch up with the trend of the flow, or the accumulation of millet for so many years, or is the correct guidance and management leadership team. But most of the surface or appraise and fragment, can not reveal a complete success of millet principle and method for management. Millet’s success is not replicable, millet marketing is not replicable. It can be said that millet is out of an apple road in china. Stepping out of the apple road with Chinese characteristics. Although millet has been concerned, but also talked about a lot of people do well with millet and do poorly. Of course, do poorly or millet bottleneck, that is, occasionally ridicule. In China, there is only one millet, and who can, like Lei Jun and Li Wanqiang, you can always lead the millet team to move forward correctly, again and again to refresh the record.

in addition, it is worth one of the team millet, and millet team do things attitude. You may be able to analyze some of the factors that make them successful before publishing them from the organization. Millet network of new media team has nearly 100 people, millet forum 30 people, micro-blog 30, WeChat 10, Baidu, QQ space and 10 people. Yes, that is their strategy and team structure, and the management (which will be mentioned later) focuses on the new marketing as a strategy, where the strategy is not the experimental field, but the main battlefield. Because there is no budget, you can only choose the means of social marketing. Fortunately, millet had a great ride, 2010 was the outbreak of micro-blog, millet quickly seize this opportunity, and become the main strategy of the brand. In fact, we may guess no budget is not the ultimate cause, but the ability is the most important.

on the attitude of things done, I say millet customer service. Customer service customer service marketing is not a shield. Millet forum is the base of this service strategy, micro-blog, WeChat and other customer service functions. Millet on micro-blog customer service has a requirement: 15 minutes fast response. To this end, but also specifically developed a customer service platform for special treatment. Especially on micro-blog, whether it is the user’s advice or Tucao, there will soon be millet staff reply and answer, many users are surprised. And millet has been optimizing customer service response speed. And this is a big company, a customer care for the sake of the company must do, and do these, the user’s sense of participation will be more obvious.

millet also raised the idea of universal customer service, and encourage everyone to contact users in a real way. From Lei Jun began, will spend an hour every day to reply to micro-blog’s comments. Including all engineers, the timely reply to the forum post is an important indicator of job evaluation. According to statistics, millet forum every day add 120 thousand posts, through the content of the screening and classification, there are essential content of the post about 8000, on average every day, each engineer to reply 150 posts. The engineer’s feedback will be followed by a state at the end of each post, for example, has been included, is being resolved, resolved, validated

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