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Web site navigation development analysis what navigation sites do we need

1. What is a navigation site?

navigation website, also known as site navigation, site navigation is a collection of more web site, and in accordance with certain conditions for classification of a web site. Web site navigation is convenient for users to quickly find their own needs of the site, without having to remember all types of Web sites, you can directly access to the required sites. Now the site navigation generally also provide their own commonly used query tools, as well as mailbox landing, search engine portal, and some hot news and other functions. (Via)

two, traditional site navigation station requirements

everyone needs a navigation station.

from the user’s point of view, in fact, the site can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the daily needs on site, the number of such stations should be much less than 10; the other one is the user interest correlation station, may not be every day, but when there is a need to be on the station;

some people put those every day on station in the browser bookmarks inside the initial page; some people use the browser to provide access to these every day on the station; some people may love playing (with the web site URL directly prompted); some people use site navigation station;

those that are related to interest, some use browser bookmarks; some also use direct input URLs; some also use web navigation to meet them;

so in fact, from the two types of demand, most of the actual use of similar hao123 navigation station to meet these two requirements, at present it is still a very good solution.

three, site navigation station development,

domestic relatively well-known navigation site, hao123, 360 navigation, 265, 114la. For a long time, ha0123 was a model for this field, but in fact, the navigation station is evolving to meet the extended needs of its existing users.

1, site navigation extends to content navigation

‘s navigation website is now moving (or extending) navigation from web sites to more demanding content navigation, such as hao123’s movie navigation, hao123’s TV navigation, and 360 video

2, personalized customization,

is currently the main representative to the number of 1616.net, in fact, from the perspective of business model, the existing mainstream navigation website is actually very difficult to achieve truly personalized, but 1616 is actually put more custom functionality to the user. But then again, there were a number of personalized home pages, and now it seems to be all gone. Again, a problem, users are lazy, and really let the user go to complete customization may be stupid!


four, mobile navigation site

Do you need a guide like Web on your


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